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Lieutenant Jardok

Name Jardok

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 74


Personal History Born in 2235 at the Vulcanis Lunar Colony, Jardok was born into an Academic Family with both of his parents serving as instructors at the T’Kumbra Science Academy. An only child, Jardok was the recipient of much attention from his parents whom wanted him to pursue a career in academia just as they had. His parents arranged for him to attend the best schools and had him work with the best scholars that the Confederacy of Vulcan had to offer. While his intelligence was above standard and he was able to grasp complex subjects, many found him atypical in personality for a Vulcan. His emotional control was not as stable as other Vulcans. This, coupled with his belief in several controversial theories including time travel, ultimately damaged his standing and prevented him from more prestigious training. In a disturbing turn, his attempts to join higher academia on Vulcan were also denied when his application to the Vulcan Science Academy was rejected. Further, his arranged marriage was cancelled by her family due to his failures. Dejected from the rest of his people and ostracized by his family, Jardok applied for and joined Starfleet Academy.

Assigned to the Starfleet Academy Andor Annex, Jardok had difficulty with transitioning from the warm climate of his homeworld to the arctic climate of the Andorians. Complicating matters was the continued challenge of mistrust between both the Andorians and Vulcans after centuries of hostility. Jardok resolved himself not to be detoured by the animosity that he encountered. Rather, he chose to be a survivor. His studies were exceptional and he focused on the Science Track to serve aboard a Federation vessel as a Science Officer. As part of his studies he was especially interested in the theories of parallel worlds and temporal investigations. While time travel had not yet been deemed possible, it was a major focus of his efforts with his plan to be among the first to successfully penetrate the time barrier.

For his Senior Midshipman cruise Jardok was assigned to the Federation Starship USS T’Plana-Hath in 2256. An Engle Class starship, the T’Plana-Hath was primarily crewed by Vulcans and was a welcome change for Jardok. While he was back among his people, he was somewhat disadvantaged by his reputation. He was frequently challenged by the vessel’s Science Officer, a Vulcan named T’Halasee, whom had been a frequent associate and sometimes rival of his parents. Further, his belief in temporal sciences further divided him from his comrades in the Science Department as the belief in time travel was akin to voodoo. At risk of failure of his midshipman cruise due to this animosity, Jardok was able to survive due to the outbreak of the Federation/Klingon Conflict. The T’Plana-Hath was present for the Battle of the Binaries and was one of the first vessels destroyed by T’Kuvma’s forces. Jardok was able to assist with the evacuation of the vessel and helped to save the life of six others whom were trapped behind an isolation field. This guaranteed his graduation with the rank of Ensign.

Initially, Ensign Jardok was to be assigned to the Starship Discovery to assist with the efforts of Science Officer Paul Stamets; however, under the orders of Captain Gabriel Lorca, Jardok was denied permission to be assigned to the ship. Instead, Jardok was assigned to the Starship Crossfield, Sister Ship of the Discovery, as a Science Officer. While the Crossfield was a Science Vessel, the Klingon War deeply impacted its ability to complete scientific operations which dampened the morale of many of the ship’s company including Jardok himself. He would remain with the Crossfield throughout the remainder of the Klingon War, having also been present in the blockade defending Earth during the final moments of the war, and would serve on the ship until the completion of his four year tour.

Rather than reenlist, Jardok chose to leave Starfleet in 2260 and entered into civilian service. He accepted a position with the Daystrom Institute as a laboratory assistant at their annex on Earth. His work was fulfilling; however, he always felt as if something was missing. Growing in position with the Institute he would eventually become part of a research team exploring the replacement of Duotronics; however, all that would change when he came across classified information provided by Starfleet to the Daystrom Institute. The Starship Enterprise had proven time travel was possible and they had encountered an object known as the Guardian of Forever that had allowed for the direct investigation of time itself. Immediately he reenlisted and made every effort to be assigned to Ellison Station.

Nonetheless, it was not in the cards for him at that time. Instead, rechristened as an Ensign, Jardok was assigned to the Miranda Class USS Prometheus as a Science Officer in 2266. The Prometheus was a vessel that had been assigned the responsibility of follow up to the efforts of the frontline vessels whom had made first contact with new worlds and civilizations to catalog and learn about these new cultures and work with them on possible integration into the Federation. While on this assignment he was involved with the civilization on Sarpeidon in the Beta Niobe System. There he learned about their temporal transporter technology; however, this was to be short lived due to the discovery that the system was to go Nova. The Prometheus was recalled and the Enterprise replaced them in the assignment to assist the Sarpeidon population with evacuation. Jardok used his experiences to arrange transfer into the Department of Temporal Investigations and an assignment to Ellison Station on the Planet Gateway.

Jardok relished the opportunity to explore time itself. Having worked carefully within the systems he rose through the ranks to be a temporal researcher. Further, his efforts led to his direct assignment to the Guardian of Forever itself. Able to use the Guardian to explore and research historic events, an accident led to his becoming temporally displaced to 2395. Unable to be returned to his own timeline due to his knowledge of the future; the Department of Temporal Investigations arranged for his reintegration into Starfleet and his assignment to the Timeship Herodotus as Science Officer.

At the dawn of the 25th Century, Jardok considered his past and experiences and chose to return to Starfleet Academy to undergo training to serve as a Counselor in order to help others whom were also temporally displaced to reintegrate. Relinquishing his assignment to the Herodotus was harder for him than he anticipated, but he grew to love his return to academia and understood his parents a bit better for pushing him so hard to join them in the academic field as a professor. After seven years he graduated as a psychologist with a specialization in temporal counseling. He returned to the Department of Temporal Investigations as a Counselor in 2410 and has remained in the role until being temporally displace once more in 2430.

Due to the severity of their situation, Jardok chose to return to the Science Division and serve as Acting Chief Science Officer of the temporally displaced Starfleet One until a suitable replacement could be found.
Service Record 2253 – 2256 – Cadet – Starfleet Academy/Andor Annex
2256 – 2256 – Cadet – Midshipman Cruise – USS T’Plana Hath
2256 – 2260 – Ensign – Science Officer – USS Crossfield
2260 – 2266 – Civilian – Scientist – Daystrom Institute
2266 – 2269 – Lieutenant (Junior Grade) – Science Officer – USS Prometheus
2269 – 2270 – Lieutenant (Junior Grade) – Science Officer – Ellison Station
2270 – 2274 – Investigator – Department of Temporal Investigations
2395 – 2403 – Science Officer – Timeship Herodotus
2403 – 2407 – Cadet – Starfleet Academy
2407 – 2410 – Cadet – Starfleet Medical Academy
2410 – 2429 – Temporal Integration Counselor – Department of Temporal Investigation
2429 – 2430 – Mission Advisor – USS Aries
3188 - ---- - USS Enterprise - Acting Chief Science Officer