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The Wrecking Crew

Posted on Sat Oct 2nd, 2021 @ 4:51am by Director Esoria sh'Vreshaa

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Mission: The Messenger
Location: ECV Cerulean
Timeline: 0000-00-42, 16:15

The mechanics of the 32nd Century were different than most could imagine thanks to the development of programmable matter. Thanks to the incredible physics at play, a starship was more a living organism than a machine and capable of incredible feats of engineering such as this. The massive ECV Cerulean was cutting through the asteroid field like a warm knife through butter. The structure was shifting one way, contorting another, then adapting a third time to allow them to maneuver through the mass of rocks. Centuries ago this would have been impossible, but the science of today was practically indistinguishable from magic.

"We are on final approach to the Station, Director," the Lurian helmsman noted as the Cerulean navigated through the last of the asteroids to the center.

Director Esoria sh'Vreshaa nodded curtly as she rose from her chair. "Thank you, Pilot. Display the station on holo."

The display shimmered and was replaced by an amalgam of an old Federation Regula Class Outpost and an asteroid connected to its base. It had been updated through the years, that was clear, but it was still nothing but ancient trash. Something about this station had been important to the Starfleet personnel. Their ship had fled the scene upon seeing the Cerulean leaving them all behind on the decrepit old piece of flotsam. All that was left was to pick which processing station they would send them to before the Cerulean resumed their search.

"Ma'am," the Betelgeusean Science Officer called, "I am not detecting any life-signs on the station."

"Interference?" the Andorian asked as she crossed her arms.

He shook his head, "Not that I am detecting. We had positive signals when we first scanned, but now they have vanished."

"Did any vessels leave the station or system?" sh'Vreshaa looked toward tactical.

The Nausicaan checked his holopanel, "A small vessel jumped to warp a moment ago, but it was not within transporter range."

"Lailalan, Prepare a team of Regulators for immediate deployment to the Station. Eliminate the Starfleet personnel, but bring their Captain to me. I would like to interrogate him personally," the Captain of the Cerulean commanded as she returned to her chair.

Ten Minutes Later

As Director sh'Vreshaa manipulated the interface of her holoPADD she was shocked to be interrupted by the unexpected. The screen was abruptly replaced by a holographic replica of her Executive Officer, the confines of a Federation Station behind her, "Cerulean we have an emergency! Help us!"

The Andorian switched to the Communications functions, "Lailalan what's wrong?"

"The Station has been booby trapped! The station has had a containment breach of biological samples. Our entire team of Regulators. We've all been exposed!"

"Exposed to what?" Esoria asked as she walked toward the side stations.

"Everything! Half of our team are already down. The others are about to fall themselves. We need emergency evacuation!"

sh'Vreshaa nodded, "Don't worry. Help is on the way." She closed her TriCOMM and nodded to her officers, silently giving the order to save her people from the horrors they had been afflicted with.

On the hologrid that had moments prior trekked their journey through the asteroid field now they watched as a barrage of antiproton beams slammed into the defenseless station. They were followed by a wave of Tricobalt warheads, the collection of weaponry making quick work of the station and blasting it from the sky.

"You have made an enemy today," she muttered as she watched her crew die before her very eyes.


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