Mutual Understanding

Posted on Sun Oct 10th, 2021 @ 3:12pm by Lieutenant Bissiv th'Zaanaq & Lieutenant Dylan Blake

Mission: Short Treks
Location: Main Engineering

Lieutenant Dylan Blake rolled his stiff shoulders as he strode into main engineering, the complex heart of the ship bore scars from the transition just like everywhere else. It was a mighty effort with barely any resource's or main power just to keep the lights on and a handful of critical systems online. It was exhausting work, the dark smudges under the Lieutenant's eyes were proof of that - he'd kill for a good nights sleep without fretting about what else could wrong.

Then, he spotted it - a silhouette of a distinctive figure one who really shouldn't be here.

"Hey!" Dylan shouted. "Get away from that!" he hurried closer ready to haul the hitchhiker away from the console he'd been inspected.

Biss held up his hands to mock surrender. "My apologies, I was asked to get to know the ship and it's tech. It's a little outdated for me." He said as he slowly turned to face the person who was talking to him.

Dylan didn't buy it as he drew level with the Andorian. "Really?" he snarled. "Where's your security detail? Or did you conveniently ditch them to break in here and sabotage the ship?"

"I believe my whereabouts are being monitored from the bridge. I assure you, I mean you no harm. I can't go anywhere as my ship is in bits in your cargo bay." Biss said truthfully as he slowly lowered his hands. "Bissiv th'Zaanaq, a pleasure to meet you."

The Lieutenant pouted slightly as Biss explained himself and did apparently appear to be innocent of any wrong doing on this occasion. He wasn't ready to trust the Andorian yet especially as last time they'd laid eyes upon one another it had been in the dilithium storage where they'd exchanged phaser fire. "Dylan Blake," he replied sourly while raking his eyes of the panel Biss had been examining. "Excuse my wariness the last time we crossed paths, you were shooting at me."

"I apologise. Don't take it personally, if anyone finds out about your stash of dilithium, little me shooting at you will be the least of your problems." Biss replied with a small smile.

"So you've already mentioned." Dylan sighed before straightening relieved Biss hadn't tampered with anything serious. "I still can't get my head around how much things have changed since we left our time line. This Burn you keep talking, about happened when?"

"About 120 years ago give or take. Words like the Federation or Starfleet began to dry up and people like the Emerald Chain began to fill in the gaps that were left." Biss explained. "I don't have all the answers I'm afraid. My family were lucky but it's not been easy since the burn. Life for pretty much everyone has been tough. Really tough."

Blake nodded: "I couldn't imagine what that must have been like for everything to change suddenly like that - this Emerald Chain, what are they some sort of terrorist group?"

"They're an organisation like the Federation, I suppose. Although they have different ideals and visions. Part of the Orion Andorian alliance so I've heard and before you paint me with that brush my family have nothing to do with any of this. They run a small mining operation which my grandparents set up after the burn." Biss replied honestly.

"You decided not to stay with the family business I'm guessing?" the human asked curiously.

"If I'm honest, I didn't want to spend my life mining Tritanium. My parents and grandparents have made a good living from it but it's just not me. I started making my own money, doing deals, the occasional courier job. The ship that's currently scattered around your cargo bay is...was my pride and joy." The Andorian explained honestly.

Blake shifted uncomfortably: "I'm sorry about what happened to your ship, you know it wasn't intentional right?"

"At first, I didn't, but after reading about your experimental drive system I now know it was a case of wrong place at the wrong time." Biss replied. "However, I don't think this ship has the technology to begin repairing it."

Biss' term wrong place, wrong time felt quite ironic in Dylan's opinion given the circumstances but allow the comment to pass. "We could try," he replied slowing with thought. "But we'd be fumbling in the dark not being aquatinted with the finer details of the your ship it would take a long time. Right, now keeping our ship in one piece and safe is our main priority."

"I understand. I'm hoping the powers that be begin to trust me more so they'll let me start working on my own ship. We might be able to get what I need on our travels." The Andorian shrugged. "I'm a fairly decent engineer and a good pilot."

"Both things we need right now," Dylan sighed. He wasn't prepared to trust Biss just yet but he did pity him being stuck here with the rest of crew avoiding everyone and everything in this new horrid place. "Share what you know, show us what you can do and maybe you're earn some of that trust you want. Just remember it won't happen over night mind you."

"I understand trust issues. I still have doubts over your story." Biss replied. "It seems a little too far fetched to be true but at the same time it's so far fetched that it's probably true."

The Lieutenant chuckled dryly: "I sorely wish it wasn't true, but here we are: lost and pretty much alone with no way to go back at present." He sighed again: "I just hope records stated I died well, it might have bought comfort to my family."

"Unfortunately, you may never find out. A lot of information was lost with the Burn, 800 year old records may have taken the brunt of it." Biss replied, being realistic.

"Properly," Dylan shrugged "I guess we're never know. Still," he inhaled deeply. "We're have to make do with the cards we have in front of us. You still play cards games in this century right?" he asked.

"I've heard of card games but never actually played or seen any." Biss replied with a shrug.

The answer surprised the young Lieutenant: "Well, if we rustle up some others would you like to learn to how play?"

"Sure, what do you win?" Biss asked enthusiastically.

"Traditionally players would wager currency," Dylan explained. "However given our predicament I'd say the best thing we could gamble is replicator rations otherwise we'd be playing for bragging rights and pride."

"Winning is winning." Biss replied with a grin.

Dylan smirked: "You know Biss, you're alright. I think we might get along."