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Chapter 3.2

Posted on Mon Jan 23rd, 2023 @ 11:49pm by Willian Targaryen & Lieutenant Rrawran & Lieutenant Jardok & Lieutenant Juma Zoss & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Lieutenant R'relle & Warrant Officer Harris Zim

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Mission: No One Gets Left Behind
Location: Risa
Timeline: 3189-03-16, 12:00

Unlike so many of his contemporaries, Lieutenant Rrawran had never been much of a fan of Risa. While he understood the appeal of a rich, tropical world where hedonistic pleasures could be quickly satiated, being a Rorworr he could never quite get over the heat. His species were descended from canine bloodlines and were known for their thick, heavy coats. While he would be more than comfortable visiting Andoria on vacation, Risa was never one of his priority picks for shore leave. In fact, once when he visited the world, he'd gone so far as having heat stroke from the experience.

Today was not that day.

The Risian Captial was centralized in the equatorial island chains of the planet. When Rrawran had last visited here the entire building was awash with barely clothed people who were enjoying the sun. Now, those brave enough to face the elements, were dressed almost like he naturally looked in massive parkas and coats, and they were few. The entire city was blanketed in a sea of white snow as far as the eye could see. The palm trees that towered over the land were iced over, with the icicles hanging almost to the snow itself. Even he could feel the cold on his skin.

"We should seek shelter and a place to deliver the supplies," the Tactical Officer called out to the rest of the team.

Zim had prepared for the weather before beaming down and as such was now clad in a think parka coat and hat as well as gloves. His legs were covered in a pair of snow pants. He looked toward Lieutenant Rrawran and nodded his agreement about going inside. "I think we should head into the Capital building over there. Perhaps find out where they want these supplies that were promised." Zim pointed toward the Capital building as he spoke.

The translator circuits of Rrawran's TriCom struggled with the cold, "I think that's a great idea. What do you think, Doctor?" The growls and yips of his native language were audible for the first time since they upgraded at CS12.

R'elle was cold. She had bundled up and was wearing cold weather gear and she had her fur but still it was cold. "I agree we need to find shelter first then get information." It seemed the logical thing to do. She was anxious to help but they had to be organized and make sure that it was done right and they were able to help everybody they could.

Jardok's comm voice interrupted them, "Just a quick update from nearby: the Enterprise is detecting an additional storm cell brewing over Risa. We have, roughly, thirty minutes."

With that new piece of information Zim did not wait for any other discussions. He made for the Capital building as everything told him that was the best place to start.

It was only a few seconds later that the main entrance to the capital opened, revealing the leader of the Risian Hedony, Paevir Aylwer, standing there. "Thank the Maker that you're here!"

Marner gave a nod, "Yes we have arrived." giving a concerned look towards the leader.

The Risian leader continued, "I appreciate your efforts to bring relief supplies, but we really need to think about evacuation at this point. The planet is approaching an apocalyptic extinction level event, we have millions at risk and thousands already dead. We need to get the people off this planet and to somewhere safe!"

Rrawran looked at Doctor Marner as he was in operational command of this assignment, but he couldn't escape the reality of the fact that the Enterprise wasn't capable of transporting very many people at the moment. Normally the ship's evacuation capacity was 40,000 people but their current situation decimated that number to a fractional amount. The canine like Security Officer wondered what the response would be.

There were times when Zim thought that officers forgot how to think and this was one of those times. "Sirs it is possible to design a makeshift shelter. With the use of the Enterprise's replicators we can make what would equate to a large shelter capable of housing just about everyone. It would be temporary until we can get the weather satellites back in operation."

The Rorworr's ears perked up at the question. While older, Enterprise did feature a large number of dedicated industrial replicators in its stardrive section based upon designs that were created for the Texas Class in the late 24th Century. It could build entire structures and beam them directly to the surface, if it had enough power and time. "What do you think, Doc?"

As if coming out of deep thought, Cyrus looked at Zim and Rwaran "That is a splendid idea, would a shelter from the storm, just how long would that take to get put together?" his mind grasping upon the idea, and thinking about the hurricanes centuries ago and people seeking shelter in a dome. "Let's see if we can do that and then get our minds, well my mind unfrozen, at what is happening. And would help to treat those who are needing the most care."

"With the use of the industrial replicator and a large amount of Engineers I think we can get it done in a matter of hours. Once it is up it could stay up until we can get the system restored. The only issue I see with it, is where? There needs to be a large enough space to build a structure of this magnitude." Zim spoke up again as he watched the snow come down.

"I suggest we find a suitable space quickly. These poor people are freezing and we need to get them to a shelter asap. Why don't we look around and see if we can find a space big enough?" R'elle said

The planetary leader of Risa interrupted, "I am fearful that there is not enough time left for the planet to support such an initiative. With the number of storms that are growing, and the failure of our weather grid to protect us, I fear that the planet may be incapable of supporting life much longer at all." He pointed to the snow nearby, "This is not isolated. I have a beach on the other side of the globe that's glass from all the lightning strikes, I have flood waters that have taken out cities, this is Armageddon! Please, evacuate my people!"

"It is not Armageddon, it is a malfunctioning weather control system and that is it." Zim could not help but interject.

Cyrus gazed at the leader of Risa, for a few long moments then he stated, "My good Paevir Aylwer I will say this, for where we are at we can help those who are needing warmth and medical treatment. Evacuating the whole planet in record time would be undertaking a major amount of resources that we do not have at our finger tips right now. However I have faith that the engineers who are working on the weather satellites will be able to fix what is happening. Right now we do need to help what and who we can in the here and now. Do you have a large stadium that can be utilized to help quite a few people to get warmed up? Or even a convention hall that can hold a number of people? Lets get to that and then we can beam down the clothing that is needed to help everyone be warmed up." he pulled out a Padd which held an older map of Risa, scrolling through until he came to something that caught his attention. "There your convention festival banquet hall. We'll go there now, and I'll contact Enterprise for the supplies to be beamed down. Yes, could be classified as a bandaid for now but need to do what we can."

Then Cyrus proceeded to head towards the building, he could see the air from his breath come out in small clouds, but things can be better and can improve.

As they walked toward the building, Lieutenant Rrawran was silently impressed by the Doctor standing up to the leader of Risa as he had. Throughout history there had been a history of politicians who sought to promote the few over the needs of the one and the Rorworr had been gratified to find that the Doctor was not giving an opportunity for Risa's leader to be the same as so many others.

"We have the Enterprise ready to start beaming down supplies, Doctor," the Security Officer informed. When he knew they were outside of earshot of the Risian leader, "We need to be careful of him, Doctor. In Enterprise's current state we wouldn't be able to transport even a fraction of the people we once could. I hate to say it but they could also overtake us in open combat."

"Away Teams, this is Enterprise. Emerald Chain forces are inbound. Please hunker down and prepare yourselves for what may come. We hope to be out of this soon. Enterprise out."

"Oh no! Sounds like trouble! Bad enough Risa's leader is demanding we beam everybody up but now The emerald Chain is here. OK well, we can handle this can't we?" R'elle was trying to put a positive spin on things, trying to not sound scared, which she was.

Rrawran answered, "In our time the Enterprise was one of the most dangerous combatants in space. Here, I'm not so sure."

Hearing that they would not be able to leave the planet anytime soon, and that the resources of the Enterprise were no longer an option Zim took a ration bar out of his pack and began to gnaw on it. "Well it seems that now we are in the same situation as the residents of this planet. The question is what do we do now." He took another bite, gods knew that he was fresh out of ideas.

Cyrus clapped his hands together and rubbed them momentarily as he thought. "Right now we still need to get people into that building, and gather all of the blankets that we can get our hands on, including any amount of clothing that can be layered." he turned to the leader. "I suggest that we get any fabric, clothing from shops and I am certain there are things of that nature available."

He headed towards the building he had mentioned to take a look at what would be the most approrpriate area to help keep people warmer. He quite frankly was surprised tthat he'd be calling upon his experience of dealing with cold like he had when going icefishing.

Aylwer had not been far away and had overheard the message from the Enterprise, "If the Emerald Chain is coming, does that mean that they're behind all of this? Could they be here to attack? Or could they be here to save us?" The Risian sounded hopeful with the last line, briefly smiling as he looked above. "Are they our salvation?"

Rrawran didn't like the sound of that. For all the evidence that they'd seen the Emerald Chain had been aggressors in this time, and the fact that the leader of Risa was starting to sound like their fanboy didn't sit right with him. He, subtly, moved his hand toward his phaser should the President try something. As he waited a series of structures beamed in not far behind, powered by a massive generator with Federation markings that had also just been beamed in.

R'elle looked at the Risan man incredulously, "The emerald chain? Salvation? Are you crazy? They only care about themselves! If your smart, you'll stick with us! The federation cares about it's people. The chain just wants to use you and your planet! Wouldn't be surprised if they caused it in the first place!"

Cyrus pivoted around to face off with the head of the planet, he had a hint of ire in his eyes. "You think that they will be your saviours? Think again." his voice rumbled in his chest. "They were instrumental in destroying a civilization and you.. you have the audacity to think they will be someone who will save you? You will be working out a way to help your people to survive with us. Now get your head out of the dark side of your lower half and lets get ourselves in a safe spot and get the materials needed to survive. Confound you, are you so helpless you can't go into survival mode?" Cyrus knew that he wasn't being diplomatic, but he was a doctor not a diplomat and any sort of diplomacy went out the window. "We are here to help you as much as we can. I have faith in those who are working to get the system working for now we are at war with the elements."He looked over towards Zim. "I need some planning and I feel you are the man to come up with ideas. If you are up for it and also the rest of you. Lets get into cover and get things done. " with a little bit of a scoff, he actually grabbed the upper arm of the leader and brought him along.

To the other Risans there, Cyrus remarked. "If you value your lives get your behinds into that building we are headed for. On the double!" his voice ringing through the air.

Rrawran smirked, "Yes Sir!"

Zim was impressed with the change in the Doctor's demeanor. However, he wondered if it was too little too late. If they think that the Emerald Chain can sace them then we should leave and let the Emerald Chain do whatever it will. he thought. Harris Zim knew the duty of Starfleet, however, he often thought that it made no sense whatsoever. "Yes sir I think we can come up with something." He said as he shouldered his pack and made for the building.

The door slammed open as the Risan leader was propelled in through the double doors that led into the large convention hall, slash possible banquet area? It was the center for the moment with hardly any windows. "This could work."Cyrus mused, "Probably." he looked at the leader. "Any answers?, ideas coming from your besides you thinking you need to go on your knees and beg for mercy of the Emerald Chain?"

"Considering the global storm's about to devastate our entire atmosphere and destroy everything we have right now I still think we need to be talking evacuation, not hiding out in a banquet hall!" The Risian protested. "Every single continent of this planet is being decimated by some storm or another. We have snow here, the Tembiti Lagoon has been struck by so much lightning its glass, the flood waters are so far inland that..."

Rrawran had had enough. Firing his phaser, set for stun, the Risian leader fell back to the ground in a heap. "Oops," the Security Officer commented. "The President was hysterical. It was for his own safety."

"Not to mention ours. This guy is not prepared for anything like that. I think that was an excellent call Rrawran. Very direct and to the point and very effective. That will keep him out of our hair for a while. I don't trust him not to turn us over to the emerald chain to save himself." R'elle said.

"While you are right he was hindering us. He wasn't wrong about planning. There needs to be a plan and there needs to be one now. Every moment spent conversing is a moment closer to the end of his planet." Zim realized that he was acting against his own idea so he quieted down.

Cyrus looked down at the unconcious Risan Govenor, then with a sigh he bent down wrapped his arms around his chest and dragged him further into the banquet hall and put him up against the wall, then checked his vitals. He then stood up, "Well I do appreciate what you did, Rrawran, it saved me from punching the man. Now though when he wakes up we're going to be dealing with an indignant muckity muck. Right now evacuation of the planet isn't possible, however need to see if there are any ways to escape underground just in case we need to relocate."

Cyrus tapped on his commbadge hoping that communications was still operational. "Enterprise any word on the repairs for the weather control?"

Jardok answered, "Not yet. We're too busy dealing with the Emerald Chain and now we're detecting weapons fire on the station."

Zim walked over to Lieutenant Marner. "Sir, now I am no scientist. But, I wonder if this would work. Would it be possible to use the Enterprise to regulate Risa's weather. If the ship went into geosynchronous orbit it may be possible using the deflector dish. If we get this weather under control fixing the satellites would not have to be such a rush.

"I heard him," the Vulcan answered. "It'd take some doing, but I wouldn't rule it out. Standby. The Chain vessel's entering orbit."

"Didn't the old Enterprise go through something similar to what we're having here? What was it Prothara, Prentara, Penthara?" Rrawran asked absently as he helped refugees in.

Cyrus could only shrug at this point, "I have not a clue but, now we need to get even more creative. Right now need to hunker down and hope like crazy that the Enterprise will be able to fend off what is coming towards them and us."

The Doc was right and Zim hated it. More accurately he hated that he was on the planet's surface and not on the ship where the fight was. He decided to take some of Cyrus' advice and made his way for a fire and a hot cup of coffee.

Cyrus watched as Zim went to get some coffee, mulling over what had just been said, then his eyes widened, he tapped on his commbadge, "Enterprise did you say there was weaponfire upon the weather station? Can you give me a report, was it from the Orion ship or from those on the station?" Cyrus's heart was pounding now, as it sounded like things may have gotten worse.

The voice of Lieutenant Juma Zoss came through the communicator, "Doctor, we'll get back to you. Enterprise out."


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