Galactic Powers

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Major Galactic Powers

Emerald Chain

The Emerald Chain was created following the galactic disaster known as the Burn as an outgrowth of the Orion Syndicate. They are a capitalist society, operating mercantile exchanges throughout their worlds where courier and other commercial transactions occur. The Chain is well organized, with a fully functional government and military force, and is known to the best equipped scientific and research facilities in the known galaxy. The Chain does not tolerate failure and will swiftly deal with those who are not up to their standards or failure. Currently involved in a cold war with the United Federation of Planets, the Chain is not above interfering with prewarp civilizations (like the Akaali or the Kwejian) and committing sentient rights atrocities to accomplish its goals. Their territory includes several worlds that were formerly allied with the Federation, including both Andoria and Orion, and most of the former territory of the Romulan Star Empire.

United Federation of Planets

The United Federation of Planets was established in 2161 as an alliance of like minded worlds seeking to peacefully coexist and explore the galaxy. At its peak there are over 350 members of the Federation and their territory spread throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. Following the galactic disaster known as the Burn, the Federation was severely damaged and nearly collapsed in upon itself from the strain it encountered. Key worlds of the Federation (including Earth and Ni'Var) seceded from the alliance and the Federation retreated to a hidden outpost simply called Federation Headquarters. Currently, the Federation is a shadow of its former self and contains only 38 members and even the accuracy of that figure is uncertain. The Federation itself is still maintained and led by the Federation President, who resides at Federation Headquarters and manages the executive branch of government, as well as a Federation Council that serves as the legislative branch of government.


Originally established by United Earth, Starfleet was established to conduct deep space exploration, scientific research, and military actions on behalf of the United Federation of Planets. As the exploratory agency for the Federation, Starfleet would explore new worlds and the galaxy. Through its exploratory role, Starfleet would take on diplomatic responsibilities as they sought out new life and civilizations. As a scientific research group, Starfleet would frequently lead or fund efforts to enhance the Federation's knowledge about the galaxy and advance scientific and technological abilities for the Federation. As the primary military of the Federation it was Starfleet's job to defend Federation interests from opposition. Following the Burn, Starfleet has jettisoned all but its military obligations, working to troubleshoot problems and maintain the safety of what little is left of the Federation with their meager defense force.

Minor Galactic Powers

Confederacy of Ni'Var

The Confederacy of Ni'Var is a minor, independent galactic power currently operating within the Beta Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Confederacy consists of two separate, but equal species known as the Vulcans and the Romulans (with the Romulans themselves being an offshoot of the Vulcan people who left their planet in rebellion against the Vulcan philosophy of logic and pacifism during the time of Surak). Following the teachings of the revered Ambassador Spock, the passionate and aggressive Romulans would later rejoin the Vulcans following the destruction of their homeworld and rechristen the Vulcan homeworld as Ni'Var - which means duality. Following the Burn, the Confederacy of Ni'Var chose to leave the United Federation of Planets in 3089 (for which it was a founding world) and withdrew within their own borders to deal with internal strife and concerns that they may have been the cause of the Burn.

United Earth

Established following World War III, United Earth was the dominant government of the Sol Sector following first contact with the Confederacy of Vulcan (now the Confederacy of Ni'Var) in 2063. With strong focuses on cooperation and peace, United Earth would be an instrumental voice in the creation of the Coalition of Planets and was a founding government of the United Federation of Planets. Their homeworld, Earth, would become the capital of the Federation and they remained a member in good standing of the Federation until the devastating disaster known as the Burn. Following this crisis, United Earth's government reconsidered their position within the Federation and voted to secede from the Federation in 3089. All Federation Representatives were immediately expelled from the planet and Federation resources seized. The United Earth Defense Force serves as their military and access to their space is strictly prohibited.

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