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The Clean Up Crew

Posted on Fri Oct 15th, 2021 @ 3:55am by Captain Willian Targaryen & Minister Zehoi D'ian & Captain Ryan Walsh & Commander Ash Randall & Commander Nathan Hawkins & Commander Jasmine Haynes & Lieutenant Commander Patton O'Sullivan & Lieutenant Dylan Blake & Lieutenant Bissiv th'Zaanaq & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Chief Petty Officer Harris Zim

Mission: The Messenger
Location: Main Bridge, Starfleet One
Timeline: 0000-00-42, 17:00

Captain's Log, Supplemental Entry:

Thanks to the quick thinking of our crew Starfleet One has escaped destruction at the hands of the Emerald Chain and their vicious representative: Director Esoria sh'Vreshaa. Now we must pick up the pieces as we struggle to understand what the Chain is after and deal with the even larger target now painted on our hull.

The Bridge of Starfleet One had seen better days in its twenty years of life. From their forced transit to the 32nd Century to their frequent run-ins with enemy ships, the Bridge of the vessel was barely lit and half the consoles weren't working. The room itself was dark, both from a mix of the low power mode the ship was operating in and the usage of the cloaking device, and it was colder than most were comfortable with. Still, there was a silver lining in that they were all alive. That was what mattered in the end.

Captain Targaryen carefully watched the tactical plot on the viewscreen as what was left of Cold Station 12 exploded in a fireball at the hands of the Emerald Chain. Sensors had suggested that they had deployed a landing party to the Federation outpost, but they did not dare try to confirm by bringing active sensors online. Even with the ship in phase there was a possibility that they could alert the Chain and bring them right on top of the Enterprise. The Captain was content to watch from the ether and hope that they had not bitten off more than they could chew.

"It really is an amazing ship," Willian said as the Cerulean began to morph around the asteroids.

"And extremely dangerous," Hawkins added as the enormous vessel continued to move off. "As too those whom command it. We'd be kidding ourselves to think this would be the last we see of them. I only hope when we do we'd be better prepared." The Commander surveyed the darkened bridge with a heavy sigh.

"We will learn from this encounter, and be more prepared next time." Jasmine said, as she looked over to the Captain. Trying to reassure him, that they will learn from this encounter. Now they know who the Emerald Chain is, so they will be more prepared to interact with them.

"My ship could do that if it wasn't in pieces on the floor of your cargobay." The Andorian commented as he watched the view screen.

Cyrus had come to the bridge, just to take a look at the station they had left, he gasped when he saw the destruction of the place where they had been. He shuddered then turned to look at those there, "That is certainly the way to stop the spread of diseases." he commented.

"Has Commander Knowles been given a sample of the disease for study?" Jasmine asked, hoping the answer was yes. She would fill more comfortable if they had a proper inoculation against the disease or a potential cure.

"With the number of pathogens released we were not able to obtain any samples during the evacuation," the Captain answered. "Almost 300 different pathogens were released and containment continues to be lost. It really," his words were interrupted by an incredible flash of light on the viewscreen. Looking up the scene of the Cerulean launching volley after volley of torpedo at the derelict station had given way to incredibly large explosions that were ripping away at the asteroid. Moments later Cold Station 12 - an outpost had had existed for over 1,000 years - was gone.

Zehoi stared at the monitor at the front of their Bridge, "They really mean business don't they?"

Jasmine was hopeful that the other team, would have gotten a sample. She felt bad for refusing to allow her team to get a sample. She was following orders, and the safety of her away team was more important. Even with saying that in her mind, she still felt bad for not getting a sample of the disease.

"Fortunately we had the advantage of the cloak that Commander Ash had recovered," Willian said looking toward his Chief Engineer. "It may have been beyond illegal in our time, but who knows about this one." He sighed inwardly as he thought about the reality. If the Federation no longer existed then any treaty they had really was null and void anyway. "But we will still strive to live up to the ideals upon which the Federation and Starfleet were founded."

Ryan was glad to hear the latter part of what the captain had to say. He wasn't above bending rules but he had some concern that they might get lost somehow with them trapped in time, making decisions as they go. He nodded to Targaryen, in agreement and letting him know he supported him.

Ash nodded. "Can't say I agree since we're at a six century disadvantage but, so be it." She commented, now wondering if the prohibition on the phase cloak boded ill for her being allowed to produce some of the 'nightmare weapons' she had developed over the past, couple, decades. "Any chance there will be reconsideration of some of my weapon designs that were, previously, rejected as...what was the term used? Oh yes, overkill." Ash asked, pointedly.

Intrigued by Ash's comments Hawkins nodded: "There's no harm in putting them on the table Ash."

Ash looked to Hawkins and shook her head. "Not without the blessing of at least 3 members of an admiralty board that I'm not supposed to know exists." Ash explained, with a glance the direction of the Captain. "Balance of power...blah, blah, blah..." She added, with an eye roll worthy of any teenager.

"I wouldn't be opposed to looking at some new weapons myself." Patton spoke up. They needed to develop some weapons for this century.

The Captain looked at the Andorian passenger that they had brought aboard not long after arriving in this time period. He could not believe what he was about to do, but he knew that it was the right thing to do. "One last bit of business before we hit the road. Mister Biss, even though you were not a member of this crew when we arrived in this time you have proven yourself to us. In recognition of your efforts to help this ship and its crew I hereby grant you a Battlefield Commission in Starfleet as our Helmsman with the rank of Lieutenant."

The Andorian was taken aback by the announcement. He was only here due to his lust for wealth, however that had been curved since he began to get to know the crew. He was a good and capable pilot. "Thank you...sir?" He replied slowly, not sure if that was the correct term.

"Congratulations." Ash directed to Biss, earnestly. "And, I'm sorry I haven't been able to do more to repair your vessel but it's been a double hand full just trying to keep on top of SF1, so far." She added, and seemed genuinely sorry as well.

"It's fine, sir. I know things have been very busy hear. But perhaps if I'm trusted to be given a rank, perhaps I could be trusted to work on my own ship? She will come in handy." Biss replied first looking at Ash and then at the Captain.

"Just as long as you don't try to steal our dilithium in the interim," he said it in a playful manner, but those who knew him best knew he was also deadly serious.

Patton knew that the captains word was law and his giving the Andorian a position and place in the crew meant he was one of them but as security chief he couldn't just blanketly hand over his trust. he would keep an eye on things just the same.

Cyrus turned his attention to this new development, then remarked. "Well Biss, welcome to the crew. Now you get to be going through a health examination much like the rest of the crew had done." a half smile as he delivered the news.

"He doesn't bite, I assure you." Lieutenant Blake teased. "Ash does though however, so watch out."

Ash looked to Biss. "Only the one time...honest." She added, with a straight face.

"That was definitely a close one for me." Cyrus deadpanned, "I had to be very careful." then he looked at Blake, and said with a pronounced southern drawl, " I have been told I have a bark worse than my bite though."

Jasmine just starred at Cyrus for a moment. The comment was a little debatable. She shook her head, as she just smiled thinking. Then she decided to chime. "Are we really trying to scare the man on his first day?" Jasmine asked with a big grin on her face.

"Congratulations." Patton said to Biss. He was being the cautious one but it didn't mean he disliked Biss. He just wasn't one hundred percent convinced yet.

Harris took note of the Andorian being breveted into the fleet. He knew and understood that there would be changes to the crew now that they were going to be here a while. However, he just thought that some of the enlisted would be offered a chance to become an officer. Rather than it be offered to someone they had just met. A part of Zim felt bitter, but he was sure the Captain had their reasons. For the time being he thought it best if kept silent about the whole thing.

"Thank you, sir." Biss said looking at Commander O'Sullivan. He could feel some unhappy looks and disapproval amongst those present but it was the Captain's choice not his.

Willian looked around his Bridge as the Senior Staff of this new generation was coming together, finally feeling secure about their future.


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