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Primary Timeline

Please Note: The events of the 25th Century are not listed due to the active operation of Zodiac Fleet within the time frame.

26th Century

  • The Klingon Empire joins the United Federation of Planets.
  • The interdimensional beings known as the Sphere Builders launch multiple temporal incursions to influence history.
  • A researcher studying Earth history travels to 22nd Century Earth.
  • The last reported contact with a member of the Q Continuum by a Federation citizen occurs.
  • The Battle of Procyon V, a large-scale battle featuring of the Temporal Cold War, occurs, with the Enterprise-J using the Tox Uthat to stop the Temporal Liberation Front.
  • A neutron star in a binary star system in the Kavis Alpha sector explodes.

27th Century

  • Kal Dano, a researcher at the Daystrom Institute, invents the Tox Uthat and must flee via temporal incursion to evade Vorgon assassins.
  • The Federation begins rotating responsibilities for crewing the Federation seed vault.
  • The Norolob Empire steals Quantum Slipstream Drive from the Federation and conquers half of the Carina Arm sectors of the UFP until their government is toppled.
  • The last known contact between the Prime and Mirror Universe occurs.

28th Century

  • The Suliban Cabal's mysterious benefactor, Jamran Hanroth, operated from this century.
  • The Temporal Accords are assigned by members of the Galactic Union Alliance, an outgrowth of the Khitomer Accord signatories, at New Khitomer. The Temporal Liberation Front attempts to prevent the ratification via temporal incursion.

29th Century

  • A rogue group of militant Na'kuhl launch multiple temporal incursions in an effort to alter the timeline.
  • The Epoch Class enters service.
  • The timeship Relativity is assigned to protect the USS Voyager from harm during its assignment in the Delta Quadrant following multiple incursions attempting to destroy the vessel.

30th Century

  • The Temporal Cold War is heavily influenced through factions of this time period.
  • Due to significant usage of Dilithium reserves throughout the centuries, the Federation's dilithium reserves begin to diminish. Rationing of Dilithium begins as the Federation begins researching alternative designs.

31st Century

  • The Temporal Cold War is heavily influenced through factions of this time period.
  • The KSF Khi'eth is lost while on a mission to investigate a "dilithium nursery" in the Verubin Nebula, as is the rescue vessel USS Hiraga Gennai.
  • The spontaneous destruction of Dilithium across the galaxy leads to the collapse of interstellar travel during a catastrophic event known as the Burn. Any vessel with an active warp drive was destroyed.
  • The Federation further restricts its dilithium reserves in an effort to maintain what is left of Starfleet. Multiple worlds leave the Federation.
  • The Orion Syndicate becomes the Emerald Chain and rebrands itself as an alternative to the United Federation of Planets.
  • A Kyrian historian, Quarren, finds and activates a backup copy of The Doctor (Voyager's EMH).
  • Due to growing strain, the Federation moves the Federation Council and Starfleet Headquarters to an undisclosed location.
  • Earth leaves the United Federation of Planets and reforms United Earth, becoming a xenophobic power centered in the Sol System. At approximately the same time, Ni'Var (Vulcan) also leaves the Federation against the wishes of the Romulan population.

32nd Century

  • All time travel technology has been outlawed and destroyed by this century because of the Temporal Wars.
  • Holographic technology has fully replaced traditional viewscreen technology by this century throughout the galaxy.
  • Aditya Sahil begins his guardianship of the Federation relay station at Spaceport Devaloka.
  • Senna Tal sends out a message for all those who still believe in the Federation and Starfleet to meet him on Earth.
  • Doctor Gabrielle Burnham is brought to this century by the Project Daedalus suit, after escaping the Klingons at Doctari Alpha. Dr. Burnham finds she is repeatedly pulled back to this era, which acts as an anchor point for her, with every incursion. After being sent back to this time by her daughter, she is found by the inhabitants of Essof IV.
  • The White Palm Cartel captures Starbase 906 from Starfleet and renames it Starbase Vanguard. They use the base to control 4 sectors.
  • Michael Burnham arrives from the 23rd century on the planet Hima.
  • After an engine imbalance while on a mission, Starfleet One is transported to this century.
  • The Federation Medical Research Center known as Cold Station 12 is destroyed by Starfleet One personnel while attempting to contact Starfleet.
  • Reports indicate that Rear Admiral Yasin Elria has been captured by the Emerald Chain. She is soon after confirmed as deceased.
  • Starfleet One encounters the Starship Stargazer and the remnants of Battle Group Omega.

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