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Captain Ryan Walsh

Name Ryan Walsh

Position Mission Advisor

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species human
Age 30


Personal History Ryan is the youngest of eight children. He grew up in California on Earth and knew at a young age that he wanted to go into Starfleet. It wasn't until he was in high school that he and his brother Josiah decided they would go into security together.

Ryan is very close to his family, though there were times he felt a little crowded, he loved coming from a large family and them all having each other for support and to come to with any problems.

He was a sophomore in high school when he started dating Brianna Whitley and Josiah was dating her best friend Maybelle. The four of them hung out together and by the end of their senior years both couples were set to get married and head to Starfleet where Josiah and Ryan would go to the academy.

After graduation Ryan attended Starfleet Academy where he excelled in the program. The teachers were impressed by his quick thinking and solutions for scenerios they put the cadets through.

His first assignment was on the USS Pherion. Ryan and Brianna got married shortly before he left to serve, knowing that for a while they wouldn't be able to be together. For the next two years he worked hard and as luck would have it he was offered a position at Starfleet command as security to the admiralty. Ryan accepted the position. It meant he could do what he loved and though he would miss being on a ship, he could finally have a life with Brianna and they could start a family.

Ryan dug into the job and served well. He worked his way up the chain quickly and became the Head of security to the Admiralty. Ryan got to go on ships when the Admirals traveled but spent a lot of time at home with Brianna.

In September of 2428, Ryan came home from being gone on a one month trip with one of the admirals to find that tragedy had struck. She had gone shopping and stopped to grab some lunch with a friend and a disgruntled employee had entered, shooting wildly. She had been one of the casualties.

Ryan had a hard time at first but he forced himself to continue on. He finally decided that he needed to sell their home and leave. Just when he decided to transfer to a ship he was approached about taking a position as security advisor to the President. Ryan thought it over and accepted it and is currently serving on Starfleet One.
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