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Commander Jasmine Haynes

Name Jasmine Nicole Haynes

Position Mission Advisor

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29


Personal History Personal History

The Early Years:

Jasmine is very close to her sister and brother, along with her parents. They have a pretty open dialogue and a closeness to them. Jasmine considers herself blessed to be raised by a great family.

One of her closest friends growing up was Ezekiel Bagwell. They often played together, during elementary and middle school. By the time they went into high school. They both drifted apart, when she found out that he liked her, and she did not know how to process it.

They did not talk for four years. The separation was a painful for her. She had never thought of Zeke as anything more than a friend. She felt bad for him. She wanted to be his friend, but she did not feel the same way.

Jasmine was always close to his family, everyone thought they would get together. She loved him, but not in the romantic. She cared more for him, like family. She tried to reach to him, but he wanted nothing to do with her, by the end of the sophomore year, they were not talking.

The Academy Days:

Jasmine attended Starfleet Academy the Summer of 2426. For the first semester she was so caught up in her work and classes, that she did not notice that Zeke (Ezekiel Bagwell) was taking some of the same courses. She had forgotten about him completely.

Early into her second semester at the academy, she finally reacquainted herself with Zeke. They were ready to be friends again, and almost instantly, the close bond they shared when they were young was now back. Zeke had finally made peace with the idea, that they would never date. And the two of them created a close bond of friendship.

Jasmine completed the academy in the Spring of 2426. She said goodbye to Zeke for the last time. He took on several high risk assignments, while Jasmine was trying to find her place in Starfleet, and took the slower career path. She had heard by 2498 he was a Commander, and had his own command at Starbase 400.

Jasmine academic were average for her class. She did not place in the top ten positions, she was not considered for any department head or assistant roles. She was a little down about this, but told herself, that she would push herself harder. Her goal some day, is to command a starship of her own.

Starfleet Career:

Jasmine was given a commissioned and joined starfleet and joined the security division of starfleet. She graduated in 2426 and served on the USS Livingstone, before being offered a new Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical in 2428.

Jasmine’s career started to get on the right track, and after serving two years as Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical for two years on the USS Livingstone, she as offered a promotion to Chief of Security/Tactical aboard the USS Cassiopeia.

Jasmine served on the USS Cassiopeia for most of 2429, until the ship was sent into repairs, where at that time she was transferred to Starfleet One. Jasmine debated about taking some shore leave, after the attack that crippled the Cassiopeia and sent her boyfriend into a coma.

Jasmine knew the only way to heal, was to accept transfer. She hoped John would pull through, and want to rejoin her on the [insert name]. She had no idea, if he was going to wake up from his coma, or come back to her. She did the best she could to move on.

With John in long term care, and no signs of getting better Jasmine follows his last request, and applies for reassignment. She hates the fact that she is moving on, but knows this is good for her career. She wants to be able to prove to herself, and to John, she can move on. She knows she needs to move on.

Jasmine applies for the Chief of Security/Tactical Officer position on the [insert sim name], and is offered the position. She is a little hesitant to take the role, because of John and her loyalty to the crew of the USS Cassiopeia, but the ship is badly damaged. And it will be a while before she is ready to fly again. Captain T’San advised her to seek a new assignment, her former Captain.

Relationship with John Warren:

Jasmine met John on the USS Livingstone, in 2429. The two hit it off instantly. They went on a series of dates, one of the most memorable first dates for Jasmine, was the car ride in the holodeck. Taking a stroll on the country roads. She remembered how she felt that she could be just herself, and how there was more to John than a few well rehearsed pick up lines.

The two dated for nearly a year, before moving in, which was a big step for them. At first, there was a little quarrel over, what stuff to keep. And how to make the quarters feel like them, and not his or hers only. After this minor hiccup was resolved, they went back into their perfect little euphoria of love and romance.

A couple of months later, the couple’s euphoria was wearing off. And John and Jasmine needed to discover, did they have what it takes to keep the relationship going? Did they have more than physical connection. The answer was yes, they did.

After battling through the transition of being a real couple they discovered they loved each other, and everything seemed perfect. John even opened to Jasmine about his former love, and how it was hard for him to rebuild his life without the Harkeia Jedra in his life. They went through the grieving process together. Every step of the way, Jasmine was supportive.

Then John’s promotion went through, he was going to be transferred to the USS Cassiopeia. Jasmine did not like the idea of a long distance relationship. She made a big career change, and left with John. Which worked out in her favor. The USS Cassiopeia, needed a new Chief of Security/Tactical Officer.

Jasmine applied for the Chief of Security/Tactical Officer. She given the promotion by Captain T’San. Life seemed to be going well for John and Jasmine. Then out of the blue Kiri Jedra came aboard the USS Cassiopeia. John believed that Harkeia Jedra, was killed in action. He was upset to learn that the host lived, and Starfleet did not tell him.

John and Jasmine started to go through another struggle. John was trying to work out his feelings over this sudden revelation, when the USS Cassiopeia was pulled into a Vortex, that badly crippled the ship, and left John in a coma. Jasmine felt obligated to continue on with Starfleet. John once told her, if anything bad happened to him, to move on. Do not put her life on hold, and recited how important Starfleet’s mission was, and how this was their time to live life to the fullest. Fearing that John would never wake up again. She accepted Starfleet’s offer to offer her a new assignment.

Relationship with Captain Ryan Walsh

Jasmine was very relunctant to date again, because of her loyalty to John Warren. When she first arrived on the USS Enterprise/Starfleet One she was pursued vigilanty by her Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical Officer. This action caused her to focus on her work, and make execuses to stay away from Patton O'Sulliven her Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical Officer.

Jasmine spent a lot of time working with President Gruzy, and in the process she met and fell for Captain Walsh. She had a hard time letting go of her feelings for John Warren and move on with her life.

John told her, if anything ever happened to him to move on. Jasmine found it hard, but thanks to Ryan Walsh's patience she was able to to become close to him. They started dating in 2430, and just made their relationship open, after taking on the role of Chief of Staff.
Service Record 2430 - Present
- Resigned comissioned, to become Chief of Staff for the President of the United Federation of Planets.

2429 - 2430
- Chief of Security/Tactical, Starfleet One
- Chief of Security/Tactical, USS Cassiopeia
- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (2429)

2425 - 2429
- Promoted to Lieutenant (2428)
- Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical, USS Livingstone

2424 - 2425
- Security Officer, Federation Council Building, Paris
- Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (2425)
- Security Officer, USS Livingstone

2419 - 2424
- Granted rank of Ensign.
-Graduated Starfleet Academy
- 4rth Year Cadet, Starfleet Academy

2425 - 2426
- Cadet 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy

2424 - 2425
- Cadet 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy

2423 - 2424
- Cadet 1st Year, Starfleet Academy