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Captain Luzol Targaryen

Name Luzol Targaryen

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Deltan/El-Aurian
Age 63


Personal History Born aboard the Miranda Class Starship USS Majestic in 2367, Lynz was born a Starfleet brat and some described her as being as bratty as they came. Her father was the Second Officer and ship's Chief Engineer while her mother was a member of the ship's Science staff and was a botanist. Lynz learned at an early age the life of service that she was getting into and immediately fell in love with the idea of the Federation and the life of a Starfleet Officer. The Majestic herself had been reclassified to serve as a generational ship and approved families to be aboard; however, because of the risks of the deep space exploration assignments the Majestic had been assigned to, Lynz's family requested to be reassigned shortly after her birth. Their request was denied and they remained on the Majestic for another five years before ultimately being reassigned to the Starship Farragut in 2372. This was not to last for long as the Farragut was dispatched to planet Ajilon Prime to help the colonists that had suffered an attack by the Klingons. However, en route to Ajilon, she was ambushed by Klingon warships in the Lembatta Cluster and was destroyed. Adrift in an escape pod with her grammar school class, it was nearly a week before she was found and rescued by crews from Deep Space Nine and the Starship Defiant. This started a long distrust of the Klingon Empire for Lynz, a distrust that exists to this day.

Her family was transferred permanently to Deep Space Nine following the destruction of the Farragut in 2373. There she met a group of El-Aurian Starfleet Officers and their son, with whom she had an immediate attaction but it was not to last. Not long after the horrors of the Dominion War began and Lynz's family petitioned for reassignment and were approved at the direction of Captain Benjamin Sisko. As Starfleet had discontinued the practice of families serving together on Starships, the family was broken up as Lynz, her brother, and mother were assigned to a Starfleet research outpost on Betazed while her father was assigned to the Starship Cairo as First Officer under Captain Leslie Wong during the Dominion War. In 2374 the planet Betazed was invaded by the Dominion and captured while Lynz was on the planet. At roughly the same time the Cairo was assigned to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone, when she was engaged by Dominion forces that had entered Romulan space. The Cairo didn't survive the encounter, but her father had. Life was a struggle for Lynz and her family while they hid from Dominion patrols along with the Betazoid resistance. Her mother was taken captive and was forced to assist in the construction of Sentok Nor. Lynz and her brother survived the ordeal through the kindness of the Betazoid resistance, but they saw the horrors of the war. They were rescued through the actions of the Battle of Betazed and were returned to their parents in 2375 shortly after the end of the Dominion War itself. They moved with their father to the USS Katana which was assigned to patrol Betazoid Space while their mother remained on Betazed to assist with the reclamation of the surface. Lynz underwent extensive counseling to help her overcome these horrors.

In 2376 her mother was offered the opportunity to work with the Andak Project at reclaiming the Cardassian ecosystem. Unable to give up the chance to work on such a high profile assignment her mother had no choice but to accept. Lynz and her brother went with their mother to Cardassia Prime while their father arranged for the Katana to be assigned to convoy duty to Cardassia to maintain a relationship with his children. They would remain on Cardassia for over a decade helping to rebuild the planet when Lynz petitioned to join Starfleet and was accepted to the Bajoran Annex of Starfleet Academy so that she would remain close to her family. Her father transferred to the institution to teach Engineering techniques and relinquished command of the Katana as Lynz's brother was also a student of the Bajoran Annex.

Her education was rather uneventful, but led to an unexpected assignment following the Hobus event. Her father, calling in a few favors, arranged for Lynz to be assigned to Starbase 39-Sierra for her midshipman cruise. While on the assignment she was assigned to assist with the convoy supply shipments to the Romulan Star Empire. She received detailed instruction on invasion techniques and defensive strategy at this time due to renewed threat of Klingon conflict over the Romulans. This was further emphasized when the Klingons began raiding Romulan border worlds for supplies, crippling the Romulans even further. She would graduate from this assignment with the rank of Ensign and be assigned to the Atlantis as a Strategic Operations Officer to help coordinate the defense of the region. While the Atlantis was the command ship of the region, her experiences were somewhat more limited than she expected them to be. It took time to win the respect of her peers, but some never truly accepted her in the assignment. It was later admitted that her father had manipulated her career to advance her, which impacted her relationship with the strategists aboard the Atlantis. While she had made strides to improve this, she knew she would never advance further and was able to transfer to the Starship Columbia as Strategic Operations Officer and later the Assistant Chief. While there she enhanced her understanding of defensive strategies and compelted command training via correspondence.

In 2395 she was made aware of an opening for a Chief Strategic Operations Officer aboard the USS Axca and was approved for transfer. The Axca had been assigned to perform cultural analysis missions to known civilizations that had become known to the Federation, but had not yet become members or were still protectorates. Over time, Luzol proved herself in the role and rose through the ranks of the vessel to become the Executive Officer. During this period, Luzol became aware of the difficulties that Starfleet had shown in maintaining relationships with previous civilizations. When the California Class Starship Bradbury became open for command in 2399, Luzol actively lobbied for the position and was approved for command in 2399.

The Bradbury was assigned to serve as a second contact vessel, but with special dispensation to investigate and maintain relationships with known civilizations. With growing conflicts with neighboring powers, the Bradbury was reassigned away from its responsibilities as a Second Contact vessel in 2405 to serve as a patrol vessel. While it did have the occasional second contact mission, including to strengthen relations with the Xaraxian Congress, the loss of its primary role of maintaining relations to focus on military actions deeply impacted Captain Luzol and led to temporary considerations to resign from service. Nonetheless, the increased risks to the galaxy and her strong sense of duty led her to remain with Starfleet.

In 2408 Klingon and Gorn forces invaded Cestus III and surrounding colonies, leading Starfleet to mass a large fleet to repel them. The Bradbury was assigned to serve in the initial force of ships to attempt to retake Cestus. While it survived the initial assault, the Bradbury took heavy damage in subsequent waves and was lost following an engagement with a Gorn Cruiser. 71% of the crew were saved, including Captain Luzol, who was determined to not be at fault for the loss of the Bradbury. Starfleet chose to reassign Captain Luzol and her surviving crew of the recently launched Starship Gettysburg.

Luzol's time on the Starship Gettysburg was eventful. Following the cessation of conflicts, the Gettysburg was sent on a deep space exploratory mission to the far Beta Quadrant toward the Delta Quadrant borders. The Gettysburg established contact with over 30 new civilizations during Luzol's tenure aboard the ship and served with distinction in several high profile assignments. Luzol would remain in command of the Gettysburg until its destruction in 2424 during a mission to the Galactic Core. During this engagement, Luzol was injured by an imprisoned Preserver who took her captive for experimentation. She was missing for several weeks before being mysteriously deposited on New Gotham Station and recovered by her fiancee, Admiral Willian Targaryen (who she married shortly afterward).

Through her experiences, it was agreed that Luzol would be promoted and assigned to serve as the Attached to Commander, Starfleet at Earth in 2425. Learning from the Commander, Luzol quickly rose through the ranks and was named Director of Operations. Less than a year later, at the request of President Gruzy of New Xindus, Luzol was promoted to Fleet Admiral and named Commander, Starfleet in 2428.
Service Record 2385 - 2389: Starfleet Academy, Bajor Annex - Cadet
2389 - 2392: USS Atlantis - Strategic Operations Officer
2392 - 2395: USS Columbia - Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer
2395 - 2396: USS Axca - Chief Strategic Operations Officer/Intelligence Officer
2396 - 2399: USS Axca - Executive Officer
2399 - 2408: USS Bradbury - Commanding Officer
2408 - 2424: USS Gettysburg - Commanding Officer
2424 - 2424: USS Enterprise - Commanding Officer
2425 - 2427: Starfleet Headquarters - Attache to Commander, Starfleet
2427 - 2428: Starfleet Headquarters - Director of Operations
2428 - -----: Starfleet Headquarters - Commander, Starfleet