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Lieutenant Sharra'kon Carina

Name Sharra'kon Benedicta Carina

Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species 3/4 Magna Roman, 1/4 Jem'hadar
Age 25


Personal History Sharra never met her father, being raised alone by her mother. In the wake of the Burn Magna Roman society regressed partially into its older, more militaristic and honor-driven way of life; each year a gladiatorial tournament would be held to the death of the final contestant short of the winner themself in order to win resources and renown for their home district. Naturally with her heritage Sharra was the logically most suitable candidate in front of her mother; as such her training began very early on in her childhood as soon as she was physically mature enough. She would begin competing aged nine years old and go on to be the last surviving competitor for five years running.

That being said Sharra soon tired of the endless cycle of train, compete, kill and train again only to do it all over again. She would find escape by way of one of her more sympathetic trainers, who managed to get her transport to Starbase Albion, a Federation space station, where she found refuge.

The working ethics of the Starfleet personnel around her inspired her to join them, but this time in a position in which she could not spill any more blood. She would go on to take on the midshipman's training programme aboard the Angelou-class USS Juventas, in whose forest biomes she would receive her training as an exobotanist. Following completion of her training she would be posted to the Starfleet outpost on Risa in order to aid in landscaping and terraforming efforts.
Service Record