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Being Prepared

Posted on Wed Apr 26th, 2023 @ 10:53pm by Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Lucia Alves

1,041 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Remember Everything
Location: Sickbay

Lucia had been doing some inventory checks for Doctor Marner. As one of the nurses she had access to the drugs, equipment and on this shift in particular she had been asked to ensure all pain medication was on hand if need be.

Lets face it, no-one likes doing inventory. She much preferred interaction with patients, with people. The connection you got with them for making their day a little brighter in darker times always made her happy.

She turned the corner and walked towards Marner's office lightly tapping the window that looked in.

Cyrus had a few pads of paper in front of him and was making notes in writing. On occasion he'd rub his head causing his blonde hair to stick up then went back to writing. He paused and looked towards the door, hearing the tapping on the window he looked up, and motioned for Lucia to come on in.

"Hello, how are things?"

"Hi Doctor, I just wanted to let you know that the inventory checks have been completed and everything is correct." Lucia smiled at him. "And... sir... you have a little..." she motioned to imply the slight bit of hair sticking up from his head.

"I have a little?" Cyrus turned to look in a reflective surface. "oh my I look like a wild man don't I." pulling out a comb to smooth down his hair, as he chuckled. "There does it look better?" his cool blue eyes look at Lucia. "Now that I am more presentable, I do appreciate your help in doing the inventory." noting how lovely the lady looked. Cyrus blinked realizing his mind was wandering in another direction.

"Much better." Lucia smiled back at him. "I can sympathise with looking wild. Sometimes when I get out of bed my hair is quite untameable." she joked.

"As for the inventory. I didn't mind, it had to be done and I can be a bit of a control freak in wanting things done right.... and I know if I do them then they will be." she answered as his eyes seemed to glaze over for a bit before coming back to the present.

"Good, good thank you." Cyrus giving a smile. "Have we done the cursory medical scans on you? For the life of me I do not recall. If my head wasn't attached to my body I'd probably forget where I put it."

"That is what I am here for, Doctor. I'll make sure your head, and hair, is never out of place." Lucia replied. "But no, not yet. You seemed to get lost in your work in here and I didn't want to interrupt."

"Well, now that there is a break in my note taking, shall we do the physical? " rising up from his seat and straightening his slightly rumpled smock. "This way." proceeding her to the bio scan table. " Of course you'd know where we'd need to go." Cyrus giving a wry grin.

Lucia laughed softly. "Yes Doctor, but sometimes it is nice to be shown the way." she smiled at him as she sat down. "I do like physicals, it's a good chance to get to know people." She commented.

"This is indeed very true. " Cyrus remarked, "Whilst running the scans I do like to get to know the person I am running diagnosis on. Like their personal likes and dislikes are. What they do on their personal time off."

"Well I am pretty much an open book. I like to think I can open up to most people." Lucia responded. "For instance, I like helping people, being an ear for them to talk to. I like to dance, cook etc. Usual things."

Cyrus nodded as he listened, "What would be your favorite something to cook?" he was curious as to what her answer would be. "The only cooking I truly know how to cook is things over an open fire, when out fishing." giving a chuckle.

"Well I think of myself as something of a baker." Lucia admitted. "I make great Pastéis de Nata, more commonly known outside Portuguese Tarts outside of Portugal." she smiled. "I used to make cupcakes for the more long-term patients we had on my old posting. Something about a nice little cake with bright icing made people smile."

"I know I smile whenever I get a cupcake like that." Cyrus smiling "Its been awhile since I've even treated myself to one of those." he rubbed his chin as he mused. "I shall have to make sure to treat myself with one later on." he looked at Lucia once more. "How long have you been serving Star Fleet?"

"Everyone does." Lucia smiled. "They are just little fluffy baked goods of joy." she mused to herself. "I've not been in Starfleet long, maybe a couple of years. Spent a few years on a smaller ship before transferring here. Sadly, nothing too exciting. What about you?" she asked.

"I went to University for my medical and science degrees, then joined up with Star Fleet afterwards, for more education, and the opportunity that it presented. Then I was on the USS Retribution, for about two years then I came aboard the Enterprise. And found myself as CMO. Go figure right?"

"Sounds like a roll of good luck doctor. If you don't count in us being propelled into the future and stranded here." Lucia got a little misty eyed as she thought of her family. "But we get to help the people here, right?"

"Yes we certainly do, and it is very important. I tend to wonder from time to time what happened to my family. My dad, mom siblings. How much anguish they would have to be feeling at my disappearance, and not hearing any word from me." Cyrus said solemnly.

"I try not to think about it." Lucia sighed. "I'm still coming to terms with that fact I can't speak to my mum anymore and I used to tell her everything."

"That is a difficult thing to deal with most certainly. " Cyrus looked around at what has been done and gave a nod of satisfaction. "Looks like we are all caught up here. Thank you for the help Lucia." forgetting to use a professional term.


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