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COB Check up

Posted on Wed Jan 12th, 2022 @ 1:36pm by Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Chief Petty Officer Harris Zim
Edited on on Sat Feb 5th, 2022 @ 9:50pm

Mission: Short Treks
Location: Quarters of Harris Zim
Timeline: 0000-00-63, 19:45

This whole detail of being somewhere in an unknown situation had mildly put Cyrus in a muddle. There are things though that he can not control or even let his mind be stuck on it. Instead, he'll just concentrate on the health of those onboard. Checking his list, he'd decided to just go alphabetically but in reverse order. There appeared to be a Chief of the boat, a Chief Petty Officer, Harris Zim. Now Cyrus wasn't certain if the computer voice would help him find the Chief but he decided to try.

"Computer, what is the location of Chief Harris Zim?" And when he got the location, Marner would go there.

"Chief Petty Officer Harris Zim is in his quarters." The soft voice of the computer replied.

And that is the direction where Cyrus went, to perchance to beard the lion in his own den.

Harris Zim sat in his quarters and watched the starfield go by as he contemplated the ship's current situation. Most enlisted personell had share quarters. However, being Chief of the Boat afforded its privialges, and he got his own quarters. Zim was thankful for that as he rather enjoyed the solitude to contemplate and meditate. He found the old Earth art of Tai Chi especially helpful in centering his thoughts.

Arriving at Zim's quarters, Cyrus pressed the door chime, kind of chuckling as well. Just like his ancestors and his parents, he was making house-calls. He didn't mind, it gave him more exercise.

Visitors was not something Harris was used to or expected. So when the door chime rang it caught him off guard. "Come on in." He called to the door as he replicated some coffee. Harris took the first delicious sip as the doors opened.

Cyrus walked in with an affable smile, "I'm here to make a house call." he said in greeting, then added, "I'm Lieutenant Cyrus Marner, your friendly neighborhood doctor. Came to check in on you."

"Morning Lieutenant. I feel fine, don't think I have summoned for medical. Can I get you a cup of coffee?" Harris was caught off guard by the Doctor's arrival but he had to be hospitable. He hoped that the Doc needed him for something rather than the other way around.

"I'll take a cup of coffee, thank you kindly." the blond haired doctor remarked with a bit of a smile. "I am sure you must be wondering why I am here. Well yes to give you the cursory medical check up, just a quick scan but also, to meet you. Its all the plan of my getting familiar with those I am, or will be working with. Just the lot of a country doctor. " his light southern drawl coming into play. "You don't mind my doing so do you?" an eyebrow arching up slightly.

"Not at all Doc..." Zim said with a smile as he handed the Doctor a cup of coffee. "May as well get it over with as quickly and painlessly as possible." Harris did not enjoy physicals, they went against his Capellan nature. To be laid bare medically went against the warrior lifestyle that Capellans led.

Cyrus gratefully took a drink of his coffee, then set it down to one side. Then he took out his tricorder to run the scan. "I truly understand the not wanting the physical. At least this will be done quicker than back in the day of the 21st century or even further back. the physicals took time to do. And no one really liked when something was found that they didn't know was wrong. However doctors are supposed to be healers and I feel are a good thing. Also nothing wrong with some preventative medicine either."

"I agree one hundred percent Doc." Even in Capellan culture being in tip top condition was always seen as a good thing. Making sure you stayed that way was seen as a victory in life. For if you were injured or sick you would not be able to have victory as a warrior. This was something that Capellans and Klingons had in common.

Cyrus gave a nod at the results of the scan, and smiled, putting away the tricorder. "That is done. Looks like you are in great condition. I am glad of that. What do you think of the ship so far?" the doctor asked, picking up his cup of coffee once more.

"So far so good... Right now I am just trying to make the best of a bad situation. I had just come aboard when the ship got thrust through time. So it is something that can take some adjustments." Zim replied although the biggest thing on his mind right now was if his people survived. What happened to Capellans through time.

The blonde lanky doctor nodded, "Yes that was quite the shock, to find myself in that particular situation. I've tried not to think about what happened, trying to not worry about what my family might have thought with my disappearance." he swallowed hard and quickly took a drink from his cup, to stop the lump that was developing in his throat. "Can't allow myself to dwell upon that. I've not even dared to hope to find records of what happened to them."

"Yeah, it is said that if you look it up you can damage the timeline. However, I can't help but wonder what happened to my people. What happened to Cappelans everywhere?" Zim said with a far off look in his eye. He quickly brought himself back to the present. "For now I guess we will all have to bury ourselves in our work."

"That and also learn some new skills or update them." Cyrus giving a slight sigh. "Question for you, would you be willing to teach me some new skills with which to defend myself?" Cyrus was wanting to change out of doing the same old thing as you can do so much artistry, or dancing practice, there needed to be something more that he could learn.

Zim's face extended into a broad smile. Now that Doc had hit it right into his ballpark of sorts. "I would love to. Teaching some martial arts and simple self defense is one of my favorite things. And you are right we are all going to have to broaden our horizons if we are to succeed in this time."

"Then let's make a plan and work out a schedule. I am looking forward to this. And also, I do not expect you to make it to easy on me, but keep in mind, I am not up to your level of fitness, not by a long shot." a lopsided grin appearing as he lifted up his cup towards Zim.

"I am sure I can pull my punches..." Zim said with a smirk. "Well if I am all squared away. I think I have some workouts to plan."

Cyrus taking that as a good time for him to leave took his cup to the recycler. "Yes you are all squared away. And you have a great day, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for my training." with a wave, the doctor turned and left.

Zim was left in his quarters as the Doc left. He was happy to of had the house call and looked forward to their workouts together. However, he also knew that the housecall meant something else. It meant that the Doc was checking up on everyone making sure that this time jump didn't have any counter effects. Harris hoped that everyone would be ok, because they could not afford to lose anyone else.


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