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A History Lesson

Posted on Mon May 31st, 2021 @ 3:58am by Willian Targaryen & Lieutenant Rrawran & Lieutenant Bissiv th'Zaanaq

1,191 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: Short Treks
Location: Starfleet One
Timeline: 0000-00-00, 16:30

Admiral Willian Targaryen walked alongside Lieutenant Rrawran as they entered the Security Compound in the Stardrive of the ship. It was not really in much better shape than the rest of the ship, but they had been able to bring their unexpected guest here shortly after his ship made the trip with them. Now his ship was in pieces in the Saucer Shuttlebay and he was locked away in the depths of the Stardrive Section.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" The universal translator converted Rrawran's growls and yips into something a bit more easily understood.

"I'm not really sure about much of anything these days, Lieutenant," Willian was having trouble being reassuring as they walked. "Where did they take him?"

He checked his PADD, "They placed him in the clinic."

Willian rolled his eyes, "You mean to tell me that they're doing triage in my First Officer's Office and you have a clinic operational down here?"

"I didn't say it was operational, Sir," the alien defended as they approached the door. It did not open for them. Rrawran opened the door release and manually opened it, "See what I mean?"

"Starting to," Willian answered as he entered the clinic. It was smaller than he remembered it being. Located in the aft section of the Security Compound, this small clinic was designed to be used to treat prisoners who had medical emergencies. It was limited in capability compared to the other treatment centers on the ship. It had only four biobeds - one surgical and three recovery - and very little in the way of supplies.

Biss was laying on a biobed on the opposite wall. A Corpsman was sitting at the central workstation and a guard was posted near the door. The Admiral looked at the medic, "Report."

"He has some minor injuries that we have already been able to treat, Sir," the Medic explained. He rose and walked over to the biobed, "Well, at least what he's allowed us to treat."

"I should formally welcome you aboard this time, Mister Biss," Targaryen said as he crossed his arms.

"Where's my bloody ship?!" Demanded the Andorian.

"Half of it is in Shuttlebay 4, a third is in Cargobay 12, and the remainder is in our Shuttle Maintenance Bay. Seems you were a little too close when we engaged our engines and got dragged along for the ride," Willian answered as Rrawran watched from near the exit. "We have deployed our DOT-9 and a few A500s to work on it, but our priority is our ship. Certain you can understand."

"You did it on purpose! All to save yourselves a few dilithium crystals." He said before wincing in paining a holding his side.

Targaryen defended, "To be fair you did transmit the data of my vessel's location on open subspace threatening the safety of this ship and its entire crew. My first responsibility is to them. I am sorry that your vessel was in the way of that, which is why I am willing to arrange for its repairs - over time - in exchange for your assistance." He lifted his hand, "Before you say that you'll just wait for your friends to come pick you up that may take some time. We're about 60 light-years from where we met you. If the state of the galaxy is as bleak as you say it may take them some time to find you."

"It'll take years for them to get here." The Andorian grumbled. "What assistance could I possibly provide you? You have Dilithium, keep that safe and you're a powerful entity."

"That is exactly why I need you: to keep this ship safe. As you pointed out I'm not exactly from this neighborhood now am I? I do not know who the power players are. I do not know friends and I do not know foes. That makes you a powerful entity, Mister Biss, one with whom I am willing to work to reach an agreement." He looked at Rrawran, "Have him come in."

The alien Security Officer pressed the release and a tall Kelpien entered the clinic carrying a storage box. The lanky alien set the container on the table next to the biobed and stepped away, sharing a glance at the Admiral in the process. Willian ignored it and pressed the release on the container, revealing a crystal inside.

"If you help me I won't give you dilithium, but I will give you something better instead. This is a specialized version of dilithium - synthesized aboard this ship - that is highly refined and doesn't break down as quickly as others. The technology was a gift from Xahea long before you were born. If I give you this you have roughly the equivalent of five dilithium crystals instead of one. It's yours in exchange for your help."

"What can I do for you?" Biss asked, unimpressed by an empty offer but it seemed he had little choice with his ship in ruins in this ships shuttle bay.

Willian closed the case and placed it next to Biss, "Let's consider this a down payment on your help. I need someone to advise my ship and crew on what exactly is going on in this galaxy and who the players are. As you can tell my knowledge is a bit out of date and I don't have the time to have you catch me up on 700 years in an hour. So, you help me and maybe I'll up that payment in the long run."

"I'm no historian. We've been cut off since the burn, only having access to local information and hear say. I honestly am not sure how much help I can really be." Biss replied honestly, wincing again.

"I don't even know the hearsay, Mister Biss, which makes you a valuable commodity for me at the moment. So, there's your payment. You're free to leave this clinic when they clear you; however, you will have limited access to locations aboard this ship for the time being. At least until I can be certain you aren't going to try to steal all of our dilithium or call for help. I'm sure that you understand."

The Andorian nodded, "Of course." He gingerly offered the Captain his hand. "Perhaps second times a charm?"

Willian could feel the Security Officer reach toward his sidearm, but he motioned him away. He accepted the alien's hand, "Perhaps this is the start of a far better relationship than before. Don't make me regret it."

"I will assist as much as I can. I'm hardly in a position to do anything but." Biss replied with a croak in his voice. He couldn't remember the last time he had something non alcoholic to drink.

Targaryen turned toward the Security Officer, "Arrange quarters aboard the ship for Mister Biss and get him some water rations while we work to get the replicators back online."

There was an annoyed tone, as impossible at it may seem, to Rrawran's automated response of "Aye." The Admiral couldn't blame him. This wasn't exactly standard operating procedure.

"Welcome aboard, Mister Biss."

"Thank you...Captain."


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