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Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Lucia Alves

Name Lucia Alves

Position Nurse

Rank Lieutenant (Junior Grade)

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25


Personal History Lucia was born in Lisbon, Portugal. She is the youngest of 4 with 2 older brothers and one sister. Her father Benedito was a Starfleet Engineer and her mother, Teodora, was a nurse at a local hospital.

It was her mothers work in the hospital that Lucia caught on to and idolised. Helping people at their weakest and most vulnerable, lifting them up again and healing them back to health was something that seemed to burn in her heart from a young age. She knew that was what she was meant to do.

She was quite book smart and had an impressive memory when it came to facts and figures… sometimes she could remember entire passages from books and texts on the net. Lucia also had an amazing empathy to her, able to connect with the best, and worst, of people and give them their own person centred care that was so important to recovery.

Lucia knew her goal and set off to achieve it. Throughout high school she worked hard so she could get into university and took on a nursing degree. With 4 years under her belt, civilian training she decided she wanted more and took on a year's Starfleet training so she could help more than just one planet's population.

At the age of 23 she was assigned to the USS Axel Rose as a nurse and served there for two years before transferring with merit to the Federation One undertaking the same role.
Service Record Starfleet Medical Fast Track Course
Nurse, USS Axel Rose
Nurse, Federation One