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Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 1:00am

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Title Timeline Location
by Lieutenant Libby Harper & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner
Engineering a Miracle
by Lieutenant Iblis Ilkun & Kiala & Commander Ash Randall & Lieutenant Ramat'iklan
3189-03-16, 10:45 Sickbay, USS Enterprise
Let's Do the Time Warp Again!
by Lieutenant Iblis Ilkun & Lieutenant Ramat'iklan
0000-00-00, 15:15 Deck 5, USS Enterprise
And there was fishing
by Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Lieutenant Ramat'iklan
Chief Medical Officer's Office, Sickbay, Federation One
Catty Connections
by Lieutenant Ramat'iklan & Lieutenant R'relle & Lieutenant (Junior Grade) S'Miren
Bar, S'Miren's Quarters
Warrior Doctors, Unite!
by Lieutenant Ramat'iklan & Lieutenant Bel Ragh MD
Sickbay, Federation One
Trying to find clarity
by Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Lieutenant Libby Harper
After the incident in the Svian System Sickbay
Not Alone
by Lieutenant Ramat'iklan & Lieutenant R'relle
Ramat'iklan's Quarters
Are you funny?
by Lieutenant Zoey Parker & Lieutenant Commander Patton O'Sullivan
3189-03-15, 16:15 Mess Hall
Temporal Integration Counselor
by Lieutenant Jardok & Lieutenant R'relle
3189-03-16, 11:00 Arboretum, USS Enterprise
Before You Go
by Willian Targaryen & Captain Nathan Bishop & Commander Jasmine Haynes
0000-00-63, 19:40 Ready Room, Starfleet One
Meeting the New Counselor
by Willian Targaryen & Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Tlotz & Lieutenant R'relle
0000-00-63, 21:00 Private Dining Room, Starfleet One
by Willian Targaryen & Lieutenant Bissiv th'Zaanaq
0000-00-63, 19:50 Twenty Forward, Starfleet One
COB Check up
by Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Warrant Officer Harris Zim
0000-00-63, 19:45 Quarters of Harris Zim
Family Squabble
by Willian Targaryen & Kiala
0000-00-63, 19:07 Ready Room, Starfleet One
by Admiral Charles Vance
0000-00-62, 00:00 LCARS Record
Taking a Test
by Lieutenant Commander Sawbones & Commander Ash Randall
0000-00-32, 12:00 Sickbay, Starfleet One
Double Trouble
by Willian Targaryen & Commander Ash Randall
0000-00-31, 11:00 Engineering, Starfleet One
Wake Up Call
by Willian Targaryen & Minister Zehoi D'ian & Lieutenant Commander Bella Knowles
0000-00-32, 17:00 Ready Room, Starfleet One
Waking Up is Hard to Do
by Captain Luzol Targaryen & Willian Targaryen & Kiala
0000-00-62, 00:47 Sickbay, Starfleet One
Mutual Understanding
by Lieutenant Bissiv th'Zaanaq & Lieutenant Dylan Blake
Main Engineering
Friendly Chats
by Willian Targaryen & Warrant Officer Harris Zim
0000-00-33, 12:00 Deck One, Starfleet One
Arrows or Olive Branches
by Willian Targaryen & Commander Jasmine Haynes
0000-00-05, 07:45 Ready Room, Starfleet One
Keep Your Hands to Yourself
by Willian Targaryen & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner
0000-00-31, 09:15 Turbolift, Starfleet One
Out Damned Spot
by Willian Targaryen & Lieutenant Commander Sawbones & Captain Ryan Walsh
0000-00-01, 01:45 Saucer Sickbay, Starfleet One

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