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The greatest invention in history is the Warp Drive. Powered by incredible energies, it was an engine of destiny that propels a vessel across the vast ocean of space. The galaxy depends on Warp Drive; without it disease kills, hunger grows, and wars rage as governments fall to dust. Then came the Burn. In an instant every vessel, every outpost, every world using a Warp Drive for power, for propulsion, to live erupted into a ball of flame. Now the galaxy is in pieces with people preying upon others for basic needs and every moment of every day is a struggle to survive.

Running low on essential supplies and fuel, Starfleet One is trapped broken and alone in a galaxy as alien as they've ever known. The ship and crew decide to visit an abandoned Federation asteroid base to retrieve much needed supplies, but their fuel reserves are running low and tempers are flaring. When a faint alien signal is detected offering hope they must ask themselves who can you trust in a galaxy of the damned?

Mission Group Season 01
Start Date Sat May 15th, 2021 @ 3:44am

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