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Making Preparations

Posted on Thu Dec 9th, 2021 @ 4:19am by Captain Willian Targaryen & Minister Zehoi D'ian & Commander Ash Randall & Commander Nathan Hawkins & Commander Jasmine Haynes & Lieutenant Commander Patton O'Sullivan & Lieutenant Dylan Blake & Lieutenant Bissiv th'Zaanaq & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Chief Petty Officer Harris Zim

Mission: When They Come for Me
Location: Bridge, Starfleet One
Timeline: 0000-00-63, 19:30

Still reeling from the debate he'd had with his mother only moments prior, Captain Willian Targaryen had gone to the Bridge and started reviewing his plans again. Was he making a mistake as his mother insisted? Was he condemning the away team to death? Part of being the Captain was making the hard calls, sometimes it involved sending people to their deaths for the greater good, but was this one of those situations? Was another option available? They needed to reconnect with Starfleet, they needed to find the Federation, they needed to figure out if they could go home.

Glancing at the monitors he knew they were on approach to the Svian System's Oort Cloud. He looked at the Helm, "Slow to 1/3 Lieutenant th'Zaanaq. Prepare to take us into the cloud."

Biss nodded as he slowed the large vessel down to one third impulse power. "I'm reading some strong eddy's in there, if we get caught by one we'll act like a sail and be dragged along for the ride."

Starfleet One wasn't a small ship and no one would ever compare her to one. It would be easy to impact one of those anomalies and they would quickly be discovered, "Do your best to navigate them, Lieutenant. Use your best judgment, but if we come to risk do what you have to do."

"Aye...sir." Biss replied with a nod, he was still struggling to get used to the chain of command but he was beginning to find his place within the crew.

"Since this is hostile territory we need to be prepared for anything. He looked at the Science Station, "Commander, any evidence of hostile vessels nearby?"

While the presence of vessels in the vicinity of Svian was a little upsetting - if not unsurprising - the Captain was relieved to hear that none were in combat mode. The Captain looked at the Operations Manager, "Nathan, see if you can infiltrate the local communications grid and get us any information about the Admiral. If you think that we're at risk of being detected though get out of their systems as quickly as possible."

"Yes, sir," Hawkins nodded and began to scan the communication channels, skipping past the civilian chatter and low level messages Knowles had spotted.

"Ash," Willian called out, "Is Mister th'Zaanaq's vessel ready?"

"Ready, sir. The Kumari is in perfect, operational, condition. Once we discovered the holo-matrix of the Lieutenant's, Caitian Engineer, she was able to, greatly, speed up the repair process." Ash stated, with a glance the direction of Biss. "Turns out there's a holographic crew of 3, in total...all female..." Ash reported.

Willian smirked as he looked at his new Helmsman, "Certainly all great choices, Lieutenant." Despite everything that they had gone up against since arriving in this time period, Willian had genuinely come to like the Andorian despite their less than illustrious first meeting. When this was over and they contacted Starfleet he intended to honor his commitment and give the Andorian dilithium, if that was what he still wanted.

"Erm." Biss replied sheepishly. "They can be deactivated, sorry I forgot about them."

Across the bridge Lieutenant Blake couldn't hide his smirk as Ash called Biss out for his choice of holographic crew. The loneliness of space needed to be filled with company, you'd might as well make that company something you'd enjoy the Lieutenant thought privately.

Zehoi sat down at her workstation and logged in, quickly getting an assessment of what was going on around them. Inputting her access to the inventory system she looked at the Tactical Officers, "I've already arranged for the computer to replicate weapons based upon known civilian and courier devices for your use."

Patton felt like some were on the fence, but he was all in. "We need to do this." He spoke up from his station. "It is who we are and we will be successful, Sir."

Willian looked toward the Tactical workstation, "Indeed, Commander. As soon as we are able I would like to get the teams to the surface to start this effort. You will all be posing as members of Lieutenant Biss' crew aboard his vessel, so civilian attire is required. You will start out by exploring the colony and trying to determine where they are holding the Admiral. Once we are able to figure that out we'll divide into teams. Team one will infiltrate and evacuate the Admiral while Team two will create a distraction." He lifted a hand, "It's easier said than done, but I have a lot of confidence in this team."

Jasmine wondered who would be on what team, and what her role in this would become. She was still not happy with the risks that the Captain, was willing to take. This was the president's ship. Even though he was on not on the ship, when they got home. She knew he would want it back in one piece and in pristine condition. "When would you like to begin the mission, Captain?" Jasmine asked, hoping the sooner the better. She wanted to get back home. And this side mission was getting in the way of her own personal goals.

Zim manned his station. He had been making sure that the orders were passed down the chain as it were. Harris prided himself on making sure that any orders from the bridge were passed down without any murk in the proverbial waters, he wanted them to be crystal clear. In terms of the away mission ahead he was fairly sure it was a mistake. But it was not his place to question. So for the time being he would keep his thoughts to himself and execute the orders given.

"Since the Kumari is ready there is no reason to wait," the Captain answered.

"Team One will consist of Captain Bishop, Commander O'Sullivan, Lieutenants Blake, Marner, th'Zaanaq, and Zehoi. You will deploy to the surface with the intention of locating and extracting the Admiral back to the Kumari for transit back here. A full record, at least what we interpret to be a full record, has been uploaded to your HoloPADD discussing the outpost on the planet, but we have reason to believe they may be holding the Admiral within the prison complex. Team Two will include Commander Haynes, Commander Ash, Commanders Hawkins and Knowles, Lieutenant Rrawran, and Chief Zim; they will create a distraction within the salvage yard that will, with luck, divert the guards away long enough for us to launch our rescue."

The holo changed, "When you have recovered the Admiral you will send a notification. At that point Enterprise will travel to the planet and extract you and Mister Biss' vessel."

"Just like that," Blake whistled softly before catching himself and felt his cheeks heat with embarrassment.

Hawkins smiled softly as the young man simply voiced what the others were most likely thinking: there was so many if's and but's in the this crazy plan it was unlikely it would be that simple. "Sir," he called out. "I've been able to hack into a secure channel, they've discussed the sentencing timeframe. Our extraction window is coming up."

"Then it's time," the Captain answered. "You are all dismissed to the main shuttlebay to catch your ride. Secondary crew to the Bridge."

Patton nodded to the Captain and headed on his way. He was already running the mission through his mind different scenarios and what best to do to be successful.

"Sir," it was Lieutenant Zehoi that spoke up. "I must, respectfully, request that I be permitted to remain behind for the duration of this mission. With my people being one of the primary members of the Emerald Chain I am a significant liability for this mission that could draw unwanted attention."

Willian looked surprised, "That is precisely why both you and Mister Biss are so essential for this mission, Lieutenant. As an Orion," he looked at Biss, "and an Andorian your presence on Svian is not that out of the ordinary."

She became more agitated, "Sir, sending me to this planet is a mistake that could draw too much attention to the away team. I do not want to be a liability for this mission."

Inwardly the former Admiral was seething. He did not mind dissension, he did not mind altering his plans, but to be outright challenged on the Bridge was something that he did not tolerate. There was a time and place for everyone to say their part, but the Bridge was not that place. Instead, Willian answered with finality, "Your request is denied, Lieutenant."

Ash studied Zehoi for a second or two and wondered, aloud. "What is it Lieutenant? Do you have some notoriety within the Emerald Chain, we are unaware of, that will get your team made?" She asked, though it came out sounding more like a statement of fact than a question.

"Of course not!" She quickly answered in an angry, bitter yell. "I just don't want to be put in a position where we will have to face them again. My people are not the kindest when it comes to people who cross them," she looked at Biss, "and neither are yours."

Jamine replayed what the Captain had said, in her head she heard. "...Commander Ash, Commanders Hawkins and Knowles, Lieutenant Rrawran, and Chief Zim; they will create a distraction within the salvage yard..." She thought to herself, this would be the right of people to help create a distraction. She started to think of ideas on how to create a distraction as she looked over to Commander Hawkins. "I think we can find a few ways to create a distraction." Jasmine said with a big grin on her face.

"I'm sure we can find a way," Hawkins assured her. "Rrawran has a knack of making this explode if I recall correctly."

Cyrus once things were settled, for the most part, took his leave from the bridge. it was time to go, and he was needing to catch the shuttle with the others. Hopefully the mission will be successful. He really didn't want to lose anyone else.

Willian was impressed by how quickly the President's Chief of Staff tried to change the subject away from Lieutenant Zehoi's not wanting to go on the away mission. He filed it away in the back of his mind, more intent on moving forward than waiting any longer. "If there is nothing else you will all be leaving on your mission," he said looking at Zehoi as he said it. "I'll be waiting for your signal here."

Zim nodded and headed toward the turbolift and the transporter room beyond. He did not want to go on this mission, and in fact thought it to be futile. However, if there was anything a Capellan understood it was orders. So Harris decided that he would make the best of a bad situation. He would make sure that they would not lose anyone on this fools errand.


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