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Wake Up Call

Posted on Tue Nov 9th, 2021 @ 4:40am by Captain Willian Targaryen & Minister Zehoi D'ian & Lieutenant Commander Bella Knowles

Mission: Short Treks
Location: Ready Room, Starfleet One
Timeline: 0000-00-32, 17:00

Captain Willian Targaryen stepped through the door to his private office off of the Bridge of Starfleet One, eager to get his next meeting started. It had been almost half a day since the Galileo departed for Cold Station 12 and began their efforts to pick the station clean as part of their salvage operation, only to find two Starfleet Officers in biomolecular stasis. Even though there were only two officers this was cause for celebration as it was the first time that they had come into contact with Starfleet in this time. He was looking forward to meeting them and getting to know more about who they were and what Starfleet had become.

He looked at the preliminary report that had been forwarded to him from Captain Bishop, scrolling though the contents to survey what was there. One of the most important items that they believed they'd be able to salvage was the Station's shield generator and phaser capacitors, which would enhance their offensive capability at least. They didn't have enough equipment available to upgrade the entire weapons array but it was a start. With the number of threats that they had already encountered they couldn't take too many chances.

The Captain was about to review the medical equipment when the doorbell echoed throughout the room. Willian looked up at the door, a grin plastered on his face, "Enter."

The door slid open and Lieutenant Zehoi looked inside to see the Commanding Officer of Starfleet One sitting across from the door at a large, computer console desk. The Orion glanced at Commander Knowles before stepping inside. The Commander had been placed in charge of CS12 and served as its Science Officer. She was just a lowly Engineer who happened to find herself subordinate to her.

She waited for the Commander to introduce them.

Bella nodded at Lieutenant Zehoi before the two of them stepped inside to meet the Commanding Officer. She briefly glanced around before coming to attention in a "not quite military" manner. "Captain Targaryen. I am Lieutenant Commander Bella Knowles and this is Lieutenant Zehoi. It's a pleasure to meet you even in such unusual circumstances."

"It is nice to meet you as well, Commander and Lieutenant," the Captain answered politely from behind his desk. "I just wish that we had the opportunity to meet under better circumstances. If you would please have a seat we can chat a bit."

Lieutenant Zehoi nodded politely to the Captain of the ship, pulling the chair out and sitting down. She motioned with her communicator to open the holographic PADD so that she could take notes about their meeting. She glanced at Commander Knowles as she was in charge, waiting for cues from her.

Bella sat down but her shoulders were straight and she wasn't quite relaxed. "You have a very nice little ship here, Captain. I'm looking forward to exploring her some more. Perhaps, after our discussion, you can tell me more about her?" It was an effort to start off with a friendly demeanor. Everything was so different and the knowledge that she'd been in stasis so long was frightening.

Willian nodded, "I would be happy to take you on a tour of the ship later, Commander. I have commanded this ship for over 20 years, I am very proud of her and where all she has taken us." He paused a moment as he considered the next step of the discussion, "But, I have to first take us all to the reality of what we are facing. This ship is not a current Starfleet vessel. We are from the 25th Century, while you are very clearly from the 32nd. It's like we're a steamship compared to you, and we have a lot to learn from each other. Namely, we need to contact Starfleet. This vessel traveled to Earth not long after we arrived here. They have seceded from the Federation and reformed United Earth. We were not welcome there."

Zehoi glanced up from her holoPADD at that announcement. They knew that the ship was old, she had theorized that from the composites in its construction, but she had not placed it as being that old. Pecking at the controls on her holoPADD she made note to research the vessel when she was able to return to Cold Station 12, hopeful that the records about it were still intact.

"Do you know how we can reach Starfleet or the Federation?" The Captain asked bluntly.

Bella blinked and shook her head. "I'm afraid not, Captain. I was put into stasis shortly after the Federation fell. We tried to hold off as long as possible but the station's crew needed to find out what happened and we were left here in case there was an emergency. But if its the 32nd century...well...Captain...I'm as much in the dark as you are. I was put into stasis in 3090." Her pretty eyes met his sadly. "I can only assume my parents didn't make it or, at least, couldn't make it back."

The Captain sighed before he could hold himself back. This was not the news that he had hoped for. To learn that these two had been placed into stasis before the Federation fell meant that they had no idea if, or where, Starfleet or any remnants of the Federation could be. He pulled himself away for a moment and rest his back against his chair as he looked at the two. This wasn't their fault and he knew that. Unfortunately, they needed to get back to work if they were going to survive.

"You two were the only survivors that we found aboard the Station. With the passage of time this ship is sorely out of date compared to the dangers of this time. I have ordered my personnel to begin dismantling resources from your station to bring them aboard this ship for integration. It will provide us with some opportunity to at least put up a bit of a fight if we encounter an enemy."

"Sirs I would be remiss if I did not bring this to your attention," Zehoi brought up her HoloPADD built into her TriCOMM badge. "These are transmission logs received by the main computer of Cold Station 12 since we went into stasis. As you can see the Station has continued to receive updates from an outside party, most likely Starfleet. I do not have specifics, but with your permission I would like to investigate this further. It could potentially lead us to the Federation."

Targaryen's interest was piqued, "You don't think that the transmissions are from the Emerald Chain? Could they be the ones interfacing with the Station?"

The Orion nodded, "Anything is possible, Sir, but do we want to ignore the potential that this could lead us to the Federation?"

"You may proceed with your research, Lieutenant," Willian informed before addressing both. "With everything going on in the galaxy I need all the help that I can get. For that reason I am integrating you with the crew of this ship effective immediately. Commander Knowles you will hereby serve as my Chief Science Officer and Lieutenant Zehoi will serve as Assistant Chief Engineer. Do you have any objections?"

"None from me!" The Orion answered with a broad smile.

With no objections, the Captain dismissed the new officers to their duties.


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