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Lieutenant Bissiv th'Zaanaq

Name Bissiv th'Zaanaq

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 36


Personal History Before the burn, the th'Zaanaq family had run a successful and well known freight shipping business for a couple of centuries. Although they hired many species across the company, his grandparents always preferred a solely Andorian crew.

Then the burn happened..

Biss's grandparents had chosen the week before it happened to have a new warp core fitted to their ship. Thankfully the old one had been removed and the new one was still being finished and checked before it was installed, then BOOM!

Although this saved the ship's crew from a horrible death this left them stranded far from home.

They decided to turn their ship into a colony and landed on a nearby moon. They surprising hit a good mine as the moon had deep veins of raw tritanium. They were able to turn this into their new business venture and start supplying neighbouring systems with Tritanium.

In 3152, Biss was born in the colony. He was educated to a good level before he was put to work in the mining operation at the age of 18. At first he was pleased to help the family business and help it to continue to grow and be successful. However, he grew frustrated with life there. So he saved up his credits to buy his own ship. It took him two years but he was able to buy a small ship fit for one.

He soon started his own scavenging business, he would explore hulks of ships that had been destroyed in the burn. Most had already been stripped of all their major systems but there were still treasures to be found. He was able to locate items that others weren't and built up a decent name for himself.

When he was 30, he won his Nubia Class ship in a game of tongo. The ship was only 6 months old and packed with the latest morphing technology. He was proud of his new acquisition, even if the former owner tried to take it back and failed.

He named his new ship Kumari after an ancient battleship from the homeworld of his grandparents.
Service Record