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Chapter 2.3

Posted on Mon May 15th, 2023 @ 11:25am by Commander Galatea & Commander Emko Xasx & Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Aiden Crowe & Lieutenant Dylan Blake & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Lieutenant R'relle & Lieutenant Ramat'iklan & Warrant Officer Harris Zim

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Mission: Remember Everything
Location: Shuttlebay, USS Enterprise
Timeline: 3189-03-17, 08:45

Liaison's Log, Galatea Recording:

The Enterprise has survived the assault from the Hekaran vessel Serova, but the damage has been significant. Their Verteon pulse has disabled all subspace systems including our defenses, engines, and long-range communications, leaving us at risk for further potential attacks.

While I should remain on the Bridge to assist with defensive coordination, I have 'convinced' Captain Targaryen that I would be better suited to be on the team interrogating the passengers of the rogue shuttle. With the current state that the ship is in this will be easier said than done, but I am confident in this crew's abilities to get the job done.

Galatea stood quietly in the turbolift as it descended through the Starship Enterprise toward the Main Shuttlebay wondering how she had convinced the Captain that she was the right person to lead this team. When the Hekarans first came aboard and he decided to meet with them in the Briefing Room Willian had wanted her to remain in command of the Bridge until his return. Instead he saw the wisdom in letting her be the one to greet the renegade shuttle crew. She really wondered if he had lost his mind or, perhaps, she had truly began to trust him.

All it took was for her to break her Oath. It was a small price to pay.

Her sensors noted that the shuttle was slowing down in its descent. Within a second the doors slid open revealing the massive Main Shuttlebay of the Enterprise. Easily the size of four football fields, the Shuttlebay was the largest single room inside the ship. Dozens of small craft were positioned along the grounds with others suspended from docking ports attached to the ceiling. Galatea smiled as she saw it, the emotion chip letting her inspiration shine.

"Let's prepare to bring the shuttle aboard. The Tractor Beam Generators are nonfunctional. We're going to have to use the Grappler System to try to latch on and bring the shuttle aboard. Any takers?"

"I figured you'd say that," Lieutenant Blake answered having already been standing at the controls trying to plan how to do this with minimal damage. "It probably won't be pretty but I think we could hook it inside, unless of course anyone else has a better idea?"

"I don't have any other suggestions other than I've got a medkit just in case it is needed." Cyrus offered. He was sort of surprised at having Galatea in charge but also to him it worked out.

"I hope that you don't need it, Doctor," the android announced as she looked at the opening bay door, "But I am gratified that you, R'relle, and Ramat'iklan are here."

"Well... I hope I won't be necessary for this, however, best to be prepared than being caught with our proverbial up a creek with no paddle." Cyrus drawled out with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Agreed Cyrus! Best to be prepared!" R'elle said. "Thanks for the Compliment Galatea. Always nice to be appreciated."

Galatea looked over her shoulder at the Operations Officer, "Mister Blake, lock on when ready."

"Right," Dylan sighed then flexed his fingers before brining the controls into life. With many of the ships systems still offline Dylan pouted with concentration as he lined up the spear like head of the Grappler toward the disabled shuttle by eye. Adjusting his view fractional he hoped this unusual plan would somehow work. Even if it did there was no knowing what would greet them once the shuttle doors had been breached.

"Here goes," Dylan called before hitting the release button. With an enamours swoosh the Grappler launched from the barrel, passing through the barrier at the shuttle bay entrance with a slight flicker and out into the void.

Galatea typed on the display interface inside the control booth, then lifted her eyes toward the darkness of space. While she looked as old as Methuselah, her onboard equipment was still working in almost perfect condition. Her eyes scanned the stars and locked on to the disabled shuttle right as the magnetic grappler took hold of the Federation craft. "Mister Blake, you may bring the shuttle aboard when ready."

"Right, reeling her in," Dylan licked his lips and started to retract the line pulling the shuttle closer agonizingly slowly.

Aiden crossed his arms as the shuttle was brought aboard, "This is almost as fun as a barrel of monkeys."

"Fancy trading places?" Dylan asked tensely as the small craft was pulled towards the entrance of the shuttle bay. This was the tricky part - bringing it inside without sustaining serious damage to either space crafts. The Grappler wasn't famed for its finesse as it lacked the delicate touch the tractor beam provided.

The Titaner looked at the controls and the incoming shuttlecraft, "Nope. I think you have it, Lieutenant."

Feathered the controls Dylan winced as the Grappler left a scraping wound on the deck as he bought the rogue shuttle board at last and expelled a long breath.

Cyrus was watching the whole proceeding, mentally adding aid to Dylan reelling that shuttle in like a large ungainly fish. "Well done! Dylan. I may need to get you to go fishing with me. You show great talent there." he said after having gritted his teeth also.

"Do not worry, Lieutenant, we will tell the Captain that the scratches on the shuttlebay floor were always there," Galatea teased with a wide grin that most would find uncharacteristic of her.

Dylan expelled a great lungful of breathe and sagged his shoulders disappointed he'd scared the deck despite Galatea's humour. "I doubt he'll be less forgiving. Ash won't be pleased either."

The android noted that the doors were opening and Security Chief Zim was arriving. "Now that the gang is all here, as most of you know, the shuttle has now been brought aboard and is disabled thanks to the Hekarans. The shuttle crew are still designated as rogue, so I ask on behalf of Federation Security that you please have weapons set for stun and ready should they be needed."

"Blake, Crowe, and Zim, please begin work to access the shuttle. Marner, R'relle, and Ramat'iklan please be prepared to provide medical support to passengers."

"Whatever medical assistance they need, I'll do my best to help!" R'elle said.

"Or to us," Dylan whispered scooping up a engineering kit and approached the sleek shuttle. "Who's first?" he asked Zim and Crowe.

"Far be it for me to take this joy from the Chief of Security," Crowe said with a smile.

Zim raised an eyebrow in a fashion that could almost be called Vulcan. At the moment the Capellan was curious about his fellow officers. He never knew fear and as all of his people were never afraid. Capellans simply never had that emotion. So when others exhibited it even when they covered it with humor it confused Zim, albeit for only a moment. He drew his phaser and stepped into the shuttle. "Shuttle crew! I am Warrant Officer Zim of the USS Enterprise. Step away from your console and place your hands where I can see them." He called out in a booming voice. When he had finished he stepped into the shuttle with his phaser leveled and ready to fire.

Galatea followed close behind the Security Chief, her optical sensors quickly surveying the confines of the small shuttlecraft. The cockpit had seating for a pilot at the center-forward station, which was manned, and two supporting stations each on the port and starboard sides, which were also manned. A central command chair was usually located in the center of the 12 meter long craft but, for some reason, this model did not support one. After having been back on the Enterprise for so long she was somewhat happy to see the programmable matter and holographic control panels common to 32nd century Starfleet vessels, it made her feel at home.

At the pilot station a humanoid male was seated. His hair was dark, his eyes the same color, yet he had a friendly face. Most probably anticipated this person to be wearing something nefarious and in black coloring, instead he wore a simple Starfleet Uniform not to dissimilar to what was in place back in Battle Group Omega. His uniform jacket was grey and a vertical stripe of gold was located over his right side. The tricom had the insignia of a Starfleet Commander.

"You can put down your weapons," he said as he rose out of the pilot's chair, "you won't need those here. I am Commander Emko Xasx, Security Chief of the Federation Starship USS Nog. We'll cooperate and we have wounded."

Galatea looked at Zim, "Your choice, Chief."

Zim kept his phaser leveled on the Commander. "Lets get the wounded to Sick bay I am sure Dr Marner can help with that. As for the Commander here, he is to stay under my guard and weapon. That is until someone orders me otherwise. With all due respect Commander until there is evidence of the contrary you are a criminal. Having stolen Starfleet property namely one shuttlecraft, and even more important command codes. All of that said if I am proven wrong you will have my apology. But for now please stand up you are under arrest and have the right to remain silent..." Zim continued to read the Commander his rights under the law. Harris had all intentions on taking this Commander to the Brig until the bottom of all of this could be found.

The Betazoid man nodded, "Then I suppose I have to do this the proper way too. Commander Emko Xasx, Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Nog, SS-860-5584-347."

"Take them all to the Brig, Chief," Galatea approved in her role as a member of Federation Security. She looked at the Chief Medical Officer, "I would like for you to treat the injured in the Infirmary attached to the Security Compound, Doctor. I know your preference would probably be to take them to the primary sickbay, but this is the best we can approve."

Marner being the Chief Medical Officer gave a nod to Galatea. "Actually, I do not have a problem with treating them in the Security Compound, it makes sense, I'll see to that happening." He gave a nod and headed down to the security infirmary. Before he left he looked at R'relle, "I will definitely need you there too." as she was someone he felt he could count on.

"Right behind you Silas!' R'elle said. She was ready to help wherever she could. Her tail flicked back and forth in anticipation of this.

The android turned to the remaining members of her team, "The three of us are going to remain here to get access to those command codes."

Crowe grinned, "Joy."

Blake rolled his eyes at the sarcastic reply from Crowe. "Power first, codes second. Hope you bought a pack lunch," he glanced to the pilot. "This could take a while."

Zim nodded at that Commander's recitation of his credentials. It was standard procedure. Without any further wording he walked behind the prisoner and escorted them to the Brig. Zim was torn about what to do. On the one hand he was a by the book person so the Commander had to go to the Brig, on the other something told him there was a lot more here than he or in fact anyone knew.

Galatea watched as the rest of the team left on their assigned duties. Of the shuttle's small crew only one was injured and taken to the Security Infirmary while the others were remanded to the Brig. She wanted to go with them, to ask the questions that were burning within her positronic network, but she knew that was outside her realm right now. She needed to get the command codes secured. That was the priority right now.

The secrets would have to wait.


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