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Chapter 1.2

Posted on Mon Apr 10th, 2023 @ 11:14pm by Commander Galatea & Lieutenant Commander Sawbones & Lieutenant Iblis Ilkun & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Lieutenant R'relle & Lieutenant Ramat'iklan & Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Lucia Alves & Lieutenant Sharra'kon Carina

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Mission: Remember Everything
Location: Sickbay, Starfleet One
Timeline: 3189-03-17, 06:35

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency," Sawbones announced as his holomatrix was activated in the Sickbay of Starfleet One. The Long-Term Medical Hologram, a replica of Leonard McCoy, didn't need to have an explanation from what he saw. Since their arrival in the future, Sawbones had been rarely used because of the limited amount of power that had been available. He was only a priority in an emergency and this qualified. "Don't bother."

Sickbay was full of patients in varied levels of pain or injury. The hologram connected with the main computer and soon learned that they had encountered three vessels of Battle Group Omega - the Anesidora, Kraken, and Nostromo - only to find that their command codes had been overridden. They immediately opened fire on the Enterprise, causing significant damage in a short amount of time. Worse, they blew out a plasma conduit in the Engineering Section and created this disaster.

He found the nearest medical officer, "How can I help?"

Cyrus looked at the influx of injured, heaving a sigh. This was reminding him of when the ship had been dragged through the phenomena which propelled them forward in time. "Right, lets get down to business." He muttered to himself before being slightly startled by a voice at his elbow. He swiftly turned around to see, "Bones!" flashing a quick smile, then it faded.

He looked at the injured coming in, they needed to be sorted out into groups. "Okay people we need to do triage find the worse all the way to ones that can wait and for those," he grimaced, handing out 'tags' "we are unable to save." he turned back to Bones. "This is almost like when we were sucked through that anamoly and found ourselves here. That was a mess." Cyrus shaking his head at that memory.

He looked up as the lights flashed slightly. "How are you doing?" he asked Bones. "If you are okay, help to diagnose who needs treatment first then we'll have to get into doing surgeries and the like."

"I'm here to help, Doctor," the replica of Leonard McCoy answered. "My matrix has been reset thanks to that Cardassian Engineer of yours. Still getting used to the beard though," he joked trying to bring some levity to the situation, the subroutines telling him it was a good idea to make such a comment.

This gave Cyrus a quick smile, "Well indeed it does make you look rather distinguished." he looked back around at all the people coming in.

"Apparently the real Leonard McCoy had it while he worked for the Mariposa Organization in the 2270s. Must've been a favorite of his. At least I got a uniform back."

The Emergency Room of the Sickbay Complex was quickly filling. On the first biobed a Bolian patient lay unconscious with blood coming from a wound on his forehead.

Ramat'iklan and his team sprang into action without delay, cleaning out the man's wound, and then healing the serious laceration beneath. "Careful. Bolian internal chemistry is corrosive." Ramat warned the junior nurse who'd somehow had the nerve to work without any gloves on. "Gloves on, and do it quickly. Now." He did not look up as the young, attractive blonde scurried off to grab a pair of gloves; he merely picked up her work and finished it with practiced precision and steadiness.

The medical scans indicated that the Bolian patient had minor damage to his frontal lobe, which had caused the unconsciousness. It would need to be repaired and it was Ramat'iklan's assignment.

Ramat'iklan nodded at the young blonde who'd come over with gloves on this time. Sonequa, he'd learned her name was. She was a good girl with the best of intentions and a work ethic to rival the best doctors he knew, but everyone slipped from time to time. Besides, she hadn't asked to be tossed into this cruel future just half a year into her rotational training. "Come, ensign. This man here has damage to his frontal lobe. Tell me, what should you do in this instance." He talked as he worked, hands moving with precision only attainable after years of practice - moreso for someone like him. Teaching and learning took place 24/7, no matter what the situation at hand in his experience and this was one such scenario which she would no doubt encounter.

Thank the Founders for Sonequa's quick mind and assistance; the Bolian was soon stable and sound asleep as he recuperated, leaving Ramat'iklan time to give her a pat on the back before sending her elsewhere.

Biobed two had a young Vulcan who sat quietly staring forward. Her uniform was stained with blood and she cradled her stomach, slightly, in her hands.

Sawbones came over and joined Doctor Bel Ragh at the Vulcan patient, "Could you use some help, Doctor?"

Another biobed had a young Mizarian man sitting on it, gently rocking back and forth.

R'elle went over to him. "Hi, I'm r'elle. what's wrong? Are you in pain?"

"I... I... watched as all this happened. I was working in Engineering... Why are we fighting? We're Starfleet. We're not soldiers." The Mizarian gently rocked on the biobed, the system revealing no physical ailment or damage.

Now she understood why the captain sent her down here. Yes this one needed a counselor. "Want to talk about it? Must have been pretty scary, seeing all those people hurt!" R'elle said.

The young man looked at the Caitian, "My people are pacifists, we've been conquered more times than I can count, I'm not meant to be here. None of us are. We should give up. We should let them take the ship!"

"Hey come on! You know better than that! I know your scared but Starfleet is not a pacifist organization! We have to fight to protect others." She was wondering if this guy was a pacifist, how the heck did he get in Starfleet?

The Mizarian was surprised by the comment, "We're not soldiers! We're explorers! This isn't what I signed up for!"

"Perhaps not. However It does happen. We may be explorers but Starfleet is also charged with the defense of the federation. I know you don't like violence. I know it is rough for you. You have probably seen more than you ever wanted. You can get through this. I believe you have the inner strength to get through this. I know it's scary, especially for someone like you. However as I said, Starfleet is not a pacifist organization. Exploration is our primary purpose but , at times like this, we must engage in battle to defend the innocent. You have to face your fears. I know it isn't easy but I know you can do it!" Poor guy was probably traumatized by all this. She couldn't help think that Starfleet isn't the right place for him. Perhaps there was still hope. However, he had to understand the true nature of Starfleet unless he needed up worse than this next time.

"Thank you, Counselor, for speaking with me," the Mizarian answered. "I'll try to do better."

"I know you will. It's going to be tough but I have confidence in you!" R'elle said. "And if you need to talk, just come and see me."

Then another round of patients were brought in, one with clear dilithium burns and another who was helping her in. The Human woman was worse off, while the Bajoran man had what appeared to be just a few cuts.

"Ow, ow, ow. Shit. Just my luck..." The gray-skinned woman grumbled as she trudged through the hallways of the shockingly old-fashioned starship. She clutched her left arm, in which was buried a long, sharp piece of shrapnel. A fragment of a wall, perhaps. She'd been told where to go by the extremely befuddled Barzan transporter chief, of course, enduring stares from passing crew all the way.

Well, it wasn't surprising given that she was also dripping amber blood. The benefits of being part Jem'hadar!

"Gotta find it. Gotta find- ah, here. Finally." She trudged through the set of doors labelled 'sickbay' and glanced around at the equally old-fashioned equipment and facilities within. "Uh. Hello? Anyone able to help me out here? I've got a... somethin' somethin'... stuck in my arm- oh, Minerva's robes." She stared with wide gray eyes at the chaos around her. What the hell's happened here? She wondered to herself.

Lucia moved towards the injured Jem'Hadar woman, "Please come and sit here." she guided her to the bed. The grey skinned woman looked massive in size in comparison to Lucia and she couldn't help but just look up at her as they moved. "I'll give you something for the pain just now and get a few scans of your arm. Are you injured anywhere else?" Lucia asked.

"Not that I can feel. I would know. I've been cut, slashed, bruised, burned, shot, stabbed and clubbed so many times I've lost count." Sharra muttered, deadpan. Survive the brutal Magna Roman arena and you'll survive anywhere else, or so she'd learned. Try having to kill other people to survive. "But if there is something I missed, just treat it. Maybe I'm wrong, huh?"

"So, uh. Mind telling me why this sickbay of yours is about six centuries out of date?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. Obviously an attempt at small talk that wasn't about death or plants.

Listening to the woman talk Lucia could do nothing but stare at her until what she had said caught up with her. "Oh no, no you're scans aren't showing anything that out of what I would expect." Lucia tried to wave the woman's comments away. "As to sickbay... this ship is originally from the 24th century and we had a little mishap that propelled us into this time." she shrugged. "All a bit above my head I'm afraid."

Seeing the arrival of those with radiation burns, Cyrus sprang into action. He went over to check on the burns and to see how extensive they were. Would she need to be in a hyronaline bath to help her heal? He ran the scans in order to figure out the extent of it. "Here come have a seat" bringing her over towards a bio bed. He proceeded to take care of the burns.

The second new arrival, an Andorian, followed Doctor Marner along to be treated, hoping that this would be an easy treatment.

Marner gave a nod and started the treatment for the Andoriann as well. He fretted just a bit as he worked on the radiation burns on both patients. He decided to make a poultice wrap for the burns, since at the moment he didn't have time to make a burn bathing area.

Just as quickly as it had all began, everything inside the Sickbay began to change. Near instantaneously the entire room went from being awash in chaos and pain back to its more calming, serene reality. All of the critical triage patients vanished without a trace as the holographic emitters deactivated, leaving behind only a few who were truly sick and injured for treatment. The darkened lights returned to full power as the flashing red alert warnings and klaxons were replaced by their more traditional obsidian coloring. The damage to the room was immediately mended, the polished look of the whole ward back in a blink.

"Simulation complete," Galatea's voice echoed through the room over the communications speakers. "Reports will be submitted to all Department Heads on efficiency."

Ramat'iklan merely grimaced and stripped off his gloves as he debriefed his team promptly, with firm but fair feedback.

Sharra, on the other hand, stared around her in bewilderment and the young ensign treating her in befuddlement. "Wait a mo'. So you're telling me that I walked into... into... what is this, a holosuite? Is this training?" She winced as more than one pair of eyes turned to look at her, the one oddity among everyone in the room. Especially with her uniform, which was certainly not 25th century Starfleet.

Sawbones crossed his arms, "Galatea must have decided we all needed to prepare for this mission." The holograms eyes started to glow as he accessed internal data from the ship's computer, "I am reading no damage to the ship, aside from the unrepaired items from our initial transfer to this era. No critical injuries. No radiation. No plasma leak. The ship is, mostly, fine."

Cyrus glanced up, a bewildered expression in his eyes then turned towards the persons he had been treating, only to see them fade away. He gave a sigh, "I hope I passed the test. " Working to clean his hands. He looked around to check on how all of his people were doing. From his observations, it looked like they had handled things well. "How did we do, Bones?" looking at the holo doctor.

The replica of Leonard McCoy's eyes started to glow as he processed the information available, "Unknown, Doctor. Galatea has locked access to the database; however, speaking from experience, I believe we aced it."


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