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Posted on Tue Nov 9th, 2021 @ 5:44am by Admiral Charles Vance
Edited on on Wed Nov 24th, 2021 @ 3:47pm

Mission: Short Treks
Location: LCARS Record
Timeline: 0000-00-62, 00:00

Svian II

Astrographical information
Region: Xarantine Sector
System: Svian
Star(s): Svian
Orbital position: 2
Rotation period: 20 standard hours
Orbital period: 211 local days

Physical information
Class: O
Diameter: 13,192 km
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, oxygen, trace elements
Climate: Tropical
Gravity: 1.1 standard
Terrain: Planetary Ocean
Fauna: Nonintelligent aquatic life
Native species: NONE
Population: 2.7 million
Immigrated species: Aammazaran, Andorian, Betelgeusian, Cardassian, Ferengi, Human, Lurian, Orion, Osnullus, Romulan, Tellarite, Trill, Vulcan
Primary language(s): Andorian, Orion, Standard
Government: Emerald Chain Congress

Zletha Colony

Established by the Andorian Empire in the 26th Century, Zletha Colony is the capital city of Svian II and the only settlement on the planet. For most of its life Svian II and the Zletha Colony had been prone to lawlessness; however, it was never officially classified as a failed colony. Despite being established by a Federation Member State, Svian II remained part of the Andorian Empire and did not become an official Federation Colony until the 28th Century. The Federation Embassy on the planet was converted into governmental offices upon its addition to the Federation.

Following the Burn and the secession of the Andorian Empire from the United Federation of Planets, Svian II was quickly absorbed into the Emerald Chain upon its establishment. Zletha Colony became home to one of the first Exchanges established within the Emerald Chain, and the former Federation Embassy/Governmental Offices converted into a scrapyard. The Emerald Chain takeover of the world has not been environmentally friendly as the planet's ocean has been heavily polluted by scrap materials and salvage.

The saucer shaped, massive colony floats atop the world-spanning ocean utilizing a buoyancy system. The area around the city's center itself is filled with hangars and landing zones that are supervised by Emerald Chain dock officers. Anyone visiting Zletha Colony must pay a docking fee, or otherwise, they would not be admitted; the colony entry heavily guarded by Emerald Chain Regulators under orders to prevent any visitor that refused to pay the docking fee from entering the city.

Fountains and courtyards, around which travelers and citizens socialize, dominate Zletha Colony. The courtyards overlooked the ocean, making the courtyards scenic places for tourists to enjoy. Zletha Colony is home to resorts, hotels, cantinas, and recreation for its people. Security sensors are plentiful within Zletha Colony and are used to closely monitor both visitors and citizens alike. Laws are strictly enforced with those accused of crimes facing swift justice at the hands of the Emerald Chain, with most criminals being forced into indentured servitude within the salvage yards. Only the Emerald Chain Embassy is not actively monitored.

Zletha Colony - East
The eastern-most part of Zletha Colony, initially this region housed the Federation Embassy following the establishment of the colony prior to its membership within the Federation. After Svian II joined the Federation, the Embassy was converted into the Governmental Center of the Colony. When the Burn occurred and the colony left the Federation with the Andorian Empire the entire region was converted into a salvage center.

Ahto East Central

Zletha Colony - Central

The headquarters of Zletha Colony, the Central component houses the governmental center of the colony and several establishments to support guests to the planet. the central point of the area features impressive fountains and seating for socialization. The area supports a large gaming establishment, hotel, and restaurants. It connects to the primary docking compound and is the primary point of entry for the colony of any visitors.

Zletha Colony - West

Home to the Emerald Chain Embassy, Zletha West is one of the most heavily fortified areas of the entire colony. Emerald Chain Regulators routinely patrol the area and monitor activity at the Exchange.


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