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The Next Act

Posted on Tue May 18th, 2021 @ 11:39pm by Fleet Admiral Luzol Targaryen & Captain Willian Targaryen & Kiala & Captain Ryan Walsh & Commander Ash Randall & Commander Nathan Hawkins & Commander Jasmine Haynes & Lieutenant Commander Patton O'Sullivan & Lieutenant Dylan Blake & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Lieutenant Bissiv th'Zaanaq & Lieutenant Libby Harper

Mission: Burning in the Skies
Location: Starfleet One
Timeline: 0000-00-00, 15:45

[Main Bridge, Starfleet One]

When Admiral Willian Targaryen entered Starfleet Academy all those years ago he'd planned to become an engineer and build starships. He had been pretty good at it, won the Cochrane Medal for his work at Utopia Planitia - work on this ship no less - and then his father had made other plans for him. In a span of days after winning his award, Willian was whisked away from his role in Engineering and found himself in Advanced Tactical Training with the intention of becoming a Starfleet Intelligence Operative. Not long after it was Command School, then command itself. All because of his father's wishes.

As a rain of sparks fell upon his arm he wondered, for the first time, if his father had been right. Willian stood at the circuitry junction in the back of the Bridge of Starfleet One maneuvering an engineering multi-tool through it looking for the trouble spots. It hadn't been long since they escaped the unstable wormhole and they were still trying to figure out the extent of the damage that had been done. So far they had learned that the positronic circuits were heavily damaged and many of them were going to need to be replaced. Even jury-rigging some of the circuits was failing miserably. At least they were able to restore emergency life-support.

Pulling back from the circuit bay Willian stared for a moment as he held the tool at his side. Setting it back in the case, he pulled a hyperspanner from it and ran it over a circuit. He tried to reconnect the network relays to let them communicate with each other once more. The circuit started to glow for a minute, then another rain of sparks shot toward him like a wave and brushed against his uniform jacket. Tapping out the sparks he sighed and slammed the hyperspanner to the ground.

"Sir?" Tlotz questioned from the nearby workstation.

"The circuit housing didn't take the repair," Willian answered frustrated. He sighed, "The computers still aren't realigning."

"The positronic grid is highly sensitive to disruption," the lanky Kelpien explained as he walked over. "The wormhole transit is probably still having a deleterious effect."

William snickered, "Understatement of the millennia."

"Perhaps we should try rerouting functions, at least temporarily, through the isolinear subprocessors? That way we could potentially bring the base functions online?"

"It would take a lot of transferring circuits. Get down to engineering and have..."

On the opposite side of the Bridge, Willian heard what sounded like a transporter beam engage. It was, however, impossible. The power systems were down and the transporter would also be out. No other ships were outside - Hell they would have seen it if it were - so who the Hell was this? Then he heard it.

"Intruder alert!" One of the noncoms announced from the side of the Bridge.

Another moved to the side and lifted her phaser toward the intruder, "Take cover!"

"Hold it," a third ordered as he pointed his phaser.

Admiral Targaryen stepped forward toward their new arrival, Lieutenant Tlotz walking alongside of him. He looked at the Andorian with surprise. He wasn't at all what Willian had expected. His outfit was a bit disheveled and he looked like he'd seen a hard life. Not at all what one would expect for a Federation founder. "You'll have to excuse me, friend, Security and I like to know the names of our visitors on the Bridge."

The Andorian raised his own weapon to the officers aiming theirs at him. He smiled at the one talking. "Excuse the interruption, but I want to speak to who's in charge? I think we both have something the other wants..." He grinned.

"I am in command of this ship," Willian answered. His wife may have been temporarily placed in command by President Gruzy, but the ship would be his again sooner rather than later. "And what could you possibly have that I would want?"

"Information." Biss looked around the bridge. "You seem to be barking up the wrong tree wearing old fashioned Starfleet uniforms? Are you all some kind of cult or something?"

Patton had his hand on his weapon as he listened to the conversation. He was ready to fire at a moments notice should things turn south. He was puzzled by this intruders comment about their uniforms being old fashioned?

Admiral Targaryen smirked, "At least I'm not in what are little more than rags. So, what kind of information could be of value to me?"

"Randall to bridge." The disembodied voice of the Chief Engineering Officer filtered out of the over head comm.

In the recesses of his head the Admiral couldn't help but chuckle at the timing. He knew that Ash was probably going to share a status report and give this Andorian interloper a bit more information that he was worthy of having. If he could sigh he'd have done it already. He nodded to Commander O'Sullivan, routing the call to him.

"Internal Communications have been transferred to Isolinear sub-processors. I am working on a solution to the quantum-temporal bi-frication currently effecting positronic circuits. Impulse power will be up in 10 minutes with 1/4 impulse. I'm transferring external sensors, navigation and helm to isolinear, as we speak."

"Understood," Patton replied, while he kept his eyes on the situaton on the bridge.

Meanwhile, the Admiral looked at their guest, "So, again, what information could you share with me of value? I'm a little curious right now."

"I might be wrong but you look like you need a history lesson. By the looks of your uniforms I'd say late 24th or early 25th century? Rough ride too by the looks of things." The Andorian smirked.

The Admiral crossed his arms and pursed his lips at the comment, "2430 to be exact, and I am still waiting for that name."

"Captain Bissiv th'Zaanaq" The Andorian replied with a brief bow of the head.

"My name is Willian," he answered remembering his training from ages ago in the Academy. "So, now that we have established why are you so interested in our dilithium and why are you so surprised to see us in 25th Century uniforms?"

"I'm interested in your dilithium because it's the most amount of the crystal I've ever seen. It's also worth an absolute fortune. It wouldn't surprise me if most of the ships in this sector have detected it on there sensors and are on their way to claim it for their own. As for the uniforms, you might get a good price at an antiques dealer, I know a couple of people if you're willing to sell." The Andorian grinned. "For a reasonable commission, of course."

While The Admiral and Biss conversed, the bridge switched from emergency power to main power with tactical, sensors and helm coming on line.

Willian listened intently to the Andorian. Dilithium was rare, but it wasn't that rare. Corvan II, Delta Vega, Rura Penthe, Vlugta, Xahea they were all rich in the mineral and the Federation would be willing to share especially with the Andorians since they were members. And their uniforms were antiques? Starfleet had just employed them only a few weeks ago. That was it. That was the dilemma. It was all the wormhole. Was it possible it was temporal in origin? Oh God.

"Alright Mister th'Zaanaq you've identified that our uniforms are antiques and that we have more dilithium than you have ever seen. The question then is why? Why is dilithium scarce and why are my uniforms antiques in your eyes." He sat in his chair in the center of the Bridge and looked at the alien captain. He motioned toward the chair to his left, "I will give you one crystal for each answer. Best I can do."

Patton was curious as to what their intruder had to say as well. What was his reference to their outdated uniforms? He was concerned this might be some kind of ploy to keep them busy.

The Andorian frowned as he glanced around the bridge and slowly lowered his weapon. "You honestly have no idea of where you are and what has happened?" He said quietly. "Ships like this went boom when the burn happened. If, for some reason, they didn't they were raised and pillaged for their dilithium reserves. Where are you from?"

Willian considered carefully as to how to handle this. His next move was going to be critical because they, apparently, were the fish out of water in this case. "Alright. This ship is from, by your calendar, 2430. Now, you tell me when we are."

Biss's antenna went backwards with surprised. "Actually the year is 3188. Alot has happened as you can imagine. As far as I know Starfleet, the Federation, they don't exist any more."

Willian looked at the Andorian, just staring for a moment as he considered the gravity of the situation. He wanted to call the Andorian a liar, he wanted to throw him in the brig, impound his vessel, and rake him over the coals. That was what he wanted to do, but life told him far more. His senses told him that this interloper was being truthful. How though? How was this possible? How could the Federation be gone?

"Mister th'Zaanaq," Willian addressed still debating how this would go, "That gets you one crystal. For another you tell me what the Burn is."

"The burn happened just over a hundred years ago. Every ship with an active warp drive went boom when there was some sort of reaction with Dilithium. That's all I know. I know of only one Starfleet vessel which some how survived but it didn't take long for rogues and scavengers killed the crew and picked the bones clean." Biss replied before holstering his weapon. "Since then everything has been pretty much grounded, only impulse engines can really be used. Dilithium is very very rare."

Willian tugged on his uniform jacket at the news, trying to keep himself as in control as he could with the announcements. He paused as he considered the gravity of what was just said. Since the ships with an active warp drive had catastrophic failures of their drives then it was probably something akin to the dilithium going inert. How though did you make all the dilithium go inert in the galaxy at once. How could it possibly happen and more importantly why did it happen?

"I'm going to need a bit more than that for more crystals," he answered. "So, I'll make you a different deal. We'll dock your ship inside our docking bay, it will be safe there. You remain with us, for the time being at least, while we attempt to restore contact with the Federation. We'll start with Earth - it seems the most logical place for us to go."

Biss' eyes narrowed, "What makes you think my ship is small enough to dock with yours? Sounds like you want me to be a prisoner, I won't be. Give me my crystal and I'll leave you in peace."

For the first time since this whole debacle began Willian laughed. He looked at Patton then back over to the Andorian, "If I wanted you to be a prisoner on this ship you already would be and the fact that your vessel isn't triggering any alarms seems to tell me that it's pretty small. Not to mention you're the only one on this ship that doesn't seem to belong here. If you had a larger crew you would already be invading my dilithium warehouse. So, I don't typically make the same offer twice so I'll sweeten it for you a bit: Bring your ship aboard and work with us to reestablish contact and I will give you three crystals - and I'm not talking shards. Or, go back to your ship and I send out a distress call that you have stolen a dozen dilithium crystals - our entire complement - and send the exact profile of your vessel along with the message. What do you think?"

For someone who was out of time, he talked the talk. But Biss wouldn't accept a first or second offer. "Five crystals or my ship highlights your dilithium stores and you'll be fighting off every bandit, criminal or pirate in the a 10 light year radius."

"Patton," Willian looked at his Security Chief, "transmit the distress call and include the readings you just took of Mister th'Zaanaq's vessel."

The Andorian smirked. "Cute but my ship is cloaked with the latest cloaking device. Your 700 year old sensors won't be able to detect it. Besides, most of the sector know who I am anyway. You're alone out here in this wilderness. You might have a big ship but it won't be long until it's compromised and your crew are dead and they start picking the bones of this antique. I'm happy to help, if it's worth my while."

"It's no longer worth mine," Willian announced from the center seat. "Mister Biss, you may return to your ship with a single crystal. I will arrange it to be delivered to you and, more to the point," he tapped on the controls and a small vessel appeared on the viewscreen, "Mister O'Sullivan will transmit your coordinates to the rest of the Sector, along with the fractal pattern of your cloak, as we depart so that you can have help integrating it into your systems." The Admiral had a wicked smile on his face as he shared the news, "I am certain that you will be safe, since you're so well regarded in this Sector."

He rose from his chair, "Starfleet One personnel begin preparations for jump."

Biss shrugged, "Keep the crystal. I'll take what I want from the debris." He tapped his commbadge and was gone in a flash. Moments later, a small ship decloaked off the port bow and began broadcasting the ancient ships coordinates and that she had a full complement of dilithium on board.

William crossed his bridge to where the Andorian had been standing, looking at the image on the viewscreen, "Looks like we're going to have to get out of here in a hurry. "This is not going to be a fun trip. Patton, get shields and weapons ready in case we need them."

"Yes, Sir." Patton replied, quickly bring them on line and at the ready." He was itching to take that self serving alien out. Serving with the Admiral was the best position he had ever had. William was strong in character and did not back down, even when things seemed against them. He felt that familiar feeling that things were not as they seemed.

"Nathan," he looked at his XO, "take the Ops console and get whatever power you can get to structural integrity in place. Helm, I'm not all too keen on where we go we just need to get as far away from this place as possible. Engage when Engineering authorizes it."

"Ash to the bridge. Coaxial is ready when you are." The Chief Engineer announced.

"Let's go," Willian agreed as he heard the announcement from the Chief Engineer. As the Helmsman engaged the engines space around Starfleet One began to take on an energized hue. Particles and waves crashed over the hull in dozens of colors as space itself began to fold in on itself. It was an amazing spectacle to watch a Starship collapse down to the size of a single atom.

This time though something was wrong. The Andorian vessel had been too close when the engines engaged. It was pulled into folded space along with the massive starship, but was not designed for such transit.

As they emerged from subspace Starfleet One took on its familiar shape, but the Andorian vessel took massive damage.

Patton relaxed slightly. it didn't appear they would be going into a fire fight with the Andorian vessel. He was always at the ready to do battle when needed but a good officer always hoped it didn't come to that. "His vessel had taken substantial damage, Sir." Patton spoke up. "We should consider offering to bring him on board." He knew that the Andorian had not been friendly but they would still offer to help him.

Willian looked at the fuzzy image on the viewscreen. It served the Andorian right to have his ship turned into a crumpled tin can for his arrogance, but he also knew that this was their fault. They took an oath and - even though he'd claimed the Federation was no more - they had to honor it. "Double guards on the dilithium warehouse," he sighed as he said it. "Nathan, can you work on getting our guest aboard?"

Patton knew instinctively what the Admiral would do. They would have to keep their eyes on the Andorian. "Shall I send a team to escort him, Admiral?" O'Sullivan spoke up. They both knew he meant to make certain he was well guarded to not cause further trouble."

"You know me too well, Commander," Willian replied as he looked at the alien vessel on the monitor. "I want as thorough an analysis we can get on that ship while we're at it. Bishop, assign Ash to take it apart instead of actually repairing it. I want to know what makes it tick."

The crew got to work

[Makeshift Sickbay, Starfleet One]

The Executive Officer's Office of Starfleet One had made a nice makeshift sickbay, but Doctor Kiala was getting more and more interested in moving on to her normal routine. She had retired, well as close to an El-Aurian could be to retired, to help raise her grandchildren while their parents gallivanted around the galaxy. She had seen what the Starfleet life had done to her children thanks to her husband and wanted more for her grandchildren than the life among the stars afforded them. She could only imagine what Dazad was putting them through.

She sighed, "Let's take it from the top, Elle. You have severe injuries, more severe than I can treat right now, and you need to rest."

"This ship is in pieces. I need to get to the Bridge," she argued as her head throbbed.

Kiala shook her head, "If you keep this up then you will be in pieces. That Lieutenant is on her way to get me some equipment I need from sickbay. Once I have it I can start a treatment regimen and get you back to the Bridge you keep demanding to go to. Now, we have other patients too so can you please not disturb them?"

Luzol looked over the retired Doctor's shoulder. She rubbed her head and sighed, "Sorry."

Following after Harper, Marner stepped inside the XO's office, carrying the makeshift bags and his fishing tackle box. He set the box to one side and remarked, "We've got supplies, Harper found me as well. May I offer some assistance?" removing the make shift bags as well, from over his shoulders.

The El-Aurian Doctor saw the arrival of the Enterprise's Doctor and couldn't help but flash a smile. "Your help would be certainly appreciated. What all were you able to bring with you?"

Libby Harper lowered her laden bags with an audible groan: "We picked up as much as we could," she explained as Kiala moved closer. "Sickbay in the saucer section is wreck, with all this gear we're be able to treat most injuries."

"Does that include me?" the voice of Dylan Blake sounded form behind.

Harper twisted noting instantly the way Blake held his left arm unnaturally indicating it was properly broken. "Of course, though give us a moment to assess our other patients first. They've been waiting for these supplies."

Spotting the frustrated Luzol, and the wounded silhouettes of Haynes and Hawkins the Lieutenant slumped against the nearest wall and waited his turn.

Kiala started looking through the supplies that they had brought with them. She started going through the vials that had been brought with them and the different equipment. "I'm sure that they're going to make sickbay a priority for repairs. With just the number of people I have been treating here I'm sure that there are a lot more people hurt aboard this ship."

She pulled the osteoregenerator from the kit, "Just what we need for Commissioner Haynes." She looked at the equipment and found the subdermal bioprobes, "And here's what we can use for Elle." She looked at Walsh, "Do you think that you can use these to treat the Commissioner while I treat the Admiral?"

“Yes,” Ryan nodded. He had some basic medical training and was more than willing to help out.

"You know how to use that thing Ryan?" Jasmine asked, forcing a teasing grin to strike her face. She still wanted to talk to him, about what he learned on the bridge, when she kicked him out earlier. She hated being left in the dark. For the moment though, she knew she needed to focus on her recovery. But deep down, she wanted to know how the president was doing.

"I do," Ryan smiled at her and winked. "I will have you fixed up in no time." He started treating her, kind of impressing himself with the knowledge he had retained during his medical courses. "This shouldn't take long."

Jasmine just nervously smiled and did her best to stay still. She did not want Ryan to mess up, or worse have her be the reason why he did. She closed her eyes and laid back, trying to clear her mind. Clearing her mind was difficult, when she felt cut off, and wanting to know what was going on around her. For the moment though, she had a leg to worry about.

Kiala looked at Doctor Marner, "How experienced are you with treating severe burns?"

"I've treated burns anywhere from first to third degree burns." Marner replied, having taken time to assess things as they were.

She motioned toward the other Officer who was in the room with them, "This is Commander Hawkins - the ship's Operations Manager and he has some pretty severe wounds from the accident. Do you think you can help him?"

"I do believe I can help him out." Marner replied, as he went to dig out dermaline, dermaline gel and kelotane, . "Hi I'm Doctor Marner, let's see about getting you patched up. " he drawled out. Carefully trimming the burnt uniform from the wounds, utilizing the exoscalpel to do so, then applying the bicaridine. In his mind he heard his father's voice, number one stop the pain, number two clean the wounds. Number three....

The brow of the Commander crinkled slightly as Marner began to treat him otherwise he remained unresponsive.

Despite being told to wait his turn Blake was curious and had craned his neck to see his superior more clearly. "How did he make it in here?" he asked.

"I dragged him," Harper answered unloading the equipment and medicine they'd been able to retrieve from Sickbay. "He was semi conscious back then."

"That's what Harper told me when she found me." Cyrus responded, as he continued his work on Hawkins, methodically cleaning and checking his vitals. He got to where he could put on the ointment. They were going to have to do some dermal regeneration. He ran the tricorder to check to see if Hawkins vitals were stabilized.

Luzol looked over at Commander Hawkins as the Doctor, she thought he was new to the ship but wasn't sure since this wasn't her normal command, tried to help him. She sighed as the blinding pain grew behind her eyes. This was her fault, all of this was her fault. She had decided to take this mission and she didn't act fast enough while they were trapped in that wormhole. Now they were God knows where, half the systems weren't functional, and so many of the crew were injured or dead. His blood was on her hands if he died. This was all her fault.

"Try not to worry," Kiala said as she modified the subdermal bioprobes. "We have the items we need now."

"That's easier said than done. I'm in command of this ship, this is my mission," she said as she stared at Commander Hawkins.

Kiala pulled a neural stimulator from the supplies that were brought back by Lieutenant Harper and adjusted the settings as she spoke, "Don't be so hard on yourself. I don't think anyone could have possibly anticipated anything like has happened aboard this ship."

"With the way that this ship nearly blows up once per mission we should always be prepared for the unexpected," she smiled as she said it and winced in pain.

"Scale of 1 to 10 how severe?" She set aside the equipment as she asked and popped open the tricorder. She tapped at the controls quickly, "Has it gotten worse?"

Luzol rolled her eyes, "How do you know my 5 isn't your 10?"

"Since you're being snarky that only tells me that its bad," Kiala adjusted the scan radius. She moved her fingers along the display as the neuroscan concluded. She sighed, "Elle, lay back as flat as you can."

"What's wrong?" She was growing more frightened, knowing the tones of her mother in law.

"Try to keep as calm as you can," the El-Aurian ordered as she started going through equipment. "I've run some scans and your condition has destabilized."

She closed her eyes and a tear fell from her eyes, "Doctor. I need to know what is going on. What is happening?"

"Elle," her voice was as comforting as she could make it in such a complicated situation, "your basal ganglia are starting to depolarize from your injuries. Your entire central nervous system is at risk. I need to perform a neuropolaric induction and I don't have time for an argument." She started going through the supplies.

"I want to see the boys," she demanded. "I need to say..."

Kiala placed a hypo against the Admiral's neck and administered the maximum dose of Kayolane, knocking her out cold. She set aside the hypo and grabbed the neurostimulator from the table. Setting it on Luzol's forehead she engaged the sequence, but knew that this was the most dangerous surgery she would perform in her entire career and it was going to be on her daughter-in-law.

No pressure.

Marner looked over towards Kiala, and the surgery she was about to do. "Would you like some assistance?" he offered.

She laid out the equipment that she would need as she answered the question, "Do you have any experience with completing a neuropolaric induction?"

Cyrus nodded, "I've completed two, and both patients pulled through." was his answer and it was true. Both patients did pull through and were doing quite fine. He walked over prepared to assist Kiala.

Kiala grinned at the confidence and she sensed that he was being truthful about it. Still, this was harder for her than she hoped it would be. This was her Daughter-in-Law. His son had brought her into their family and for an El-Aurian that meant more than most could realize. If she were to pass away he would never forgive her and she would never forgive herself. This wasn't the ideal environment either. For such a critical surgery she would normally wish to be in Sickbay, surrounded by at least a half dozen nurses and an EMH available on standby. The last time she did this this man was probably in diapers, if he was here at all.

"Alright then. Looks like we have a date," she picked up a neural stimulator and tossed it to the other doctor, "ready to do brain surgery with stone knives and bearskins?"

Marner deftly caught the neural stimulator, "Lets do this." he said with confidence. "And I have confidence we will be successful and we have better tech than the Ancient Incas though it was reported that they had a 91 percent success rating. The Inca brain surgeons used copper/bronze implements to break, drill and saw into their patients’ skulls. If they were able to do that back then, we have a really good chance to save her as well."

The statement sent a shiver down Doctor Kiala's spine as they got started.

Sensing the gravity of Luzol's condition Dylan averted his gaze: "Maybe I should come back later," he muttered.

"Come here, let me look at you," Harper stood and led him further away from Kiala and the Admiral. "I can't really help them or the Commander but I can fix up your arm."

"You sure it won't be longer than the other one?" he asked trying to make humour.

Harper paused her scan she'd started and glanced sideways at him: "So I can hear you complain about having ill fitting uniform for months to come? No I don't think so."

"OK fair enough," Dylan shrugged in agreement. "Any chances you could make it stronger than before, more muscular?"

Swapping the scanner for a hypo Libby dialed the controls: "You looking to impress someone with your super human strength?"

"Maybe," his lips curled into a smile before he could stop himself. In all the drama he hadn't been able to identify where Chire was, he hoped she'd made it into a life pod OK. Blinking away the thought he answered Libby's question cryptically as she passed the hypo against his skin: "But that would be telling."

Gently squeezing his forearms she pouted: "Feels like you've already done a pretty good job with the muscle mass on your own. So no, I won't be modifying it in any manner, sorry to disappoint."

"Oh well," Dylan sighed theatrically. "I guess I'll have to settle for a regular working and pain free limb instead."

Manipulating the knitter over the break Libby chuckled: "Be grateful it will work at all, you're actually my very first patient."

"Uh - what?" he flinched at her confession and would have pulled himself away if she hadn't such a strong grip.

"Relax," she teased. "I was only joking. I can manage simple stuff like this but I never finished my field medic training for this little bump in the road."

"Mountain more like," Dylan said lowly. "Main engineering was a state, I think even for miracle worker Commander Ash will struggle."

"You should see sickbay," she replied. "There's no way we could treat anyone there hence why we've set up in here. Never knew Captain Bishop had such a nice spacious office. Try that, how does it feel?"

"I'll have Ash add it to our list." He flexed his arm gingerly at first half expecting discomfort then began to move it with more confidence. "Feels great, thanks."

"You're welcome just don't go doing it again and go help Ash."

"I'll try to be more careful," Dylan flashed her a cheeky grin then left but not before glancing around the room one last time hoping everyone would be alright.

Adjacent to them, Doctors Kiala and Marner were just finishing up with the neuropolaric induction surgery that they had started on Admiral Luzol. The El-Aurian Doctor looked carefully at the readouts on the tricorder as she checked the functioning of the basal ganglia. Tapping at the controls she slid her thumb over the display, "Neural functioning is returning to normal levels."

Marner could feel the tension ease from his shoulder muscles, this was a difficult surgery, and he smiled when he heard the news. "Good" he moved his shoulders and then looked at Kiala, "Glad to have been of service."

"After this I'm betting you become Chief Medical Officer," the civilian woman teased the Starfleet Officer. She pulled on her tunic, "I for one am looking forward to not being in the middle of any excitement for a while. I retired from Starfleet to be a stay at home grandma damn it." She smiled playfully as she said the last part.

Cyrus raised an eyebrow at Kaila's comment, "Me, Chief Medical Officer?" he seemed a bit shocked as well, then he smiled, "My mother had told me that herself, she wanted to be home and enjoy grandkids and spoiling them. She has a few grandkids she is enjoying spoiling. At times she is called Doctor Grandma."

"I may have to borrow that title from her," Kiala added. "Right now the Admiral's kids are probably driving their grandfather insane in the Ready Room." She looked around, "Do you think that you can handle things here while I go check on them?"

Cyrus nodded, "Sure I believe I can, besides there are some others who have some skill as well." nodding towards Harper and Walsh. Go give them some Grandma Doctor remedies. I recommend a regimen of snuggles, and hugs." smiling.

Kiala closed her Tricorder and handed it to the other doctor, "I think I just might."

Jasmine's makeshift surgery was not as intense as Marner. She looked at Ryan, he was doing a decent job. "Who knew you had it in you, to be a combat medic." Jasmine suggested to him, with a big grin on her face. The pain started to subdue a little bit.

"It was a toss up between medical and security," Ryan explained. "I wanted to be both and when I decided on security, I took some medical training to be prepared in an emergency."

"Ahh I see, shot them then patch them up to ask a question or two?" Jasmine suggested in a teasing voice. She thought it was very noble of him, to learn about the medical field, and be a combat medic.

With Blake now gone Lieutenant Harper crossed over to the Commissioner and inspected Walsh's handiwork. "Not bad," she nodded. "You willing to carry on?"

"Yes," Ryan nodded. "I want to assist where ever I can." He knew they could use all the help they could get.

"You still have not debriefed me, on what's going on around here." Jasmine pointed out to Ryan. She was willing to wait a little bit, but only a little bit.

"I will," Ryan promised. "Just as soon as I get you taken care of." His eyes met hers. "This is the priority at the moment."

"The priority is our president." Jasmine reminded him. It was clear that his judgement was a little clouded. And he needed a little retrospective. They both served at the leisure of the president. As much as she appreciated this little charade, they both had obligations to the president.

Ryan didn't, no make that couldn't discuss what he knew at this time. "Trust me." His eyes met hers. "He is not at the moment, you are." He hoped she caught the message that he would update her just as soon as possible.

"Alright," the Lieutenant smiled and gave Kiala a weary wave as she passed them.

Seconds after Doctor Kiala stepped out of the makeshift sickbay the alarms started going off on Admiral Luzol's monitors.

Marner's eyes flashed wide when he heard the alarms and was quickly by Admiral Luzol's side, he opened Kiala's tricorder and began scanning to see what was going on. "Not on my watch Admiral, don't want any kids not to have their mama. I know we did this right." he murmured to himself. He looked up "Harper, Walsh come give me an assist."

The squealing alarm sent chilled Harpers blood, quickly she dashed over to Marner's side. "Tell us what we can do."

He checked with the tricorder adjusting it to check for some abnormalities or even anomalies that they may have not picked up earlier.

On the display of the tricorder the following information appeared: CRITICAL ALERT - NEUROLOGICAL DECOMPOSITION DETECTED - BASAL GANGLIA.

Cyrus looked over at the instruments that were available, frowning slightly, neuro sequencer, attached to forehead of the admiral, neural stimulator , neurocortical monitor. "Its going to take all three of us as we're needing to adjust the sequencer. What is her pain level currently?" As Cyrus began round two of fighting for the Admiral's life. "Walsh, utilize the Neuroelectrical suppressor, we need to keep the pain level down, otherwise the basal ganglia will not heal. Harper keep monitoring and if you have any suggestions, see if you can think of other options. Did we get a neurocortical probe?"

"I'm on it," Ryan replied, quickly going to work using the Neuroeletrical suppressor, hoping that her pain level would be at a minimum. Without looking up from his task he spoke. "We can use the probe that is still here."

Cyrus nodded, looking around blankly for a moment.

Gently removing the tricorder from Marner's hand to free himself Harper continued to scan the Admirals' injured brain: "Umm," she answered his question trying to recall what they packed earlier. Panic was starting to creep in - what if they couldn't save her? "Ye- yes I think so," Harper shook away the thought.

Cyrus blinked, "Wait there it is, right under our noses." he shook his head, feeling just a bit weary, "time to chase the problem once again." And he proceeded once more, hoping that they can save the admiral.

A few moments after Cyrus set to work on on Admiral Luzol, for the second time, Commander Randall entered the XO's office turned makeshift sick bay and, sensing there was something very grave in play, settled herself on a chair, out of the way, to wait. The CEO looked placid enough, sitting there in her Tactical EVA Suit, no helmet, and winced in pain every so often while she watched Cyrus work.

Cyrus looked up briefly, taking a quick note of whom had come in, "Harper, go ahead and put the tricorder down and see to our next patient." Looking over towards Commander Randall, still continuing the fight for the Admiral's life. Its not that he thought he could singlehandedly save the admiral's life he had Walsh. The one who came into sick bay was important as well. "How is her pain level?" directing his question at Walsh.

Commander Randall eyed Admiral Luzol, for a second or two, and waved off Harper. "I can wait..." She told Harper. "...the Admiral needs all the help she can get." The Chief Engineer added as she stood and moved closer to the admiral. "We've all been subjected to a quantum/temporal event." Ash observed while she studied the admiral more closely. "El-Aurian's are a temporally sensitive species." She added, directing the last statement to Doctor Marner.

Marner gave a gasp when he heard that statement, "A quantum/temporal event?" he didn't allow his hands to tremble as he was in the midst of the operation. "That explains the reversal and the problem coming up once more."
His fingers going over the same procedure he and Kaila had done, what was it a few minutes, or was it hours ago? Cyrus didn't know, he wasn't keeping time, he was just concentrating on saving the Admiral's life. Time moved on, and Cyrus finished the procedure, he looked down at the admiral hoping that he was successful, he, Harper and Walsh. Mentally he pleaded Please not another setback please, let her live.

Harper glanced up from her scans to Ash with horror: "This event, how did it happen?" she asked.

"SF1 transited a wormhole and experienced a temporal shift. Everyone on board was exposed to high levels of chroniton particles. For most, other than the obvious damage to the ship and injuries, the temporal shift was a non-issue. Admiral Luzol may have still been flush with chroniton particles when you performed the initial procedure and, when SF1 initiated a coaxial jump, those chronitons were dispersed causing the re-emergence of the injury." Ash explained. "At least, that's the way it looks to me." The Tuansee added, while she continued to 'study' Admiral Luzol and then looked to Doctor Marner. "I'm going to sit back down here so Lieutenant Harper can look me over." She advised him and sat back down where she'd been before.

"Thank you for the information Commander." Cyrus responded, "That actually give me some relief to know what happened."

"Yes, thank you Ash that really helps," Harper still felt numb that the ship had transverse a temporal event which could have left them stranded. She stepped away from Marner and his surgery to check over the Tuansee Engineer.

A quick scan with the medical tricorder revealed Commander Randall had a puncture wound a few inches below her right shoulder that went all the way through, front to back. She had lost a lot of blood but was stable because someone had already done a field, surgical operation; nan-sutures to repair damage to the right lung, put bio-mesh in place and packed the entry and exit wounds to stop the bleeding. The injuries were effectively hidden by the EVA suit the Engineer was wearing and Ash sat, quietly, not really looking at anything in particular, while her condition was assessed.

"I see you've been a rather busy body," Libby remarked having reviewed the scans. "I'll need to remove the EVA suit to treat you're injuries."

Ash nodded and fiddled with the 'Belt' of her EVA suit as she stood up and the suit shimmered out of existence leaving the engineer in a, very bloody, uniform with a 4" square missing, front and back, centered on a nasty looking stab wound. "One of my experimental EVA suits with an EMH built into it to treat injuries, stabilize and keep the wearer going." She explained, while she took a peek at her injury, in the front, and touched where the fur had been removed to keep it out of the wound. "Where do you want me?" She asked, a little dreamily, the effects of the blood loss setting in now that the suit was no longer helping to keep her blood pressure up.

"Just over here," Libby indicated to seat not very far away where some the medical equipment had been unpacked. "That's quite some suit, certainly has unlimited potential."

"I'm going to need some help over there..." Ash observed, the diminutive engineer now, more than a little wobbly.

The medic doubled back and gently assisted Ash: "Easy now, you sit here," she eased her patient down. "And let me take care for you."

[Main Engineering]

Down in main engineering, Commander Randall tasked four of the A500's to hot start the warp core and then detailed the remaining A500's, all of them, to get weapons and shields back on line while she made her way to Main Sick Bay, as Captain Bishop had ordered. Of course, the Chief Engineer wasn't headed to sick bay for treatment, as Bishop intended her to, she was headed there to get it's systems back on line. Granted, Ash wasn't feeling all that great, far from it, in fact; every breath was an adventure in pain and she needed to get off her feet.

With the available resources tasked, Ash made a ship wide announcement. "Attention, all personnel. Communications are now up." She announced.

The A500 watched the readouts carefully as the transition over from the positronic circuits to the isolinear processors initiated. The bioneural fibers in its head fired as the data processors calculated the available information. It's olive colored eyes focused on the data as its hands rose to the panels. Typing quickly, it monitored the transition process as the data scrolled. It cocked its head in surprise as it deciphered the data.

"Commander Randall," it called as it typed on the panel. "I am reading instabilities with the transition sequence. The computer networks are destabilizing. I do not believe we will be able to maintain all systems for long on the isolinear processors."

Ash thought for a second or two. "Throttle down throughput for all systems that have been transferred over until stability has been achieved and halt bringing weapons and shields online. It looks as though I'll have to deal with the positronic circuit issue sooner, rather than let the bi-frication attenuate on its own. C-10 and C-12, proceed to main sick bay and get it operational; power systems and bio beds are the priority followed by the EMH and its holo-emitter array." Ash ordered as she headed to what was left of her office to retrieve her black bag.

The A500s did as they were asked silently. With the power systems somewhat stabilized, at least more than they were, they were able to start receiving instructions again from the central processors of the ship.

"Cycle through the connections, isolate and then bypass the malfunctioning isolinear processing array. Reset the array and then cycle it back in." Ash called back to the A500 as she retrieved her, charred, bag and a hand full of, oddly shaped, small, fragments she clumped together and stuck to the utility belt of her tactical suit the Chief Engineer spared a few seconds to open the bag and check the contents were still intact and then closed it before heading back out into Main Engineering and over to the primary warp core that was, currently, being realigned and calibrated for a hot start.

"I have attempted to complete the instruction," the machine answered in monotone as it typed on the charred wall panel. It cocked its head, puzzled by what it was seeing, "Commander, I am at a loss to explain a new issue that I have discovered."

Ash set down her black bag and eyed the warp core for a second or two. "A new issue and, unexplained..." She mused, knowing that the A500 would not bring it up if it knew the cause and could formulate a solution for it. "This whole place is still awash in chronitons and they're giving me a headache." She mused, not going into why or how difficult it was to focus through the static. "Tell me what it is you can not explain, please?" She asked.

The snow white hand brought up the fuel reserves, "Our antimatter supply has been reduced by 50% from where it was when we launched on this mission." It typed, "When we left Spacedock for Ni'Var we had 94% capacity in our tankages. Current readings indicated we only have 47% of our fuel supply."

The chief engineer nodded a couple times and cursed, quietly, under her breath. "Let us consider an explanation." She proposed, to the A500. "We've just come out of a close encounter with an unstable worm hole and, more than likely, we traversed said worm hole. Half our anti-matter is gone. Our positronic circuits and cores are in a quantum/temporal state of bi-frication and we're still awash in chronitons as if we're in the midst of a temporal anomaly but we're not in the midst of a temporal anomaly, we ARE the temporal anomaly." She explained, not getting into how the missing anti-matter fits into the explanation. Ash didn't want to say out loud what she was thinking in that regard, even to an A500. If she was going to tell anyone, it would probably be Admiral Tagaryen, if for no other reason, to see him eye-roll hard enough to do a back flip. The thought made Ash smile, for just a second, and then she sighed. "Are we live or are we Memorex" She mused, aloud.

The android processed the statement and answered honestly, "I am afraid that I do not understand."

"Join the club," Lieutenant Blake injected having just arrived. "Though things look a lot better here than last time I was here." he cast his gaze on Ash herself. "Though you look like shit Commander, pardon my French."

Ash looked the direction of Lt. Blake and, almost, managed a smile. The Chief Engineer was wearing an EVA suit, with the helmet not deployed, that seemed to be designed for stealth, judging by the matte, black coloration and the seamless nature of its joints and articulations. Ash regarded Blake for a couple seconds and nodded. "Nice to know I look like how I feel." She told him, with a chuckle. "And, glad you made it back. I sent a couple A500's to try and get sickbay operational and I'm just getting my head wrapped around what, how and why of our current situation and just how screwed we really are right now." She told him, and then held her head for a few seconds, in obvious pain, and then appeared to recover.

Dylan stepped closer and gently place an hand on her shoulder: "There's a makeshift sickbay in Captain's Bishop's office. You should really go there, with Commander Hawkins out injured too and so many answered variables I need your help to fix this mess. But you're be no use if you died in the mean time."

"Thank you for the concern, Dylan. I appreciate it and, if there was anything to be done about the headache, I'd go see a doctor." She told him and looked the direction of the A500 at the propulsion station.

Dylan opened his mouth to voice his concern about the bloody wound that had Ash pinned to the deck a short while ago but he was interrupted.

A series of tones erupted from the Propulsion Station. The A500 who had been working on the station looked away, "Commander, the Bridge is ordering that we jump."

The Command caused Blake to jerk straighter in surprise: "Seriously?" he asked. "Can we?" he asked Ash more softly.

Ash looked at the Coaxial core, for a second or two, and then to Blake. "There's no, real, damage to the Coaxial Drive and the core is still online so, we can, technically, jump." She stated and looked to the A500. "Give the green light to the bridge, engage interlocks and initiate coaxial jump." She ordered and looked to Lt. Blake again. "If nothing else, we're about to disperse the chronitons and snap our positronic systems out of their state of temporal and quantum duality." She mused. "Or, fold local space into an origami crane." She added.

"Right," Blake nodded uncertain if she was being serious.

"Or we could explode and collapse space within a radius of a billion kilometers," the A500 reported cheerfully, trying to be helpful.

Ash looked to the A500 and nodded. "That too." She added and then tapped her com-badge.

"I see the A500's sense of humour is approving," Blake commented sourly.

"Ash to the bridge. Coaxial is ready when you are." The Chief Engineer announced.

The CEO waited, quietly, for several seconds and then said, "Here we go..." And closed her eyes for a couple of seconds and then opened them again. "...And, there we went." She added, apparently remarking on the Coaxial jump and looked to Lt. Blake. "I'm going to head to our makeshift sick bay." She told him. "Our Positronic problems are, likely, resolved with the Coaxial jump but we'll need to run a diagnostic to confirm system stability before we start switching back from the isolinear sub-processors. Get warp power on line, weapons, know the drill." She told him, patted the man on the shoulder and, looking very tired, all of a sudden, slowly moved off toward the doors to main engineering.

"Yep, same as usual when we find ourselves in who knows where," Dylan nodded as Ash moved off. "Wherever this place is."


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