Righteous Side of Hell

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Almost a year has passed since the crew of Starfleet One were thrust into the devasting, post-Burn future. The Federation is nearly gone, enemies lurk behind every corner, and their once friendly neighborhood has become the final frontier once again. Battle Group Omega, the Federation's last line of defense, have been infiltrated and their command codes stolen. Now it is up to the crew of the newly christened Federation One to save the day before it is too late.

Having defeated the treacherous Battle Group Omega, the crew of Federation One have been given their reward: the coordinates for Federation Headquarters deep within the Alpha Quadrant. As they return home for the first time in centuries the question is will they be hailed as heroes or seen as pariahs from the past?

Mission Group Season 02
Start Date Tue Sep 19th, 2023 @ 12:04pm

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