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Lieutenant Cyrus Marner

Name Cyrus Marner

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38


Personal History Cyrus is from a long line of country doctors and scientists, some from the south, some from the midwest. Cyrus is from Georgia, where the magnolias bloom and the peaches are sweet.

He is a man from a close knit family and that is really important to him. Both his Father and mother are doctors. His Father's name is Walter. His Mother's name is Jenny

Five other Siblings Cyrus is the oldest and the rest are as follows. Two brothers Zeke (Farmer) and Abraham (Engineer), three sisters, Tricia (Vet), Annette (chef), and Stacy (Dance Teacher)

French and Spanish he can speak, plus a smattering of Portuguese. Another language he can speak is Latin. He also knows a bit of Klingon, Romulan and Andorian. Hobbies he has, is that of painting in various medias that of oil as well as Acrylics. Musical wise he loves to play the guitar, and can sing without mutilating a song. He likes to keep himself fairly fit, by jogging, swimming and dancing.

He has a great deal of interest in homeopathic remedies, has a fair collection of reading material on herbs. Cyrus does like to listen to various sorts of music, and loves to read. He also researches things extensively wanting to keep himself up to date on the latest surgical techniques and scientific breakthroughs.

Service Record He studied in a University majoring in both science and Medical. He then went into Star Fleet four more years, made honors on his cadet tour.

He signed on the USS Retribution was there as a LTJG medical officer. He became the chief medical officer there, and was part of a team to help an indigent humanoid species from being completely eradicated by a bomb set for just that species biochemistry. An inoculation was found, in order to help that species survive that awful weapon.

He served onboard for two years, until the crew of the USS Retribution were sent to other ships, the ship needing some major work done on it. Cyrus was looking for something else, dealing more into science and medical research. The plague that had been set upon that planet making him even ore of the desire to find cures for what ails people.