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Posted on Sun Sep 17th, 2023 @ 8:04pm by Captain Luzol Targaryen & Admiral Janule Tua & Willian Targaryen & Commander Galatea & Lieutenant Commander Ialo Gojir & Lieutenant Rrawran & Lieutenant Juma Zoss & Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Aiden Crowe

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Mission: Remember Everything
Location: Observation Lounge, USS Enterprise
Timeline: 3189-03-17, 12:45

Captain's Log, Captain Willian Targaryen Recording:

Thanks to the creative thinking of the crew of the Enterprise we were able to survive our exposure to the subspace rift created within the Hekaras Corridor. We have been continuing our research of the rift itself while the engineering crews make final preparations to get the ship underway. The sensor readings we were able to obtain while in the rift itself have greatly improved our understanding of the rift itself; nevertheless, we have thus been unable to find any way to counteract or close it.

While the Enterprise experienced minimal damage the Stargazer was not as lucky; having been heavily damaged despite our best efforts to salvage it. Perhaps it was for the best with the truth Galatea has now revealed to everyone. Battle Group Omega was no longer operating on behalf of the Federation and had been renegade for almost half a century under the leadership of the Tua symbiont. All their missions, all their actions, each and every one of them were unsanctioned. Now we have a hard decision to make, one that could impact the entire future and how my crew will survive this brave new galaxy.

Captain Willian Targaryen sat next to his wife in the Observation Lounge of the Starship Enterprise, carefully observing the doorway to the conference center. While he had been in command of the ship since they arrived in the future, his wife was the true ranking officer in this situation and he knew that she had jurisdiction over what happened here today. She had been contented to let him manage Enterprise as he'd seen fit so far, but she personally wanted to oversee the court martial of the personnel from Battle Group Omega who were accused.

Reality was Willian had no idea how this would go. He looked at Galatea sitting across from him at the table and knew what way the former hologram was leaning, but Willian really didn't know if Luzol would support such a strong decision as leaving them adrift on the derelict Stargazer. The remaining vessels of Battle Group Omega were already connected to the Explorer, Captain Dimlac having been sent personally by Federation Headquarters to ensure that they were recovered. Once the formalities were complete the Enterprise would be going to Headquarters with them, a new fate awaiting all of them.

From off to the side Ensign zh'Tanik, an Andorian Operations Officer who had been supporting his wife during her convalescence, approached and whispered in the Admiral's ear. "They're ready."

"Bring them in," Luzol approved as she turned back toward the table and sat a little straighter than she had been moments earlier.

It took only a few moments for the accused to be brought into the room. Admiral Janule Tua of Trill was in the lead of the group of prisoners for having been the person behind the totality of what had happened with Battle Group Omega. Her senior most officers on both the Stargazer and within the Battle Group leadership were brought forward with her. Finally, a handful of personnel transferred from the Stargazer to the Enterprise during their encounter were sent forward to face judgment. It was a sad day for everyone in the room.

"Record tapes are engaged and ready, Fleet Admiral," said the Andorian Operations Officer.

Luzol nodded and looked at those standing adjacent to them on the opposite side of the room. Rising to full height in her dress uniform of centuries past, the Fleet Admiral looked as if she was getting ready to address a group of cadets and not dedicated officers. Really, so far as the reality was showing, they were little more than cadets in many respects. Only a few of them had any real understanding or training. Of all Tua, the mastermind of the whole affair, was the only one who knew Starfleet protocol and education. The Captain of the Enterprise wondered if his wife would take that into consideration.

"This hearing is now in session. The charges before us are Assault, Conspiracy, Sabotage, Sedition, Theft, Wilfull destruction, and Treason," the Fleet Admiral said matter-of-factly as she stood at the head of the table. She approached the group and walked alongside of them, "Normally, at this point, I would ask you all how you plead to these charges, but because of certain mitigating circumstances, all charges but one are dropped."

Galatea rose, "Fleet Admiral this is outrageous! The personnel of Battle Group Omega have..."

"Under the authority vested in me by Starfleet Command as the ranking officer I have broad jurisdiction in this matter," the Fleet Admiral looked at the representative of Federation Security, "Despite this, I am leaving the charges of sedition in effect for Admiral Tua." Luzol walked toward the Admiral, "While the conditions of the Burn have left the galaxy in a true state of peril the experiences and knowledge of Admiral Tua would have been a true asset to the Federation had she remained loyal in her oath to serve the Federation and its mission. Admiral Tua, you will be stripped of rank and held in confinement aboard this vessel until we return to Federation Headquarters, at which point you will be remanded to the custody of Federation Security for further sentencing."

"It was for the Federation! It was all for the Federation!" The former Admiral protested. "I did what had to be done, what needed to happen to keep the galaxy safe! You're a relic of a past best forgotten. All of you! The Federation would be better off if none of you had come here!"

Luzol looked at Lieutenant Rrawran, "Please escort Ms. Tua to the Brig, Lieutenant."

The Security Officer nodded, approaching the Trill from the side, "Please come with me, Miss Tua."

"This isn't over! I still have friends. They'll come for me!"

Luzol looked at the remaining personnel, "When we arrive at Federation Headquarters you will each be given the option of taking the real Oath of Service to the Federation. If you aren't comfortable doing so you may move on with our blessing to the next phase of your lives, but until then you are welcome to remain with us aboard the Enterprise."

"Admiral," it was Lieutenant Commander Ialo Gojir who interrupted. "What happens to us? Will we really be able to continue?"

It was Willian who answered, "Commander, you will always have a place on my ship. The same goes to all of you."

"And I'll support his decision," Luzol put a comforting hand of the Cardassian's shoulder. "Welcome to Starfleet. You each have work, so snap to it. Dismissed."

The remaining personnel accused exited quickly, having been given a fresh start that many probably felt they didn't deserve. After they were safely out of the room, Luzol turned back toward the two remaining in the room. She looked at her husband and then the former AI of the very ship upon which she stood.

"Do you really think that was the best decision?" Galatea challenged. She looked between Luzol and Willian, "Do either of you think this will work out for the best?"

The Fleet Admiral took that question, "Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven. We've all done things that others may not have agreed with, we've all gone left when we should've gone right, we've all made bad calls. Sometimes people can't come back from the dark of their past, but when there is a chance of rehabilitation - when the person has an opportunity to grow and come back better than before - we have to do what we can to be supportive. We don't give in to enmity and we live up to the ideals upon which we serve. That's what Starfleet is and that's what this uniform is. Forgiving can be hard as Hell, but sometimes it's the only path to redemption."

"And if it happens again? What if they don not deserve redemption? What if they are condemned to failure and take us with them?" Galatea asked.

This time it was Willian who answered, "We can't live with the what ifs, we have to move forward with the here and now. But, if we're damned, let's be damned for being who we really are and our ideals. No more, no less."

"I just do not see if that way," the android answered. "The must pay for what they have done."

"And they are," Luzol confirmed, "But so are we. We get to still be who we are though and maybe, just maybe, we can keep our souls in the process."


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