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A Hard Day's Night

Posted on Tue May 25th, 2021 @ 3:32am by Captain Luzol Targaryen & Willian Targaryen & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner

1,963 words; about a 10 minute read

Mission: Short Treks
Location: Makeshift Sickbay, Starfleet One
Timeline: 0000-00-00, 19:30

Admiral Willian Targaryen stepped through the door and into the Executive Officer's Office of Starfleet One. Normally assigned to Captain Bishop it was, technically, his office during this mission because of Elle being aboard ship and being in operational command of Enterprise. Instead of belonging to either he or the rightful Executive, it had been converted into a makeshift Sickbay in the interim.

Seconds after entering he immediately found his wife laying atop the actual bed inside the bedroom portion of the room. He stepped inside, seeing her beneath the starlight. He had always been amazed by her beauty, by her strength, but this time there was something different. For the first time in his life he had seen her broken, like a beautiful dream interrupted by a nightmare. He just watched her for a moment as she breathed, a series of different pieces of equipment scattered across her body. A portable monitor had been setup beside her displaying readings from the varied tools.

Looking back across the room he saw a Medical Officer in Starfleet teal working with one of the other patients. He recognized his Operations Manager in the makeshift bed and wondered, momentarily, how he was going to pull out of this. He was covered in horrific burns, like a glimpse from a horror holo.

"Doctor?" He called.

Cyrus was deep into using the dermal regenerator, working to heal the damage on the operations officer's flesh. He was determined to save him, to make him well, to take away the pain. He felt sad that he had to leave off earlier the Chief's treatment but Admiral Luzol needed help as well. He whispered to the Chief, "You will make it, you must make it." imaging in his mind lending his own strength. When he heard someone call, Marner turned, "Yes, may I help you?" shifting around to see who was there and to keep on working on the burned area. He looked tired but there were those that needed help.

Willian smirked at the new member of his crew. He casually crossed his arms as an introduction was in order it seemed. "I am Admiral Targareyn, Doctor, normally I am in command of this vessel, but I have temporarily stepped down to serve as XO while Admiral Luzol commands this mission." He looked around the room and the state of the patients, "I would ask for a status report, but I'm afraid of the answer."

At first it didn't click in his mind, he looked down at the wound he was working on, paused for the moment. "Oh.. OH! You are Admiral Luzol's husband. Sorry I hadn't recognized you, how are the children doing? And.. status report" he looked around" some good, some bad. She is alive, so is the commander here. Wish Harper and I were able to bring more items up. " giving a slight frown, "But we have to do the best we can with what we have, until we can figure out other options. " he glanced over towards where Admiral Luzol was and checked on the vitals. "The discovery of us going through a temporal anomaly certainly threw us into a difficulty."

He lifted an eyebrow at his statement, "I wasn't aware that our temporal transit was common knowledge, Doctor. How exactly did you find out?" He had a million other questions that he wanted to ask at the moment, but this was the most pressing. He had believed only the Bridge crew had known about their moving forward in time.

"I was told about it when we fought to save your wife's life once again, doing the very same surgery, Doctor Kiala and I had completed a few minutes before. I couldn't understand why the very same problem cropped up yet again. That is when Commander Randall told myself and those helping me with the surgery, about what happened. " He looked at Targaryen, "Her basal ganglia was decomposing again. Before Randall had told me that, I was at my wits end at trying to figure out what was happening. She is stable for now, but probably not out of the woods yet, I won't know until she wakes up. I don't know what would happen with her having had to have her ganglia worked on twice."

He resumed working on the burns of the chief of ops, watching as the dermal regeneration was helping to heal the burn one layer to the next.

He liked this new Medical Officer aboard the Enterprise. He had deftly tried to maneuver the Admiral away from thoughts about the temporal incursion to his wife. Very clever and very adept. He couldn't help but smile at the thought, but then it returned to sorrow as he looked back at his wife. "Do we have any idea when my wife will awaken and what do you need from me, Doctor?"

"Honestly I do not know when she will wake up, and you can go sit down beside her and talk to her, kiss her on the forehead even whisper sweet somethings into her ear. Even hold her hand. And maybe even true loves kiss will wake her up. It has been known that loving contact will help those who sleep get much better." He looked at what they had on hand to help do healing, "I would love to be able to have an operational sickbay and put him, " looking at the chief of operations, "into a vat of healing substance to help his burns, a substance made of healing herbs that will coat and sooth the burnt flesh. "

He wanted to stay here with her, to sit here and wait for her eyes to flutter open. There was so much to say, so much to do. They were to have eternity together - their life expectancy easily 1,000 years because of their El-Aurian heritages - but it was at risk. All of it was at risk. To make it worse there was little he could do.

"I wish I could get Sickbay online for you, Doctor, but we barely have a skeleton crew aboard" he answered. "Between the evacuation, the casualties, and strangely the people that seem to have just vanished without a trace we have hardly anyone aboard this ship. Hell, at the moment you are the highest ranked medical officer aboard that is still active in Starfleet." He sighed, "The A500s and DOTs are assigned to work on the primary systems, but I will go work on the Secondary Sickbay myself. With any luck I will be able to get it online."

Cyrus looked sharply at Targaryen, "I wasn't meaning for you to go do that, but if it will help you out, then you be careful. However, I didn't see you do what the doctor prescribed, meaning me. I did say and I will repeat it. Go sit down by her, hold her hand, give her a kiss on the forehead and a kiss on the lips. This is not only for her good but yours." he walked over with a tricorder and scanned Targaryen, "Just as I thought your blood pressure is elevated and that isn't good. You now just sit right here with your wife, do as I prescribed, and remember the happy times. Positive energy and thoughts go a long way to heal people." he grumped, "And you doing what I asked, will help me too." his face softening, as a slight smile appeared.

"Doctor, you're going to end up being my Chief Medical Officer because of all that has happened. The last one served with me for a decade, so there's one key thing you're going to have to get to know about me. I have to keep busy in situations like this or it will make me worse. I am not emotionally compromised, so there is no need to question my command decisions, but I am in need to keep busy or my condition may descend to that. Unfortunately, the Counseling staff is also missing and so far we have yet to find any of them. This is not the first time that my wife and I have been apart like this, I had hoped that it was the last time before this, but she will find her way back. It will take time," he remembered the disaster at the Galactic Core in which the ancient Preserver had been released upon the galaxy, intent on reshaping the entire cosmos in his image.

"I will be in the Secondary Sickbay if you need me," he concluded as he walked toward the door.

"Admiral, I am experienced with those who have to be busy to keep their sanity. However like my daddy and mama told me, never go out the door angry and never ever leave without a kiss before you walk out the door. I give a friendly piece of advice on that one and seriously. And I have taken that to heart. Even if I do not have my own partner I firmly believe in that. It will be needed for her. And this time, please follow a doctor's prescription give her a kiss and don't worry I will turn my back. And then you can get out of my hair." giving a warm smile just to off set his, strong firmness.

Willian stopped and stared at the partially open door, letting the words sink in. He had been with his wife for over 8 years now... if you took into consideration that they were thrown into the far future it had technically become 708 years he supposed. He had been through a lot with her and this was nothing new to them. Hell, not long ago he'd basically overthrown the Klingon Empire for her because of a diplomatic mission gone wrong. He knew what he needed to do both from the brain and from the heart.

"Why do I have the distinct impression that you and I are going to have a lot of debates in the future, Doctor?" He paused, looking at his wife, "I know that if I go in that room I am going to be emotionally compromised. If that happens this ship has no Captain, this crew no leader, and right now we're in the tenth circle of Hell with no way to escape to even Purgatory at this point." He let out a long breath and he looked at her, "My wife... we've faced this before. Last time I nearly destroyed the Federation for her when she was in an accident like this - plunging us into war with the Klingon Empire when I declared the Klingon Right of Vengeance against her attacker's killer; who also so happened to be the Chancellor of the High Council." He lifted a hand, "It's a very long story that i don't want to go into right now." He still looked at her, stepped into the room and brushed a strand of her hair from her cheek. He bent down and kissed her, feeling his world slip away for a moment as he did. The cold overtaking her, changing something inside of him in the interim.

The Admiral removed his rank bar and set it with her, "I will keep them safe, I promise, and I love you. Find your way back again."

He turned on his heel and went toward the door, "You'll have your medical bay within the day."

Cyrus had turned his back to the Admiral as promised but caught the reflection of that tender moment in the mirror, surreptitiously wiping away a tear. Cyrus turned, "I will be looking forward to it, Admiral" he stated, watching as the man left the room. He looked at the Chief of Operations, now hopefully we can help you and Luzol get better."


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