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Chapter 1.1

Posted on Wed Oct 5th, 2022 @ 4:04am by Willian Targaryen & Commander Galatea & Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Aiden Crowe & Commander Jasmine Haynes & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Lieutenant R'relle & Warrant Officer Harris Zim & Lieutenant Zoey Parker

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Mission: No One Gets Left Behind
Location: Bridge, USS Enterprise
Timeline: 3189-03-16, 10:30

Liaison's Log, Commander Galatea Recording:

Despite having remained at Coaxial Warp for only a few minutes the Enterprise has successfully evaded the Cerulean and is nearly 40 light-years from its last position in orbit of Svian II. Despite our success in evading the Emerald Chain, the crew of the Enterprise has been forced to make a decision that has condemned the Svians to death. It was not an easy decision, but it was the right one. The Federation needs to recover the Prefix Codes for the vessels of Battle Group Omega and only the Enterprise can accomplish this task.

Unfortunately, we have overshot our target. While traveling at Coaxial speeds we have exited the projected sector for our target and are now on the outskirts of the Briar Patch. Further complicating matters Captain Targaryen has sequestered himself in his Ready Room and is refusing all visitors. Should he continue to be a detriment to the success of this mission I will have no other option but to relieve him as a representative of the Federation government. I just hope it does not come to that.

Usually alive with the sound of activity, the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise was atypically quiet for the first time in a long time. People weren't talking, most were not even at their posts, and even the background noise so common for a starship was subdued. The fate of the Svians weighed heavily on many, almost as much as the fate of Battle Group Omega and the Federation itself. No matter what they thought, no matter how badly they longed to help the Svians, they had no choice. They had done the right thing. Even if they did not believe it themselves.

The android carefully studied the room, "Mister Crowe, please confirm location?"

The Human from Titan brought up the display on his Helm panel, "Sector 441, Commander, the Risan Sector."

"Oh?" Galatea asked somewhat surprised.

He had avoided the bridge for a little bit, the shock of allowing the Sivians to die. One could call it a balancing act. He had saved one race but another one he couldn't even help save. Irony, just sheer irony. It was ripping him apart then his thoughts went towards the person who had to step away, Captain Targaryen. Cyrus frowned he'd not gone to see the Captain lately, hadn't even checked on the man's health since then. What sort of doctor was he if he didn't check on the man. Cyrus was now steeling himself for a possible fight and it was something he was going to welcome.

To the bridge he went, the door swishing open. Doctor Marner's steps almost faltered when he stepped onto the bridge but he was a man on a mission and he wasn't going to be stopped. He gave a nod towards Galatea and walked right up to the ready room and pressed the chime. If there wasn't going to be any answer in what Cyrus felt was an appropriate time he had an ace up his sleeve, medical priority which would allow him access.

At his console Zim noticed the absence of the ship's commanding officer. This was something that could not be, not during a critical mission. He made his way to the Ready Room door and pressed the chime.

"I'm busy," was the only response from the other side.

Cyrus took a look at Zim who had joined him in trying to get attention from Targaryen. He drawled out to Zim. "Looks like you've got the same idea and intention that I have." the doctor replied. "But I am not going to wait any longer." A rather firm and determined look was on the features of the blonde doctor. "Computer this is Doctor Cyrus Marner medical over-ride." the Lieutenant giving the command. The forcefield that was preventing anyone from entering came down the ready room unlocked and Cyrus strode inside, " Captain we'd like a word with you. And you will not be sending me out, I can countermand your orders, and You know I can and will do that."

Amazed by the gall of the Doctor Zim followed him into the Ready Room. He was contented to let the Doctor speak his peace first. For what Zim had to say was best said not in front of anyone else.

The Captain of the Starship Enterprise sat holding a phaser in one hand and an engineering multi-tool in the other. Adjusting some of the internal circuitry, the Captain looked up to see the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief of the Boat standing not far beyond. He wondered who would be the next of the crew to mosey into his office to discuss what had happened.

"I suppose you misheard 'I'm busy' as 'enter'?"

The door having closed behind himself and Zim, Cyrus gave a frown towards Captain Targaryen. "You've been busy for too long, Sir. As it is my duty, I needed to check on you. And please, do not give me any trouble on this either sir. Otherwise I will do something that I nor you will not like. And you do know I would." his blue eyes having a glint of steel in them.

"I am going to have to agree with the Doctor here but for different reasons. One of my jobs here is to speak for the men and women aboard this ship. When the ship's Commanding Officer is not seen or heard it raises suspicions about the mission at hand, and about the ship as whole. Sir simply put it is bad for morale." Zim spoke in an official tone and then his expression and demeanor changed to include a slight amount of disgust. "If I may be so bold sir. Sulking is unbecoming of a Captain."

Councilor R'elle entered as well. "I heard all that and yes I must concur. Captain, locking your self in here is not healthy. And I would appreciate it if you put the phaser down please. Right now I think we all are concerned for your mental fitness. I recommend very highly that you and I start talking about what happened. If you refuse help, then I will relieve you of your command. I do not want to do that sir but as Head councilor I must do my duty."

"It is nice to know that you all have had the opportunity to conduct a full physical and psychological analysis, which Starfleet Command requires as part of the process to remove a Captain from command. Fortunately, preemptively, I have already completed an analysis and have been found fit by the LMH Program, which is rated for both physiological and psychological analysis." The Captain informed as he transferred the report to their HoloPADDs.

He continued, "There is no regulation or order requiring that a Captain be present on the Bridge, in fact the regs say I can command a vessel from anywhere I see fit. I can command from the Bridge, my office, even sitting in a damned environmental suit on the hull if I want so long as I am deemed fit to do so and," he indicated Sawbones' report, "looks like I am."

He looked at the Counselor, "I have no need to discuss what has happened. You made your choices, live with them. I have." He returned to adjusting the internal components of the Phaser.

Zim stepped in front of the others present and closer to the desk and by extension the Captain. He decided that for good or ill the Captain needed some tough love and if this busted him in rank then so be it. "Captain I do not speak about regulations. In fact at this moment I do give a flying fuck about the regulations. Right now you have a crew who has been displaced from their time, from everything they know. Who have witnessed some atrocities since arriving in this gods forsaken time. You ask them to rush blindly and do their jobs with level heads, and yet here you are..." Zim paused to allow what he had said to sink in thus far. He boldly took another step closer. "...Hiding your head in the sand because the kitchen got too hot as it were. When I boarded the Enterprise all those years ago I thought you to be a commander worthy of my allegiance, and in case you were unaware a Capellan does not grant allegiances lightly. However, now... now I am not so sure."

"If you four are through there is a matter of some urgency on the Bridge," Galatea's voice interrupted.

Willian tapped his TriCOM, "What?"

"Something perhaps you all should see."

The El-Aurian sighed, loudly, "What is it with everyone wanting to get me on the Bridge? Hasn't anyone on this ship ever heard of a day off?" The Captain grumbled as he rose from his chair, setting aside the Phaser in the process. "The three of you wanted me to get up, well I'm up. Let's go see what Galatea wants. When we're done anyone object to me having five minutes to myself in my Ready Room?"

"Very well Captain!" R'elle said and followed him t the bridge. This was not over.

Cyrus's scowl deepened, he was just going to start the process to see how the captain was doing. He did do a quick read over the report of Sawbones and noticed that things were well in order. This had truthfully gotten out of hand and he will have to talk with Targaryen later on. He did raise one objection to R'elle, walking close on his heels, "I do not think that the Captain was going to be using that phaser on himself and also, unless you know the captain, trying to make him go into counseling in a strong armed way, won't work."

"Perhaps you're right. However I am concerned. I am not totally convinced he is alright! I will continue to watch him. I have to make sure he is ok." R'elle said.

Cyrus paused to go back to where that phaser was that the Captain was working on just to get a better look at it, without touching it, then made a mental note to speak to the Captain at another time. For now it was time to go back onto the bridge.

Zim stepped out of the Captain's way to allow him to return to the Bridge. The Capellan was satisfied that the Captain returned to the Bridge. "I will allow you five minutes and no more." Zim said with a smile. Truth was the Chief of the Boat understood the need for time off. However, the Captain must also be visible and Zim would make sure that Targaryen remained visible.

Returning to the Bridge, Captain Willian Targaryen immediately noted Galatea standing at the railing mounted workstation typing on a holographic display that floated above the panel. The Bridge was still as somber as he remembered, with little to none of the chatting that was usually so omnipresent there at all. He couldn't blame them.

"What is it?"

Galatea turned from the holographic panel and, with a flick of her wrist, the display had moved away from the console and to in front of the Captain. "We have just completed long range sensor scans of the nearby systems while looking for the renegade vessel and discovered this storm system."

Willian carefully reviewed the data that was being displayed before him. The weather system was massive, with wind speeds in excess of 300 kph. Any other time it would have certainly warranted some investigation. With the way the galaxy was right now most would probably argue now wasn't the time, "It's very fascinating, Galatea, but we have other concerns at the moment."

"Regrettably, this does take priority," she flicked her wrist again and the screen pulled away to reveal the planet impacted. "Risa is still a Federation member. We are duty bound to respond."

The Captain of the Enterprise stood staring at the android for a moment, thinking about the past and everything that had transpired involving the Emerald Chain and their assault upon Svian II. They had turned their backs on the Svians and now they were extinct. Why was Risa any different? "Their weather control grid will respond accordingly and dissipate the storm. Continue scanning for the..."

"It's not that simple," Galatea interrupted. "Their weather containment system is not responding."

The Captain crossed his arms, opening it up for the group, "Thoughts?"

"My recommendation remains the same here. We divide and conquer. Send a group to continue the chase while the main ship remains to assist Risa." Zim still maintained that this was the best course of action. He knew that this time they did not have the luxury of ignoring the call for help.

"Risa was a corps world, back in our century. I am not sure Captain if Galatea has been corrupted, or is on the up and up. The program has clearly changed. But is it for our benefit or someone else's." Jasmine started to say, then went on to say. "I suggest, we send down a team to the planet, to determine why their atmospheric net is down, and leave the area." Jasmine called out. She was not convinced that the program, was not altered. She knew the program as she called it was an artificial life form. But that did not disclose the possibility that she was corrupted or re programmed.

"I can assure you that I am exactly as I always have been, Commander," Galatea answered the official.

Willian didn't want to start down a separate rabbit hole, "I'm not entirely convinced I want to split up the crew. The Enterprise is barely at specs for this time period and the Galileo surely isn't. That enemy shuttle is probably more capable than a 25th Century era scoutship would be." He sighed, "Crowe."

"Yes Sir?" He turned toward the Enterprise's Captain.

"Set course for Risa," Willian ordered, "Warp 5."

"Aye Sir."

"Engage," Willian ordered as he walked around the upper tier of consoles. "Now, we will assist Risa with repairs to their Weather Detection Network. When completed we will resume our search for the renegade ship." He looked at Galatea, glaring for a moment before returning his attention to the rest of the Bridge. "Captain Bishop has the Bridge. I will be in my Quarters seeing my children. Mister Crowe, alert me when we arrive."

Jasmine debated about saying something, but at the moment she remained silent. There was nothing wrong with his plan. It could be a little reckless, but Starfleet did not leave people stranded. And they should attempt to help out. She did want to make sure, till they were fully repaired, they should avoid direct conflicts.

Zim felt that this was the turning point in the case of the missing codes. This would be when they would lose the trail. He hoped that whatever was happening on Risa would be worth it. He made sure to keep tabs on the shuttle as best as he could. Harris also noted the Captain's order that he be informed when they arrive, he took this as a good sign that the Captain would return to leading by example.

R'elle also took this as a good sign. He was really concerned about the people of Risa. That was very good!

Cyrus felt a great amount of relief when he heard of them going ot help out Risa, and also wasn't against the Captain going to see his children. Right now, Cyrus stood on the bridge for a few long moments, watching the activity there, just gauging those whom he'd served with for quite sometime now. His eyes then wandered over towards Jasmine, just looking to see how she was moving.

With the ship safely at Warp the Captain stepped into the turbolift, leaving the Bridge and the crew to themselves.


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