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Biohazard: Resident Evil

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Mission: The Messenger
Location: Cold Station 12 & Starfleet One
Timeline: 0000-00-42, 15:45

Captain’s Log – Supplemental Entry, Captain Willian Targaryen Recording:

Starfleet One remains near Cold Station 12 as efforts to salvage essential components continue unimpeded. Our away teams have transferred cargo and technologies to us, but there is still a long way to go. I have been gratified to find that we have not acquired unwanted attention, but who knows what our future holds.

Captain Willian Targaryen stood in the Operations Center of Cold Station 12 amazed by the console interface. The hybrid officer maneuvered his hands through the air allowing the programmable matter components of the workstation to follow along with his movements. The reflective material mirrored everything his hands were doing as he lowered into the cold, smooth material. He couldn’t help but playfully grin as his hands were enveloped by the liquid metal polymer.

He chuckled, “Glad they figured out how to make this noncarcinogenic.” He let it drop back into the workstation as he crossed his arms and looked around the Operations Chamber, thinking about how far they had come. Back when they came from programmable matter, or rather intelimetal, was in its infancy. Early reports had appeared promising and the Corps of Engineers anticipated it would be ready for usage in the future, but it still wasn’t in place when they were pulled forward in time. It was nice to know that they succeeded.

Hawkins glanced upwards the the Admiral's words his face not quite able to mask his unpleasant expression: "That used to be a side affect? That's risky even for an experimental agent."

“I’m glad that I chose to come over from Starfleet One to see this place, but I will never forget it in its prime,” Cold Station 12 was starting to look a bit bare. When they arrived aboard the station was mostly dark and fully stocked, but more of it was being broken down for integration with Starfleet One. At this rate they would be able to get moving again in another week.

"I imagine it was quite a spectacle," the Commander nodded. "Despite the march of time it's still an impressive station."

"I had visited here once upon a time and you're very right about that. The Federation had all kinds of secrets here though back then. I'd prefer not to think about it," he said to Commander Hawkins.

Nathan nodded mutely and dropped the subject: he'd heard of some strange rumours regarding the Admiral when he first arrived on Enterprise before she took her operational name while transporting the Federation President. In hindsight it was a highly fortunate he hadn't been aboard when the temporal wormhole pushed them into this era. That would have been an uncomfortable discussion for certain.

"I'm surprised this base wasn't taken over by the Chain. It seems to have some value, unless it was merely over looked " Biss commented.

The Andorian's words bought Nathan back into the present: "How far does the Chain's occupied space extend to?" he asked.

The Admiral was afraid to hear the answer to the question. Even after everything that had happened he had never brought himself to ask Biss that question for fear of what it would mean. But he did have a very good point. Why hadn't the Chain taken this outpost? It had a wealth of biological terrors for whomever conquered it. Why leave it alone?

"I honestly don't know. Any information I have on the Emerald Chain is second, third or even fourth hand intelligence. Information is obviously sparse when people struggle to get around. However, how I have heard is that the Chain's borders are constantly chaining. Perhaps this area was simply overlooked as not being anything of value." Biss offered.

"I guess that depends on perception of worth," Hawkins replied.

"I think we should just count ourselves as lucky we haven't encountered the Chain yet. I'm just afraid that our luck in that regard is going to run out soon." The former Captain said with a sigh at the end. "Ensign Flagg when is the Galileo due to be back?"

"Galileo is scheduled to be back to collect the sensor components in twenty minutes," the Operations Officer informed. "Seems like they'll be here before we know it."

Willian nodded, "Let's hope. I want to be made aware..."

He was interrupted by the sound of an alarm that rang out throughout the entire Station. Suddenly the exuberance of the intelimetal had been replaced by the realization that the galaxy was still a dangerous place. He was about to call out for a status report, when the computer gave one for him.

"Captain! We're broadcasting a distress call!" Flagg announced as he tried to find out more. "It's coming on audio!"

"Nathan get that shut down," he demanded as he looked at his Operations Officer. "What is going on?"

Hawkins hurried to cancel the signal before it drew unwanted outside attention. The announcement continued to repeat as he battled to override the program:

"This is an Emergency Distress Call. Biohazard containment has been compromised at Federation Outpost Cold Station 12. Emergency assistance is needed immediately."

Patton's eyes went to the Captain. "We need to help them!" He knew that went without saying but still it needed to be said.

"Oh, that's not good," Hawkins said lowly still trying to switch off the distress signal.

A tinny voice came over his comm: "Commander sir, we have a big problem down here" the voice of Lieutenant Harper sounded "We're losing containment and can't stabilize it!"

The Andorian's antenna moved forward, he was ready to aid at a moment's notice to help if he could

The Captain went to work, "We need to get out of this station as soon as possible. Send a message to the Enterprise and Galileo. Order them to get here as soon as possible."

"Yes Sir." Patton nodded and turned to his station, sending out the messages. They needed to move quickly.

"We need to evacuate this station," he looked at Biss. "You've wanted to prove yourself to us for some time now. There are shuttles still aboard this station. Start rounding people up and get them back to Starfleet One."

Biss nodded his head. "I can do that. Am I still needing my hand held?" He asked part sarcastically part honestly. He didn't want to head off without an escort but at the same time having an escort was tiresome and a waste of man power.

Willian did not hesitate, "Don't give me a reason to make you have one. Go!"

"I'm on it." Biss called out as he turned and ran out of the room and towards the direction of the shuttle bay.

"Harper," Hawkins spoke to the secondary team. "We're evacuating, cease your efforts immediately and get yourselves out of there."

"I want the two of you to be just as prepared to go," the former Admiral ordered as he maneuvered around the Operations Center. "The priority is reconnecting the ship to Starfleet and moving forward. If you have to go, go."

Hawkins glanced up at Targaryen briefly as he spoke already laying down the foundations the Captain indented to stay to the bitter end to stop the disaster from occurring. Beyond them he could hear the open channel with Harper continue to speak. "Captain," he called. "Sounds like Braxa may have a risky solution."

Patton immediately turned his attention to Hawkins and waited for the captain to speak. He was ready to move on a moments notice but needed to hear what was going on first.

"I am certainly open for suggestions," the Captain answered as he looked at the information about the pending failures. "We only have a few moments before this entire station becomes the biggest biohazard this side of World War 3."

"Harper, Braxa," Hawkins spoke to the second team. "Elaborate this idea, but be quick about it."

Harper responded quickly her voice wavering: "By using the ventilation systems to divert the gasses into storage areas thus isolating the occupied sections - the controls are in the Central Core I don't know if there's time..."

Nathan glanced at the Captain as the Lieutenant spoke, he also quickly bought up the station map with a grimace. If they were to make it to the ventilation core to try this it would be the skin of their teeth.

"It would be risky." Patton murmured. "But when have we ever let that hold us back, Sir."

Just as the Captain was about to answer they had another unexpected complication. An alarm erupted throughout the Operations Compound of Cold Station 12, the command center already awash in the red cautionary lighting of their emergency situation. The Captain brought up the readouts from the central table, a holographic replica of a large vessel appeared. The computers - despite being old - quickly realizing the truth. It was an Emerald Chain vessel.

"We need to get out of here. Now!" The Commanding Officer's voice changed at the discovery. Even with their new technologies and equipment, they were no match for the vessel now staring them down. He tapped his communicator, "All hands abandon the station! Immediately proceed to the nearest shuttlebay or escape pod!"

Patton didn’t wait to be ordered. He brought up their shields and readied the weapons just in case they were necessary.

"Oh crap," Hawkins breathed as the holographic ship hoovered before them as the real counterpart drew closer. "Damn you," he hissed at the miniature image before hurrying out of the Operation's centre with the others.

In the center of the room near to the Captain an Andorian woman appeared dressed in a harsh looking leather outfit, perfectly contrasted by her azure skin. She crossed her arms with a grimace on her face as she surveyed those around her, taking note of their uncharacteristic uniforms, "I am Director Esoria sh'Vreshaa of the Emerald Chain. You and your station have encroached upon Chain territory. Stand down immediately and prepare to surrender your station and vessels for impounding."

The Captain crossed his arms, "Director sh'Vreshaa, my name is Captain Willian Targaryen of the Federation vessel Starship One. This station, her personnel, and my vessel are the property of the Federation and fall under the protection of Starfleet. It is not we who will stand down, but rather you."

"We have analyzed your vessel, Captain, and find it severely lacking against us. The Cerulean would leave you a smoking cinder in space before our reserves were at 90%. Surrender now and I promise we will return you and your personnel to the Federation; if you fail to do so we will capture your resources and imprison you on Hunhau. You have one minute to decide."

The hologram faded away in the wink of an eye, leaving in her place empty space. On the holographic table the Chain vessel - now known as the Cerulean - started to make its way through the asteroid field toward them. It's figure shifted and distorted gymnastically, slowing but steadily on approach.

Willian just watched as the alien craft stalked toward them, his mind locked on how outgunned they were. "I'm open to suggestions people."

The arrival of the holographic woman caused Hawkins to pause in his escape and watch the interaction between her and Targaryen. "Could we enhance the containment breech to ensure the Emerald Chain doesn't gain from the station?" he suggested feebly trying try keep up with this spiralling situation. "An explosion of sort that could hinder their ship to enable us to escape?"

"Anything is possible," the Captain answered, "but we really do not know what enhancements they've made over the centuries."

Nathan clenched his jaw: he was right, they didn't have any data on the incoming vessel and it's defensive capabilities. They'd be shooting in the dark attempting to stop it and wasting precious time in the process.

Willian looked at the holographic replica of the ships on the galactic playing board, the massive Emerald Chain vessel and Starfleet One directly parallel to one another. The Cerulean was contorting and morphing to navigate through the rocks that floated through space. Starfleet One was locked so far away she may as well not even be there. He stared at the monitor as the holograms moved closer, the Starfleet One vanished without a trace.

"They left us," Willian informed absently as his ship vanished without a trace. The Cerulean was even closer than before, their arrival would mean certain death. The release of the deadly payload of the station would do the exact same. Maybe quicker, maybe slower, it really all depended upon which condition hit them first.

As the small shape of the Starfleet One flickered into oblivion Hawkins swallowed heavily as their best chance of escape fell of the radar. Meanwhile the Captain continued to speak and voice what was already echoing in Nathan's head - the game was up.

"Let the containment breach occur. This station will be flooded with every virus that was known to the Federation. They'll take us out, but we'll take their people out in the process."

"At least our deaths will mean something." Patton spoke up. He didn't want to die, none of them did he was going to do what needed to be done just like he always did. "There is no other way out, Sir?" He had to ask, maybe there was a plan they hadn't thought of.

Willian smirked, "There are always possibilities, Commander. I didn't beat the Kobayashi Maru for nothing. Get to your shuttles and depart the station. Enterprise will be back soon enough, that I'm certain of. I will wait until the last possible moment to depart. That's an order. Mister Biss, are the shuttles ready to go?"

Patton didn't want to leave Willan alone but an order was an order. "It goes against my training but I will follow your orders." He looked at his commanding officer. "Don't make me regret this, Sir. We've lost enough already!"

Lieutenant Zehoi looked closely at the positronic circuits in the equipment bay, amazed at just how far technology had come. It had been a week since the crew of Starfleet One had woke her up from stasis and she had already been integrated into the crew. It was a strange situation though being an engineer seven centuries ahead of the curve. While many of the systems had the same basic components and origins, the modern era technology was still leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. She knew that she was having trouble with the classic equipment and wondered just how much the crew of Starfleet One was experiencing similar challenges as she.

“We need to be careful,” the Orion said as she ran the multitool over the circuits. “The cuts need to have surgical precision if we’re going to successfully integrate them with Starfleet One.” She reminded as they worked on the scanning equipment. At the time, according to the technical manuals at least, Starfleet One had been outfitted with the best sensor equipment available. The newer models that had been developed over the generations since were leaps and bounds ahead of their current units, giving the vessel the ability to run short range scans over 600 lightyears. This would be further than even their current long-range scans were able to perform.

They would need the advantage. The Emerald Chain was growing bolder in their efforts to control the galaxy and the Federation had been a nascent threat to them if at all. Unchecked they would capture the entire galaxy. She hoped that Starfleet One would have the ability to help turn the tide.

She sighed as she maneuvered the tool, “So…”

"So...what?" Lieutenant Blake asked lowly as not to make Zehoi flinch.

"So what can you tell me about your ship?" The Orion asked as she worked on the circuit board. "I'm really interested in learning more about it."

"Well, in your eyes it's ancient relic I'd imagine," Blake started. "But she's the only thing keep us alive at the moment even in her damaged state."

"Just because something's old doesn't mean it doesn't have value," Zehoi smiled as she answered. "I am betting that this ship was something in her time because she still is. Did you serve on her long?"

"She was the flagship of the Federation and would often transport the President on his diplomatic duties," he explained. "Time sort of moved it strange ways, I've lost track of exactly how long I've been aboard but it's been a couple of years. It's been a bumpy ride on occasion."

The Orion woman nodded, "I can only imagine what it would be like to work on such an important vessel. Since the Burn we have all be relegated to second class citizens more or less. I don't even know if there is a Federation left, let alone a President. The Chain seems to control the galaxy now."

She cut the last connection, "Commander, the sensor pallet has been successfully disconnected from the Station. Galileo can take it aboard when..."

Her words were interrupted midsentence by the sound of alarms from her Tricomm. Reaching up to the device she activated the holoPADD and took a look and what was appearing on the screen. It made her sick to her stomach, "We're starting to lose containment in the biohazard storage compartments. This whole station is about to be flooded with some of the most dangerous shit that the galaxy has ever seen!" The Lieutenant announced with the fear evident in her voice.

"Christ," Blake whispered. "We have people down in that section!"

"Calm." Bella told them with a soft frown. "Fear doesn't help us here. There are multiple ways to contain biohazards on the station. Here." She maneuvered to look at the Tricomm. "Pull up these containment fields here and here." She pointed to the required modules. "And increase the power to the one you're looking at. Like so..."

"Without sounded like a petrified child here," Blake started. "I wouldn't want to put a whole lot of trust in those containment fields holding for long. We should get the hell out of here pronto."

Zehoi was an Engineer first and foremost. She knew a lot about this Station and she knew a lot about its abilities. More importantly she knew the reality of what would happen from having read through the operating manuals not long after arriving here. "There is a bigger problem than just those containment fields," she announced as she maneuvered fingers around the holodisplay of her tricomm. "This station will, by default, send a distress call in the event of containment breach. The Chain operate in this sector. They will come."

"Another reason why should leave," Blake repeated already packing his equipment.

The Orion woman looked at the Engineer, "I am all for that, but we have to get these sensor pallets for your ship if you have any hope to survive in this region. The Chain has bigger guns, stronger shields, and better sensors. We have to give your ship a fighting chance."

She checked her TriCOMM's readouts, "We almost have this pallet disconnected. If you want to try to get out the Captain has ordered an evacuation - the shuttles are being prepared for immediate launch. If you leave now you can make it. I can get this equipment extracted before the Galileo gets here."

Blake hesitated mulling over Zehoi's words. They did sorely need the pallet if they wanted to live past next week against the Chain and everything else that wanted to destroy them. Then again, staying here any longer that necessary wouldn't see them live past today if the others couldn't work something to save their bacon and station. "Shit," he hissed softly before returning to Zehoi's side.

"You carry on with that side, I'll work here," he instructed wiggling himself into position. "The sooner we get this done we can all leave with the Galileo."

Zehoi started cutting the connections, knowing that they were running low on time. As she made her way through the circuits she noticed something she did not expect. New data was coming through. She connected her TriCOMM as she used the tricorder function to make the right cuts, but the split screen showed her the data coming in to the Operations Center from the telescopes built into the equipment.

"The Cerulean," she said in a whisper at seeing the vessel that was on approach. She spoke up, "We're running out of time. The Chain is here!"

The Captain's voice echoed through the comlinks of the station, "All hands abandon the station! Immediately proceed to the nearest shuttlebay or escape pod!"

"They must have heard the auto distress signal," Dylan realized still working feverishly. "How long do we have? You nearly done?"

Zehoi had pulled herself back, moving the hyperspanner over the final connection. The pallet dropped from the housing, fully disconnected, "We're good to go!"

"Great," Dylan smiled. "Now let's haul ass and get out of here!"

"Agreed! You ready to go?" The Orion looked at the Science Officer.

"Yes." Bella stared at the terminal for a long moment and then followed the others. Something was off here. There should have been ZERO chances that something got out of the biohazard containment. All of this seemed very suspicious in her mind. HOW had everything failed so spectacularly?

The Engineer acknowledged, "The shuttlebay is not far from here. We need to go now."

Scooping up as much as he could carry Dylan was already on the move: "I didn't cross into the this century to be struck down by some killer virus or a bunch of space pirates!"

Lieutenant Commander Bella Knowles wasn't someone who panicked easily but she was also a realist. The containments were not working, despite the backups put into place. They didn't need to be on this station with all of the things out there. She wasn't sure what had happened or why but she wasn't going to put herself or, especially, the crew into danger because of how things "should" be. "Yeah...we need to get out of here."

Ensign Braxa sighed as she looked at the odd interface in the center of the Control Hub for Cold Station 12. She had only just graduated from Starfleet Academy when she was assigned as an Assistant Counselor for Starfleet One as it left for Ni’Var. Now, due to the disappearance of the rest of the crew, she was the only Counselor available for the entire crew and was, like them, dealing with being pulled forward in time 700 years.

It made her want to throw up – which she had done multiple times since the Admiral told her of her new role. As a Ferengi she was attuned to being able to read people because you couldn’t make sound financial deals if you couldn’t read people, but she had still been learning how to be a therapist when all this happened. She wasn’t ready and she knew that.

Complicating matters even further was the status of their medical team. It had been decimated in the transition to this time stream so the Captain had asked her to help in Sickbay as a Field Medic (she had minored in emergency medicine at the Academy and become a Certified Paramedic). That landed her this plum assignment on Cold Station 12 helping to monitor the sterilization of the bacteria and virus samples. Just the thought of what all was here was scary as Hell to her. From Anchilles Fever all the way to Xenopolycythemia – they were all here and in storage just waiting for anyone to acquire them.

Soon though they would be gone and this whole station just a nightmare that they’d woken up from… and into another. Running through the different sections she believed that she had been able to program the sterilization process. When they ordered her to do so she’d be able to implement it and kill off the most dangerous samples ever to exist in the history of the galaxy.

As she awaited her orders she had a reaction she never anticipated – an alarm to sound.

Cyrus frowned at the listing of the virulent samples there, all of which could wipe out a species. "I am glad that you're here Ensign Brexa, it is making things a lot easier. I think that is about all that is left to do is-" his thoughts were broken by the sound of the alarm. "Okay what is going on?" going over to check what section the alarm was going off at.

The Ferengi tried her best to operate the workstation's interface, struggling with the different way that consoles worked these days. She looked at the readouts, "If I am reading this right, and I am not ruling out the possibility that I'm wrong, the integrity of the storage systems are starting to break down. We are risking losing containment."

"You got be kidding me!" a new breathless voice of Lieutenant Harper arrived having heard the alarm sounding. Like Braxa her medical knowledge was limited was thrown in the deep end with a life preserver. "Can you identify which agents are at risk of losing containment?"

Marner felt a cold chill run up and down his spine, and he shivered. "Oh that isn't good at all, no not one bit." his face turning white. He managed to get himself put together. "do you know if there are any inoculations to deal with what is in that containment field."

"There appears to be an entire cabinet of supplies over here, Maybe you can find something over here Lieutenant." Jasmine called out, as she looked over to Marner.

Braxa typed quickly, trying to make sure that she was working the panel correctly due to the ice cold interface. Her heart dropped, "The entire system is losing power, Sirs, everything aboard this station is about to be released. We have to evacuate!"

"We need to alert the others!" Harper shrilled fearfully.

Cyrus was heading towards the cabinets to see if he could make a cocktail of a sorts to combat what may be released then realized that there may not be enough time. He snapped out, "Lieutenant Harper, alert them and do we have time to set up another containment field or.. that living wall. Is there something like that here right now?" looking about.

Harper felt fear grip her hard as she called Hawkins and the other senior staff: "Commander sir, we have a big problem down here - we're losing containment and can't stabilize it!"

Braxa studied the information on the console as she tried to make her way through the insanity of the interface. The screens were very uncooperative, especially as she was not certain she was able to make heads or tails out of what she was seeing. The young Ferengi had always been good with numbers, but the raw data she was being sent gave her a lot of things to dread. She had an idea though. Pulling up a screen, "We may have an option. If we can get to the central core we can divert power to try to isolate the occupied areas. It would flood the storage areas, but the rest of the station should be isolated. We just have to try to keep it from the ventilation systems."

"What can I do to assist?" Ryan spoke up. He was a hands on guy, he liked being a part of things.

"Harper," Hawkins through the comm. "We're evacuating, cease your efforts immediately and get yourselves out of there."

The Lieutenant swallowed turning back to the others: "We've been ordered to evacuate."

"We need to isolate the ventilation systems," the Ferengi repeated. "If we can get someone to the Central Core we can isolate the occupied areas. It's worth the chance to save the station!" She realized, as she said it, that they were stripping it for parts.

"We don't have the time!" Harper quickly cut across her. "Commander Haynes, Captain Walsh" she turned to Jasmine and Ryan. "What do you want us to do?"

"We need to evacuate now." Ryan looked to Jasmine. "My recommendation, Sir. We have been given our orders and one life is not worth saving the station."

The Ferengi looked at the information on the holographic displays that hovered near her, "We are running low on time. Galileo is underway, but I am not sure she will make it here in time. The Admi," she paused, "I'm sorry the Captain has ordered evacuation. There are shuttles, but we may still be able to stop this." The Ferengi was not sure, but she had to make the offer.

"Harper, Braxa," Hawkins voice sounded through the comm. "Elaborate this idea, but be quick about it."

Struggling to keep herself in check Harper responded quickly: "By using the ventilation systems to divert the gasses into storage areas thus isolating the occupied sections - the controls are in the Central Core I don't know if there's time..."

"We could make time." Walsh spoke up. "If there is a chance to save it, I am willing to help where I can."

"We can try, but if this goes sideways be expected to evacuate asap. we can not allow the gas to spread any further than it already has." Jasmine said, in a calm and collected tone. She knew diverting the gas, could save a lot of lives potentially.

"Well if there is even a chance to divert the gas, then let us do so. I am all for that." Cyrus remarked, giving a smile of encouragement.

Braxa did not need her enhanced hearing to hear the next warning that came. It was the voice of the Captain, "All hands abandon the station! Immediately proceed to the nearest shuttlebay or escape pod!"

“Let’s go!” Ryan called out, not hesitating for a time for a discussion. “The time for options is over!”

Harper felt sluggish at the sudden order: "But we haven't even tried..."

"Between the options of life and death I choose to live," the harried Ferengi announced as she headed toward the exit.

Marner looked at Harper. "As much as I'd like us to continue on, is there a way you can set that to happen and then we can get out of here? We've been given direct orders from the captain and wouldn't do good to disobey."

"This is not open for discussion, we all heard the Captain." Jasmine called out, as she looked over to Harper. "I know you want to try, but the safety of the away team is vital." Jasmine called out to her, as she motioned with her hand, for them to start walking out of the area. She could see that Ryan was leading the way.

Ryan moved quickly. Time was of the essence. He was relieved to hear Jasmine giving them their orders. They didn't have much time at all. "We're almost there!" He called out.

The Ferengi tapped her communicator, "Escape shuttle we are ready for departure."

The A500 maintenance droid identified as unit A113 walked through the Deflector Dish Maintenance Compartment visually surveying the equipment that was located in the cavernous room. The Deflector Dish housing was the second largest single compartment aboard Starfleet One – defeated only by the primary shuttlebay in the Saucer Module – and was filled to the brim with sensitive equipment. Very few persons ever entered the area and since the A500s were restored to operational status even less would ever visit one of these sections in the future.

Today, Engineers were present installing the technologies salvaged from the Cold Station 12 outpost. The Salvage Teams had been able to transfer Deflector Emitters from the asteroid base to Starfleet One and additional materials were to be transferred within the next few hours for integration. A113 had been assigned to assist with this critical task.

Commander Randall lifted the heavy control module into place and slid it half way into its housing so it was properly staged and waiting for final connection. It was one of 200 such control modules and deflector emitters, salvaged from the station, that could be integrated, immediately, into the systems of F1. Ultimately., they were carting off a significant portion of the station and Ash was a little disappointed they weren't able to strip it bare.

The Chief Engineering Officer of Federation One checked the, positively, ancient chronometer and then looked around the massive space. "Two hours." She announced, to no one in particular."

Adjusting the positronic circuitry with a hyperspanner, A113 set up a connection as its bioneural processors contemplated the Chief Engineer's comments. As the programmable matter started to spread out from the new module and integrate itself into Starfleet One's deflectors, A113 completed its analysis.

"I am uncertain as to what occurs in 2 hours, Commander."

It was a question that's answer would have to wait, "Bridge to Bishop."

It was Lieutenant Nanaue. The Antedean explained, "Sir, we have received a distress call from Cold Station 12. The station is losing biohazard containment."

Commander Randall shook her head and looked to A113. "The clock is ticking toward containment failure on the station and who comes to answer the distress call." Ash replied to the android as she moved off to stage another set of control modules.

Things sped up quickly. With the safety to the crew, they had to find a way to get to the away team and recover them as quickly as possible. As Bishop worked on the Bridge, the Engineering team was given an unexpected directive: find a way to navigate the ship through the asteroid field. Even for a small ship it was near impossible to accomplish, in a ship the size of Starfleet One it really was impossible to do without taking damage.

Still, it was up to Ash and Zim to figure out a way.

Zim's first thought went to the weapons system. "We could simply blast our way out. The phasers are more than enough fight for the asteroids. We can make ourselves a nice path out to open space."

"We could grab multiple, large, asteroids with tractor beams and use them to plow a path through the field as well or put our newly upgraded deflector array to immediate use as a giant repulsor beam or, BAM-BAM, to sweep a path clear for us. Only take a couple minutes to implement now that we have, largely, stable systems to work with." Ash observed, quietly. "However, we can't be blasting, batting, pushing, pulling or, otherwise, scattering asteroids in all directions because we could destroy our destination before we can get to it." She added, in a thoughtful tone as she headed for the exit of the main deflector room.

Harris fell into step with her as they left the main deflector room. "It is possible that we us controlled blasts. Just enough energy to destroy the asteroids and then use the tractor beams to arrest their motion. Keep all the parts right where they are. It may take a while to achieve, but it is possible."

Ash waved Zim to follow her. "The solution to our problem is in Shuttle Bay Two, Chief. We just have to rip it out of the Runabout it was being tested in and get it back to the main deflector space." The Chief Engineer told him. "Not difficult, but a lot faster with two of us working on it." She added.

"May I inquire as to the nature of the device in question?" The android worker interrupted.

"Nothing special...just a phase cloak generator." Ash replied, in an off hand manner, like the device was standard issue and didn't violate a dozen treaties by just existing.

The A500 droid looked at them with a vacant expression in its eyes, "May I remind you that any such device violates the terms of the Treaty of Algeron? Utilization of such a device would put us at war with the Romulan Star Empire."

Zim smirked. "Do we know if the treaty of Algernon even still exists. I mean... we can't break something that does not exist."

"The Captain will be the arbiter of whether we give a damn about a dead treaty with a dead empire and this device is the best chance of giving him the opportunity to make that decision." Ash told the A500, from over her shoulder, as she exited the room with Zim.

After they were outside the door the Chief Engineer broke into a dead run down the corridor to the nearest, working, turbo lift. "I don't trust a site-to-site for this so we'll be hoofing it a ways." She said, as they reached the turbo lift and the doors didn't, immediately, open. "I don't know if there are two points on this ship that are further apart than where we're coming from and going to." She mused, with a shake of her head.

Zim fell into pace with Ash. This was the kind of thing that Harris loved, a good solid save the ship task something easy. The Capellan seemed not only in his element, but happy. "A nice leisurely jog does wonders for a person's constitution." He said with a smile. "Now if I remember correctly the USS Pegasus tried something with a phased cloak and it did not go well. Care to enlighten me on what we are going to do?"

"I've using a decommissioned Runabout, the Ishim, as a test platform for some things I'm tinkering with. New, at least, to Star Fleet and the Federation that is. And, yes, a phase cloak generator is not a 'new' technology but, the device I have installed in the Ishim is related to previous phase cloak generators in name and function only. Kind of like biplanes and jet planes. Both are planes, both use the same, general, principals of lift to accomplish the same thing but, beyond that...?" Ash explained, while they waited for the lift. "Anyway, it is based upon the technology my people use, or used, if you prefer. I've only ever seen the one colony world that's tucked away in the Coal Sack at the edge of the Beta Quadrant and my people, literally, rearranged the star system they live in to suite their purposes using a technology that I have a couple fragments of and have been 'learning' how to interface with. The generator is my first attempt at creating a device using Tuansee technology. It works. It works REALLY well. Hid the Ishim inside an asteroid for three days as my final test and was able to transport in and out too. Wouldn't have bothered except I was ordered to have a way to get The President off SF1 if all else failed and took that to mean they didn't care how." Ash elaborated, with a shrug.

"Good news is we can transport the device, and ourselves, from the shuttle back to the Deflector Room." The Chief Engineer commented as the lift, finally, arrived. "If we're lucky, we'll be back in 20 minutes and the generator installed a few minutes afterward. I didn't design it to hide a ship this large but it should handle the increased output levels to the main deflector, for a while at least." She informed Zim.

"We could slave the shuttles to the ship for added power. Allow the ship to draw power from the shuttles if needed. That should buy us some extra time to keep everything running." Harris added.

"We've certainly done that before but the only reason we've had power issues the last 6 weeks or so is because our PDS hasn't been stable and, until our donor parts from the station, wouldn't accommodate even 20% of our, standard, power load. We have power to spare right now. I expect the generator to fail, sooner or later, because we'll be asking it to feed a deflector array 2 order of magnitude larger than the one it was designed to feed. It'll do it for a little while. My guess is 30-40 minutes and it'll be quits so, once it is installed and in use, clock will be ticking on that in addition to the clocks ticking for destroying the station and someone responding to the distress call that went out. WE need to be gone before either of those events happen." She added as they took off in the turbo lift for Shuttle Bay Two.

Zim was not going to pretend that he knew exactly what Ash was talking about. However, he had faith in the Engineer and if she believed this to be the only way, then he would see it done. He tried tor think of ideas on how to get it done as he kept pace with Ash.

The Red Alert lights began to flash at that point, echoing throughout the entire turbolift and starship. Lieutenant Rrawran's voice came through their communicators, the slightest trace of the yips and howls of his species whispering through with the universal translator's struggle. "Commander Ash, Chief Zim?" The alien called out.

Zim tapped his comm badge. "Zim here go ahead Lieutenant." His voice did not show the slightest trace of being out of breath.

"Bishop wanted me to immediately alert you: we have an incoming vessel. The records we downloaded from the Station suggest it may be a member of the Emerald Chain. We've just completed a tactical analysis and even with what we've integrated from the Station we are outgunned 2 to 1. We need to get our personnel and fast!"

"Understood we well get them here pronto. Zim out." Harris said into the comm system and then turned to Ash. "Sounds like we just went from the frying pan and into the fire."

Ash nodded agreement with the summation. "Looks like we will have to modify my plan a tiny bit." The Chief Engineer observed. "We won't be removing the phase cloak generator from the Ishim." She announced. "We'll be taking the Ishim to the Main Deflector Space." She added and consulted the 20th Century Era Wrist Watch she was wearing for the time. "We can get the Ishim in there using the phase cloak...there's space enough to work with and, with any luck, we'll still be around to solve the problem of getting the Ishim OUT of there later." Ash mused as the turbo lift brought them to their destination of Shuttle Bay 2.

Harris still was unsure about this whole phase cloak idea. He knew about what had happened to the Pegasus and did not want to befall the same fate. If something like that happened while they were in the deflector space that would be the loss of the entire ship. On the other hand he really did not have any other ideas. "Good thing I brushed up my piloting skills last week." Zim said as he stepped off the lift.

"Perhaps we could always transport the starship away," the A500 droid proposed in its alien-esque monotone.

"One insane plan at a time." Ash replied, with a laugh and pointed out the Ishim, or, what was supposed to be the Ishim. It looked like someone had cut the middle third out of a runabout and then stitched the front and back thirds together. "It's solid...but not very pretty. I wasn't too concerned about the cosmetics, just about having a functional test bed that wasn't, officially, a Star Fleet vessel any more." Ash explained as they ran toward the darkened vessel and, as they approached, the Ishim powered up on its own.

Zim climbed into the pilot's chair. "Starting the expedited preflight..." he called out and in moment later the ship lurched up and forward. "Done..." he said with a smirk. "All systems are online and standing by."

The Chief Engineer had taken up station in the co-pilots seat which, by a happy coincidence, was the only other seat available in the, truncated, runabout. The rest of the space was taken up by an odd array of modular equipment with space carved out of the mess for the, one person, transporter pad. "Engaging Phase cloak." Ash announced and nothing appeared to happen other than a holographic, wire frame, representation of SF1 superimposed itself over the front view port and a computer voice announced, 'Phase cloak engaged.' "We're good to go. It's harder than it looks navigating inside something so I'd go out through the shuttle bay doors and take us to the main deflector dish and into the deflector space that way." Ash suggested.

"Yes ma'am!" Zim said as he took the controls. Small beads of sweat appeared on his brow as he piloted the craft while in phase. This was something that he had never done and Zim was pretty confident no one had ever done. The shuttle glided forward through the shuttle bay doors. Once out of the ship the piloting became easy, normal. He pitched the shuttle down toward the deflector dish. As he began to pass through the deflector dish Zim saw Chief Zapata working with another crew member the shuttle passed right through them and Zim winced as it did. "This is pretty amazing and in a different situation I would love to explore piloting like this."

"My information suggests that the containment breach of the station will occur in less than two minutes," the engineering droid announced. "The Orion vessel is on approach to the station. Arrival will occur in less than one minute."

Zim pushed the wonder and interest to the side and concentrated on the task at hand. "Arrival on my mark..." A quick turn and dive later. "Mark! holding position in the deflector space."

The chief engineer nodded while she finished entering a series of commands into the, not so standard looking, interface she was using, executed, then tapped her comm badge while things began to happen outside the shuttle. There was a bump and then another bump as the phase cloak disengaged and the Ishim was, suddenly visible. "Ash to the bridge. I've routed a 'One Button' to tactical that activates a phase cloak. Don't ask, just press the button and get us to the station and I'll explain later." The engineer stated.

"Understood," Rrawran answered over the comm. "Engaging now."

In the mean time, the Ishim had been tethered to the deflector array emitters and 'sprouted' several appendages that locked it into position, suspended in mid air. "You can cut thrusters, chief. We're secured in place." Ash announced.

"Thrusters disengaged..." Harris confirmed as he keyed in the command to his console. Once the shuttle leveled off into place he looked around and was amazed and not amazed at the same time. "So this seems to be precarious to say the very least." He said with a smirk half serious and half sarcastically.

"That about sums things up, in general." The Chief Engineer remarked, candidly, and looked at the array of equipment in the shuttle behind them for a few seconds and then to Zim. "I'll need some help disconnecting the slipstream/warp core so we'll be able to transport it." Ash stated, as she got up. "It might be needed to destroy the station..." She added while she squeezed her small form past what looked to be a, highly modified, warp core assembly and began the process of disconnecting the thing while it was, clearly, still operational. "We have 5 minutes to get it reconnected or transport it before it goes critical."


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