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Lieutenant Commander Patton O'Sullivan

Name Patton Kearney O'Sullivan

Position Chief Security/Tactial Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species human
Age 30


Personal History Patton grew up alternating between Ireland and time on a starship where his father served in the marines. He is the youngest of nine sons and though he loves all his brothers he was only close to two of them.

His parents divorced when Patton was quite young and they agreed that their children would alternate years with each of their parents until the boys were old enough to decide where they wanted to live. When Patton was ten years old, his mother and stepfather were killed in a freak accident which meant Patton spent the rest of his growing years on board a starship.

Once he was old enough, Patton signed up at Starfleet. Instead of going through the marines, he went through a similar program to serve on a starbase. Patton excelled in the program, working hard to show his instructors that he had what it took to contribute to Starfleet. Patton graduated from the academy and headed to Starbase Gibralter where he served under a hardened commander who pushed his soldiers to be more than their expectations.

While there, Patton met Sondra Fielding. The two of them became very close and for a time they thought they were in love and soon were engaged. For a time, Patton thought she was the love of his life but Sondra began talking about his possibly giving up his job to go to work for her father after they were married. Little things like that made him realize that they didn't want the same things out of life. Patton put in for a transfer and was given one to Starbase Xenith. He broke of their engagement citing that he did not believe in long distance relationships.

Several months after he accepted his assignment on Xenith, Patton was appointed team leader after he showed quick thinking and initiative in the field while rescuing crew from the base. While serving on the Xenith, Patton steered clear of women and relationships. Like most, he enjoyed going to a party, having some good Irish beer and spending time with a pretty girl or two, as long as it didn't come with commitment. Patton continued to show his dedication and was rewarded after two years of serving there with a promotion to Executive Officer and a transfer to Starbase LaSalle.

Patton found the Hazard Team on LaSalle to be exceptional. His superior, Commander Hogan ran a tight department and Patton learned a lot of leadership skills while serving under him that would aid him when he was given the opportunity to become a commanding officer of his own Hazard Team.

If there was one thing Patton didn't like about Starbase One it was the base commanding officer's wife, Dora Langan. From the first time Patton met her she flirted with him and made it plain that she would love to spend more time with him. Patton avoided her at all costs but for four years he was harrassed and chased by her. Finally, having been offered a promotion to take the command position on Starbase LaSalle, recommended by his retiring Commander, Patton turned it down, instead accepting the position on Starfleet One.