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Working Joe

Posted on Tue Mar 30th, 2021 @ 4:01am by Fleet Admiral Luzol Targaryen & Lieutenant Bissiv th'Zaanaq

Mission: Burning in the Skies
Location: Dilithium Storage Warehouse
Timeline: 0000-00-00, 15:15

The most critical component of a Warp Core was the dilithium crystal. Extremely rate and, therefore, valuable, Dilithium could be found on only a few planets and resulted in extensive mining and ecological damage to planets producing it. Dilithium crystals were used as a power source as well as a regulator of the warp reaction, without them the Warp Drive would either lose power or destabilize and cause a catastrophic explosion. They were truly the most important part of a Warp Drive; or at least a standard warp drive.

Located deep within the recesses of Starfleet One was a massive storage bay that kept a large stockpile of Dilithium available for the ship. Highly refined, the crystals aboard Starfleet One were among the best that the Federation had to offer. Alongside it though was something atypical for most Federation ships. Unlike other vessels in the Fleet, the existence of the Enterprise's Coaxial Warp Drive required something far different to regulate its powerful reactions. Stored alongside the Dilithium was a new, experimental crystal that had successfully merged Trilihium and Boronite together. This new crystal was what allowed the Coaxial Drive to function.

Shortly before they were swept up into the wormhole, A500 unit C3 was sent on an assignment to monitor the theta-matrix compositor. This gave Starfleet the ability to recrystallize dilithium while it was still enclosed in the Dilithium articulation frame. Since the computer systems were down, C3 was locked into continuing to follow the last directives that it had received. So, it kept checking the theta-matrix compositor and the status of the dilithium crystals. Over, and over, and over again.

As C3 prepared to initiate another check of the compositor, it heard something in the distance. The nondescript android turned, using its optical scanners in an effort to locate the source of the noise. "Unable to log report to Galatea," the machine announced, "Starfleet protocols require an investigation of the area."

The maintenance android began walking down the corridor as it scanned the area, carefully running through previous scans and comparing them for anything amiss. It had not found anything. Turning down a corridor, it saw a collection of people there.

"Greetings," it welcomed, "Please be advised that we are experiencing a heightened Hazard Containment Level today. Access to this area is therefore restricted as your safety is at risk."

Biss trained his weapon on the bot and narrowed his eyes as he looked at it. Was it that limited it didn't realise he wasn't a member of the crew or was it just concerned for his safety. "What happened to result in a heightened hazard containment level?" He asked, wondering if he would get an answer.

"I do not have that answer," the nondescript android answered. "All visiting Federation Representatives must report to their nearest Officer. Please remember that if you find this facility in a state that isn't to your liking to please let us know."

"Can you tell me anything about what's happened here?" The Andorian asked, he wanted to know what the bot did know.

"System malfunctions have resulted in critical system errors," the machine answered. It paused, twitching its head unnaturally, "Core duties have been neglected. Your failed support request has been logged."

"What are you going to do about that?" Biss said as he lowered his weapon. It seemed like the bot was following it very simple and basic programming.

"Existing tasks have a higher priority," the machine replied, "Returning to assigned tasks." It started down the corridor toward the Dilithium Storage Facility.

The Andorian wondered what the bots assigned tasks were so decided to follow the direction it went to see where it lead.

The A500 approached the storage center for the Enterprise's dilithium crystals and came to the display port. The crystal storage housing was beyond with its treasure trove of crystals inside. The machine typed on the workstation and the computers struggled to keep up with the demands upon it. The robot cocked its head in a puzzled expression. It stepped aside and walked toward the entry to the storage room.

Biss kept his distance as he followed. He was kept checking around him as he went. No one was about which he found odd but it was making his job easier. He watched as the bot entered some sort of storage facility. Eager to find out what was in there he got closer and peered in. His eyes were met with the most beautiful sight. Dilithium. He'd only seen small amounts of the crystal in his life time but this could power so many ships. Perhaps his dreams of owning a moon weren't as far away as he thought. He stepped into the chamber to get confirmation that what he was looking at was actually dilithium.

Throughout the entire chamber alarms immediately sounded. "Attempted unauthorized access detected: Dilithium Storage Warehouse. Security Breach."


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