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Chapter 2.1

Posted on Sun Oct 9th, 2022 @ 2:32am by Willian Targaryen & Commander Galatea & Lieutenant Commander Ialo Gojir & Lieutenant Jardok & Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Aiden Crowe & Captain Nathan Bishop & Commander Nathan Hawkins & Commander Jasmine Haynes & Lieutenant Commander Patton O'Sullivan & Lieutenant Dylan Blake & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Lieutenant R'relle & Warrant Officer Harris Zim

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Mission: No One Gets Left Behind
Location: Bridge, USS Enterprise
Timeline: 3189-03-16, 11:15

Helmsman's Personal Log, Lieutenant J.G. Aiden Crowe Recording:

This has probably been one of the most intense assignments that I could have asked for. Even though I am flying a dinosaur I'm amazed that its experimental drive systems can reach such high speeds. Back on Titan, struggling to survive, I never imagined that ships like this still existed let alone that I'd get the chance to drive one. It just goes to show that no one really knows what tomorrow will bring.

This ship's crew is pretty much the same way. With the Captain putting the ball in the crew's court to decide what happened on Svian there are a lot of hurt feelings throughout the ship. Then he made us listen to their distress calls as we flew away which were harder than I could have imagined. The Federation needs us to recover Battle Group Omega's prefix codes, but I'm not sure we couldn't have found a way to help Svian in the process. Now we face pretty much the same scenario, but this time with a Federation member. I can't wait to see how this one goes.

"Bridge to the Captain," Crowe said checking the astrogator.

"Go ahead."

Adjusting a readout on the center console of the Helm, Crowe answered, "We're on final approach to Risa, Captain."

There was an audible sigh on the other end of the comlink, "Slow to one third for solar system travel and I'll be right there. Targaryen out."

As the channel closed the Helmsman did as he was told. Reporting to the crew on the Bridge, "We're at one-third impulse. ETA 15 minutes."

Alongside Crowe sitting at the Ops station Lieutenant Blake glanced over at Crowe as he liaised with the Captain wondering why Bishop hadn't been the one rousing his Lordship. Dylan stole a look over his shoulder at the First Officer whom like a large number of the crew including the senior staff still looked dejected and hurt frim the Svian incident. It had cut them all deeply to the core hearing the distressed souls over the comm while they left the system and was something Dylan never wished to repeat again.

Typically a visit to Risa would purely for pleasure or at least it would have back in their original time line - here like every other encounter was surrounded in mystery and hardship. He wondered how could a gloried holiday resort survive the terror left in the wake of the Burn and retain any of it's appealing features.

Patton stood at the security station and watched his screen. He didn't want to think about what had happened to the Syian people but he was having issues moving past it. Even more so because he had been one of those who suggested leaving. If he had to do it all over again he would make the same choice, even with all the guilt inside. It had been the only choice in his mind.

Patton hoped that this time things would be different. They needed something to steer them all away from the bad taste this had left them with but he wasn't counting on anything.

Jasmine walked onto the bridge, with her slight limp. As much as she hated to admit it, the docs therapy idea was a good one. She just hated being injured. It made her feel weak and useless. She was learning how to cope, so she could heal up her body. She walked over to Patton, her least favorite security officer. She stood next to him. Waiting for orders.

The android Liaison Officer typed on her panel and brought a long-range image of Risa up on the viewscreen. Normally, Risa was a beautiful blue gem floating among the heavens and featured one of the most impressive ring systems that someone could ever wish to see. Instead the image before them was one of terror. Massive storms covered the aqua blue world with a silvery cloud that looked incredibly complex and impenetrable. The telltale flashes of massive lighting storms emanated outward from amidst expansive system.

Galatea issued orders, "Science Officer Jardok, please run a localized scan of Risa."

Jardok turned toward his wall mounted console and began a scan sequence, carefully taking into consideration all the potential variables that could impact their scanners. Despite being Vulcan he couldn't help but be shocked by what he saw on his screen. Temtibi Lagoon - where it never rained, the water was warm and the wind smelled sweet - had temperatures below freezing. Galartha, a cliff face that changed pitch while a person climbed it, was underwater following a massive tsunami and flooding. Suraya Bay, where the Lohlunat - Festival of the Moon - was held, was in the middle of a massive hailstorm. Nuvia, the capital, was being hit by a blizzard despite its tropical location. Those were the easy to identify issues. There were tornadoes, thunderstorms, the gauntlet of storm systems enveloping the planet.

"My clearest description of what Risa is experiencing is apocalyptic," he typed, "data being displayed on viewer."

The android Commander looked at the screen and saw the information being displayed, matching what Jardok had seen on his own screens. She stepped away from her console and approached the main viewscreen, "Increase speed to maximum impulse, Mister Crowe."

Crowe glanced up from the Helm, "Ma'am, the Captain ordered..."

"I am aware of the Captain's orders, Mister; However, as the representative of the Federation Government, I can issue orders as well," Galatea said without hesitation.

Crowe turned toward Captain Bishop for confirmation of the order.

Bishop met Crowe's gaze but instead of answering he turned to Galatea. His tone calm and level even respectful. "Galatea, a question for you. We've known each other a long time and I've liked and respected you. However, you have changed. My question is how is helping Risa any different than helping those on Svia? Both planets are facing catastrophic disasters, people are dying by the scores. How do you pick and choose who lives or dies? What makes one planet worth saving over another"

"One is still a Federation Member, the other is not," she answered coldly.

"So, Federation lives are worth more than those not belonging to the Federation? Those children dying on Svia are worth nothing compared the lives on Risa?"

Galatea paused a moment as she considered her answer, "That answer is a bit more complicated, but yes Federation lives are a priority to the Federation now over those of non-member worlds. The post-Burn reality we live in makes resources incredibly scarce. We cannot waste what we have on those who are no longer part of our way of life. Perhaps one day, should we locate a suitable source of dilithium, we will be able to return to the ways of when we first met. Until that time, however, this is the way." She returned to the workstation built into the railing she traditionally held, "Now, Mister Crowe, full impulse, please."

Crowe remained silent, unsure of what action to take and wondering what the others on the Bridge thought.

"Of all the arrogance. What makes you so sure that by ignoring a cry, a plea for help now would make any world want to join us if and when we return to the old days? I wouldn't want to be part of an organization that picks and chooses who live or dies. You're as bad as Kodos, Galatea." Bishop answered scathingly.

"This is not a time for debate of Federation and Starfleet policy, Captain," Galatea answered matter-of-factly. "The 38 remaining Federation member worlds made this decree, and our job is to enforce it."

"Admit your wrong Galatea, admit the policy is wrong." Bishop replied firmly.

From the nearby Engineering console Lieutenant Commander Ialo Gojir interjected, "It's not wrong, Captain, it's just a sign of the times." The Cardassian woman shifted her weight from one foot to the other as she spoke, "You have not lived in the galaxy we have for long. People prey upon each other ruthlessly in this time. The Federation is barely hanging on with the resources that we have, in fact none of the major governments really are, and the Emerald Chain is growing in strength and resolve each day. In my time with Starfleet I have been on ships where we've had to make tougher calls than what happened on Svian and it's hard each time, you don't really get used to it, but you have to remind yourself that the needs of the many outnumber those of the few."

Bishop turned to face Gojir, pivoting lightly on his feet. "It is wrong Commander. I don't care how you dress it up, it is wrong. As for the needs of the many. I'm sure then Captain Spock would disagree with your statement after having his katra restored by Admiral Kirk and the rest of the Enterprise's senior officers."

"Vulcan itself would disagree," Galatea answered. "When they left the Federation they cited the needs of the one outweighing the needs of the many. The Confederacy of Vulcan is now even more insular than you view the Federation to be."

"It won't work for them, nor will it work for the Federation." Bishop pointed out stubbornly.

"I agree with Capt. Bishop! We shouldn't be picky about who we help! It's easy to say our resources are scarce so we only help federation members but that's not what the federation is all about! It's about helping others, doing the right thing! I hear a lot of holier than thou attitudes but the federation isn't about being better than everybody else. Have all of you here in this time forgotten what the federation stands for? Or at least stood for? If so you should refresh yourself on the principals of the federation was founded on!" R'elle said.

Jasmine did not like how this crew was easily accepting their fate of being trapped in this timeline. They could still go home. They should not be interfering with other cultures. Especially when they did not understand the political make up. "We are displaced from time, which I have said several times. I know most of you want to help. It's starfleet way. But are not prepared for this. We don't see the big picture." Jasmine pointed out to them. She was still against this idea. The former chief of staff in her was starting to come out.

"The big picture? I think I see the big picture quite clearly. The Federation we knew is dead and in its place we have a shadow that picks and chooses who is worthy to save." Bishop fired back.

Cyrus was doing some heavy thinking over the past however long it had been since the destruction of Svian population. Something wasn't settling on his mind, something that he couldn't swallow. He went over the last part of the data of what happened, well what was going in his mind. They-were-set up.The radiation barrier that was around the planet, the missile that they had fired upon and thus spreading some sort of rays.. They were setup. He went to the bridge catching the argument that was brewing. This wasn't good at all.

Cyrus snapped out, "That is quite enough. I may not be the captain,nor any part of the command team, but this has got to stop. I came up here to ask questions but also to bring up something that occured to me. We were set up to fail. That,that missile that was shot at Svia and the one we destroyed, it I feel was part of a greater plan. A rather nefarious plan I would think. With that radiation belt around Svia I do not think that we could have detected any other er, object that would have been set up to kill Svia. The death sentence of Svia was already set in motion from the moment we had tried to retrieve the Ambassador the first time. And look at what is happening right now, everyone ready to tear each other apart."

Cyrus looked at Galatea, "You saved us , well a version of you saved us from what could have turned into a very bad situation, do you think that something had already been set in place to destroy that colony? The woman we had conversed with the one who said we were now accused of poisoning Svia, it was as if we were being used as a scapegoat, something to distract us while someone stole codes that were vital to help reshape the Federation into something a little bit more noble? At this moment we can not go back in the past to change things, to look for clues as to what happened, right now we have another planet that hopefully we can save, and should be able to do so. It cut me to the quick that we were not able to save the Svian population. It hurt desperately but we don't know all the facts do we? Right now, there is something we can do, we can help Risa, then perhaps we can go revisit that sore point and gather information, if we can do so, and find out what truly happened."

Cyrus then looked at Bishop, "As for that shadow of the Federation, we can change that feeling, we can work out the bugs that have come up. All it takes is one person, maybe one ship, one team one crew that tries to make a difference even after a rather crippling devastation and defeat. Cool heads must prevail in this case, Captain."

Bishop met Cyrus's gaze. "My head is cool, and I haven't lost my way. It's the Federation that has Mr. Marner. However, you are correct in saying one ship can at least begin to change what has been accepted as the standard way to do things. A business-as-usual approach if you will."

"Therefore I plead with all of you, lets put this hot topic off the table, we've got something there we need to concentrate on. Risa. Yes, losing the Svians and us hearing them dying was the most horrible thing to hear. And having to come to that decision, it will hurt us for a little while but... we have a possible chance to save even more lives for us to hopefully redeem ourselves, this ship. Lets concentrate on this please." Cyrus once again looking at those on the bridge.

Bishop stared at Cyrus, "Hurt for a little while? You have a gift for understatement Mr. Marner. This hurt will never go away. It will become an emotional scar that will always stay with us and remind us of the people we let and down and the world we allowed to die. Do you honestly think we can ever redeem ourselves?" He asked pointedly and grew silent as he awaited an answer.

The answer, however, would be delayed. Galatea, standing at her workstation, interrupted the discussion as the doors to the Bridge slid open, "Captain on the Bridge."

Willian Targaryen entered the Bridge of the Enterprise and was, immediately, impacted by the feelings of tension echoing throughout the room. He didn't need to be an El-Aurian to feel the emanations off of how Galatea announced his return - to be fair he knew something was up when she announced him in the first place. Looking around the room he chose his next move carefully, "Normally I'd say 'as you were' but I think that may not be the best way to go. Instead I'll say this: stations."

Marner was going to say something in answer to Bishop but he kept quiet, at least for the moment.

"So, anyone want to tell me what's going on?" The Captain said as he took the center seat.

Bishop moved to his normal spot the XO's chair, sitting down he turned to look at Targaryen. "Just a debate on Federation policy and what the Federation has become sir." He waited to see if anyone else would add more or if Galatea would have something to say.

Willian immediately understood, "I'm certain that was an interesting discussion. I'm sure the first of many."

"It was spirited to say the least sir." Bishop answered without elaborating further.

"Perhaps we can continue that subject later on Captain Bishop?" Cyrus remarked to him, "And I'll provide the drinks." Catching Bishop's eye. "I really would like to give you an answer later on."

"Of course, Mr. Marner. I would like that." Bishop answered honestly.

Getting back to the point, "If you'll pardon the interruption, Mister Crowe, can you increase speed to full impulse as I requested?"

Captain Targaryen looked up at Galatea before Lieutenant Crowe could answer, "Excuse me?"

"With the situation as occurring on Risa I directed Lieutenant Crowe to increase speed to full impulse," Galatea explained as she checked the readouts on her console. "Under Federation authority..."

"I am aware of Federation regulations, Commander," the Captain answered. "Mister Crowe, please maintain my original directive."

Galatea shifted, "Captain, may I ask why?"

"I am not about to start explaining my orders, Commander," he kept emphasizing the title. "As Captain of this ship I have full authority to oversee our operations as I see fit. Your objections are duly noted; however, my order stands."

"Very well," she pulled her hands from the console. "Lieutenant, please disregard my order."

Crowe laughed, "I already did."


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