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Commander Emko Xasx

Name Emko Xasx

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 30


Personal History Born to parents who served as Couriers at the Bajoran Exchange, Emko Xasx did not have the traditional upbringing that one would expect for a future Starfleet Officer. His parents (Etal and Vayono Xasx) were heavily indebted to the Emerald Chain and constantly were on the lookout for technology that could be bartered for their continued freedom and what dilithium they could scavenge to keep their small freighter operational.

Utilizing training holograms, Emko learned quickly about the galaxy, but he also learned about the struggles that others faced. His parents could barely make ends meet and were constantly at risk as new couriers came to power. At a young age Emko himself saw the brutality of the new galactic order as his parent's vessel came under heavy attack from White Palm Raiders. The White Palm, a criminal cartel, demanded that his parents surrender their resources to them, but they refused and were nearly destroyed. In the ensuing attacks, Emko was severely injured and barely saved by an ancient Mark IV Emergency Medical Hologram that his parents had salvaged. Unfortunately, the brain trauma that he experienced caused him to lose the telepathic abilities of his native Betazoids.

His parents were rescued by an Emerald Chain Corsair after almost two years of fleeing from the White Palm. While, initially, this was seen as a positive, the successes quickly faded. In their place was nothing but sorrow as his family were forced into servitude at the Emerald Chain world of Hunhau, stripping vessels of parts. Their resources and ship were seized and forced into service of the Chain itself.

Emko, young and strong, was a frequent target of the Orions and was sold into slavery along with his brother Acis and sister Remmavi. While traveling aboard an Emerald Chain transport to his new home as the property of a wealthy Andorian family, an accident allowed him to escape where he was rescued by the Federation. Shortly afterward he was drafted as a midshipman for training in security.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Security Studies
USS Armstrong - Security Officer
USS Armstrong - Assistant Chief Security Officer
USS Voyager - Assistant Chief Security Officer
USS Nog - Chief Security Officer
USS Nog - Second Officer / Chief Security Officer
USS Explorer - Executive Officer