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Lieutenant Commander Bella Knowles

Name Bella Juniper Knowles

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32


Personal History Bella was raised on on the Federation Outpost Cold Station 12 by her parents, Judy and Samuel. They were Federation officers and raised her to believe in the Federation and abide by its rules and regulations. Unfortunately, the Federation fell when she was 16 and, despite attempts to keep the Station operable, there were too many people leaving and too many incidents for Bella to go to a formal school. Instead, she was trained with the skeleton crew that was left after the station began to close.

The station was a medical station and Bella was taught a little of that but her primary knowledge was how to keep everyone alive in a station that was beginning to implode. She apprenticed under Commander Saks, a somewhat famous Science Officer, and he taught her until he was pulled away when she was 24. Her parents were killed trying to repair damage to the station; they were convinced that the Federation's fall would be temporary. Bella suspected they were wrong but she was ignored and she realized they needed to believe that. The day of their death was a huge blow to her...for they were some of the last people on the station.

Eventually, she was the only one left and she was forced to hide when raiders came and took a lot of the station with them. She finally decided that it was best to go into stasis. It was a passive form of suicide, really, and she knew it. No one was coming to get her. She was alone in the deep dark of space.

The Federation and the Station died in 3089...and eight years later she put herself into stasis. It is now 3188 and she is about to realize just how much her world has changed...almost 100 years later...
Service Record Federation apprenticeship under Commander Saks (Science Officer on Cold Station 12) for 10 years.
Informal training for most of her life.