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Chapter 1.1

Posted on Fri Oct 20th, 2023 @ 10:30pm by Captain Luzol Targaryen & Willian Targaryen & Commander Galatea & Lieutenant Commander Ialo Gojir & Lieutenant Rrawran & Lieutenant Jardok & Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Aiden Crowe & Minister Zehoi D'ian & Commander Ash Randall & Commander Nathan Hawkins & Lieutenant R'relle & Lieutenant Dylan Blake & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Ensign Aqua Powers & Warrant Officer Harris Zim

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Mission: Righteous Side of Hell
Location: U.S.S. Enterprise
Timeline: 3189-03-31, 14:45

Captain's Log, Captain Willian Targaryen Recording:

After a little over two weeks travel at high warp the Enterprise, Explorer, and the remnants of Battle Group Omega are nearing the coordinates provided to us for Federation Headquarters. Despite our struggle I have to admit that I'm a little apprehensive about the prospect of having finally reached the Federation. I'm afraid that, like so many other things we've encountered, that the Federation will be nothing like we remember. I hope that my crew aren't disappointed.


The doors to the Captain's Ready Room adjacent to the Bridge of the Enterprise slid open to reveal Galatea standing on the opposite side. The former Artificial Intelligence of the Enterprise, the Soong-Type Android had switched back into a Federation Security uniform instead of the Starfleet uniform she'd worn for most of their mission to investigate Battle Group Omega. That wasn't the only thing that she'd changed. Her hair was more polished than before, styled into a more traditional look that was almost grandmotherly compared to the one she'd dawned before. Her look though was all business.

She presented the datapad that she'd been carrying with her, "As requested, Captain, I have gathered every report, record, and log entry for this vessel since your came to this century. They are ready to be presented to Starfleet upon our arrival at Federation Headquarters."

"Thank you, Commander," Willian said accepting the PADD from the Security Officer. "I was getting a little worried about these reports. We've been at Warp for two weeks straight. You cut it a little close."

Rather than be defensive, Galatea answered coolly, "I had additional duties to focus upon during our transit, Captain. My assistance with obtaining this information for you was a courtesy based upon our history."

Willian nodded politely. Galatea was outside of his chain of command and worked directly for the Federation. During their mission she had been tasked with obtaining the prefix codes of the Battle Group Omega vessels for return to Starfleet. In actuality she was a double agent working for the real Starfleet to obtain the ships for the Federation's usage. No small feat. As part of her duties in the Federation she was responsible for ensuring the safety of the Federation from threats and she hadn't been too pleased with the decision of either Admiral Luzol or himself to support the victims of Battle Group Omega. He'd barely seen her since the hearing.

"When we arrive at FHQ will you be traveling with me to meet with the Station Commander?" Willian changed the subject.

"No, Captain, I will be returning to my duties and reporting to Lieutenant Audrey Willa. I am certain that you will receive instructions from Admiral Charles Vance when we are at the station itself." She maintained the matter-of-fact demeanor and tone.

Captain Targaryen nodded, "I know that there will be protocol to be followed. There's always protocol to follow with Starfleet." Willian flashed a friendly smile to disarm.

"Indeed," the android answered.

Before more could be said the communicator chirped. "Bridge to the Captain."

The Captain tapped his badge, "Go ahead, Aiden."

"Sir, we've arrived at Federation Headquarters."

With the discussion between himself and Galatea the Captain hadn't realized that they'd dropped out of warp. The stars that streaked passed the Enterprise had returned to their more distinctive appearance. Now that they were back into normal space the Explorer slid into a closer view alongside the Ready Room windows.

"We're on our way," Willian said as he turned back toward Galatea, only to find her already leaving. He reached for his badge and answered gruffly, "Targaryen out."

The Bridge of the Starship Enterprise was alive for the first time since they'd arrived in the 32nd Century. Each station was manned and their personnel at attention, waiting for what would come next on their trip. For the first time in what seemed like a long time, Fleet Admiral Luzol Targaryen had chosen to return to the Bridge of the massive starship. The Admiral was excited to see what the new Federation had to offer and could think of no where else she'd rather be when the Enterprise completed its voyage home.

Glancing toward the corridor door, Luzol was surprised when Galatea was the first one to enter the Bridge. Luzol had heard the irritation in her husband's voice and now she knew why as her husband followed the AI onto the Bridge. None of them could maintain their frustration though at the sight before them on the viewscreen. A massive bubble hovered just ahead of the Enterprise distorting the stars beyond as the Captain sat down in his chair, briefly smiling at his wife as he sat down.

"Glad you could join us."

She smirked as she looked at the viewer, "Wouldn't miss it."

"Looks like a lot of the crew share your opinion on that," the Captain said as he looked around the Bridge. "I haven't seen a full house like this in a long time."

Zim stared at the viewscreen expecting something to happen. He knew nothing would happen, at least not yet. He was filled with a mixture of trepidation and excitement. The trepidation was his dislike for this timeframe and all that had developed within it. The excitement was always there as he waited to see what was to come.

At the Science Station, Lieutenant Jardok studied the results of the sensor scans coming up on the Enterprise's sensors. The Vulcan had been fascinated by the readings that their antiquated - by modern standard - sensors were providing. The distortion field surrounding Federation Headquarters was massive and the power demands on such a field were just as intensive. He was preparing to run a more detailed scan when the sensors alerted him to something even more unexpected.

"Captain, Emerald Chain starship detected on the opposite side of the distortion field."

Luzol looked at the Vulcan, "Is it the Cerulean?"

"I am unable to identify individual Emerald Chain vessels; however, I can confirm that the vessel is of the same classification as the Emerald Chain starship we encountered at both Svian and Risa," the Science Officer explained.

"Red alert and get Minister D'ian up here," Willian ordered. "Take us into the distortion field, Aiden, all ahead full."

"Aye, Sir. All stations go to Red Alert. [Gulp!]" Aqua shivered at the crazy view before her.

A flicker of concern crossed Hawkins' face at the news of the Emerald vessel waiting within touching distance - they were determined to smudge everything. As the ship entered the heightened state and surged forward the Commander hoped they'd be granted access otherwise.... well they'd deal with that if it happened.

"I'm loading the nav point we received from Explorer now," Aiden Crowe reported from the Flight Controls. He searched through the different menu options, setting the ship to enter the distortion field at full impulse. "The ride may get a little bumpy from here." His fingers raced across the interface for the Helm, bringing the Enterprise into the distortion field, "Impact."

The bumpy ride that was threated never came as the massive starship passed through the field. The sensor RADAR screen overlay in the lower corner of the viewer showed the Enterprise's former captors in Battle Group Omega alongside, Galatea controlling them through the prefix codes that had been acquired. The Explorer was on port too, making herself available to vouch for the time displaced starship.

"Wow," Admiral Luzol exclaimed as the distortion field dissipated around the ship, revealing the massive Pax Class Federation Headquarters at the center of the toroidal structure. Dozens of ships surrounded HQ, showing just how far the Federation had progressed in such a short span of time. It was really quite impressive a sight.

"Mrrrorr! Interesting! Sure is different than the old Federation HQ on Earth. And look at all the different ships! It's truly amazing! It looks like the Federation is bouncing back!" R'elle said. Still that Emerald Chain vessel concerned her. Well assuming they were invited in she would ask about it.

Cyrus arrived upon the bridge being a little bit muted on his part. There had been a large assortment of people that needed medical care, and his people were able to rise up to the occasion. His eyes widened at what was revealed upon the viewscreen as well as being on the bridge once more. It was beautiful; however, he also had a small amount of trepidation what with seeing the various ships there. What were they getting themselves into?

[Wow! Look at all those ships! Organic hulls, and that ship, I think it's an Angelou Class...U.S.S.'s just a massive, forested disc! I didn't even know you COULD have detached warp nacelles!] Aqua was having a hard time containing her excitement!

Similar to his peers Hawkins gawked at the scene before them, it was unexpecting having seen so much ruin since arriving at this time, yet heart-warming in the same breath. A true reflection against the uphill battle and seemingly galaxy of blackness, greed and terror the shining light of the Federation endured and shone brightly.

Commander Randall looked on as the ship passed through the distortion field and nodded to herself at the array of vessels and Federation HQ and then focused her attention on what was out of place. "Seems we're not the only museum piece to grace this time frame. That's the USS Discovery-A and it was a museum piece in the 25th century." The Engineer mused, aloud. The Tuansee did not seem to be surprised or, much impressed, by anything she was seeing. "It's all very shiny and glittery but I get the feeling it's on the verge of being wiped from existence." She added, quietly.

"Honestly, I am feeling like I belong with the relics." Cyrus remarked dryly. "With us having been thrust forward in time due to that anamoly. I have some trepidation in finding some things out. Do I dare look to see if there is any record of my family and what happened to them? Would I be allowed to look."

"That will be up to Starfleet Command and the Department of Temporal Investigations," Jardok commented, recalling his time as a Temporal Integration Counselor for the Department of Temporal Investigations. He looked at the Discovery on the viewscreen and addressed Commander Randall's comments, "I'm intrigued to find a Crossfield Class starship in this time. I served on the Crossfield as an Ensign following the Battle of the Binaries, but I had been billeted to serve aboard Discovery under Paul Stamets initially. Captain Lorca denied my assignment," despite his Vulcan heritage, the irritation could be heard in his voice. "It turned out for the best. Discovery was lost in action after the end of the Klingon Conflict, leading to the design being deemed a failure by Starfleet Command."

"Serendipity it would seem that you are here, in this time, as is the Discovery, the ship you were denied transfer to. It seems you may have been destined to come to this time, Lieutenant Jardok." The Engineer mused, with a look to the Vulcan Science officer and quirked an eyebrow in a, most Vulcan-like, manner and then cracked just the hint of a smile.

Jardok answered evenly, "Indeed." He couldn't ignore though that this was his second temporal incursion that resulted in his being trapped in a time period.

Captain Targaryen looked at the station on the viewscreen. Knowing that they were probably in violation of protocol, Willian looked at the Communications Officer, "Ensign, open a channel to Federation Headquarters."

"Aye, Captain. Opening channel now," Aqua's hand's flew across the Holoconsole...and a strange tune started to play in her mind.

A series of rapid beeps played from the wall mounted Science Station. Jardok pressed a control and turned toward the Captain, "We are being scanned."

"I've lost Helm," Aiden declared from the Flight Control workstation. "Automates are loading an orbital approach."

The lights throughout the Bridge of the ship lowered automatically and alarm klaxons appeared displaying that the ship had entered what was known as Condition Gray. Reserve power had come online with power cut to non-essential decks and systems to conserve energy.

Willian rose from his chair, ready to issue orders when Galatea interrupted, "All of this is standard operating procedure when approaching Federation Headquarters." The android typed on the keyboard of her computer panel, sharing details with FHQ's Comm Officer. She looked up from her monitor, "FHQ is requesting that myself, Admiral Luzol, and Minister D'ian beam over immediately. The rest of you are ordered to hold position and await instruction."

Zim was not a fan of being brought in by automated guidance. He was also not a fan of the lack of communication from Federation HQ. Something about all of this struck him as not the same fleet that he swore an oath to. For the time being he would remain silent about his concerns. Silent but vigilant.

The Captain looked at his wife, "Are you sure about going over there?"

Luzol rose from the guest chair and nodded, "It's still Starfleet and the Federation, they're probably just as curious about us as we are them. Galatea," she looked up at the Federation Security Specialist, "Please ask Minister D'ian to join us in the transporter room."

"Unnecessary, Admiral," Galatea reached for her communicator and tapped her Tricom a single time. Immediately herself, Admiral Luzol, and - they assumed - Minister D'ian disappeared in a flash of transporter light.

The Captain of the Enterprise sighed, "I don't think I'll ever get used to that." He looked around, "I'll be in my Ready Room. Nathan," he looked at Captain Bishop, "you have the Bridge."

"Are we just going to let that happen!? That little droid just..." Aqua shot to her feet in fear for her crewmates as Telaxian curses poured from her mouth.

Aqua hadn't had a problem with Galatea before, but seeing her just up and take two crewmembers as if it had been preplanned set something off in Aqua that she'd not thought she possessed.

"Easy Ensign," Hawkins reacted first to her outburst turning from his now dormant station. "Remember we're guests here, no matter how much we dislike it. There's still protocols to follow just as it would if the situation was reversed. Just sit tight."

"Besides I have a lock on them. Any sign of trouble I can bring them back with a snap of the fingers." Zim wanted to let everyone know that although he did nothing to stop them from leaving that did not mean he was comfortable with what happened. So, he remined vigilant.

Aqua looked at Commander Hawkins for a moment unmoving...then took a deep breath, shook herself, nodded, and smoothed her uniform before sitting back down.

"We may want to make sure our pocket isn't being picked while we're sitting here at Condition Grey with back-side hanging out." Ash observed, quietly. "We have what, pretty much, everyone else wants." She added.

Aqua snorted at that...feeling her anger slowly starting to ebb away.

The former Admiral, who had not yet left for his office, interrupted, "Remember, everyone, there's one problem with all this. The Enterprise, all the technology aboard, it's all the property of the Federation and Starfleet. We have a habit of thinking of it as ours, but it really belongs to them. We have to play nice in the sandbox," he looked at the viewer, "even if we don't want to. Maintain position. Let's see how this all turns out." He retreated through the side door, heading toward his office to wait.


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