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Chapter 3.2

Posted on Mon Jun 12th, 2023 @ 10:34pm by Lieutenant Jardok & Lieutenant Paisley P'rar & Ensign Aqua Powers

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Mission: Remember Everything
Location: Stellar Cartography, USS Enterprise
Timeline: 3189-03-17, 09:30

One of the largest rooms aboard the Starship Enterprise, Stellar Cartography was dedicated to the science and practice of charting space itself. Located in the Saucer Module, since their forced transit to the future the room had been relatively untouched and unvisited in favor of other priorities. Much of the chamber was full of debris and other evidence of their trials in this new timeframe. The room was a large, spherical structure that contained a holographic wall capable of displaying the stellar region surrounding the ship three-dimensionally. Located centrally in the room, three workstations gave users the opportunity to launch scientific studies and investigate the mysteries of the cosmos.

Lieutenant Jardok had been ordered by the Captain to join Lieutenant P'rar and Ensign Powers in the Stellar Cartography Laboratory to investigate the research conducted by the Hekarans. The Vulcan Scientist had some experience in the field from his early career in Starfleet in the 23rd Century, having served in the capacity of Astrometrics Officer prior to beginning his research into time travel. He had never imagined anything like the lab aboard the Enterprise though, not even the Crossfield Class Science Ships were so well equipped.

Typing on the display screens built into the console, the Vulcan Lieutenant had been reading over the Hekaran Research. It was not for the faint of heart and was incredibly detailed and complex. Cross referencing with the information being taken in by the Enterprise's sensors, the Vulcan was somewhat intrigued by all the data coming in. "It could take us a lifetime to review this data."

Paisley tapped her comms badge to summon Aqua to the Stellar Cartography room. ==/\==Ens. Powers, please report to the Stellar Cartography room in the Saucer, please.==/\== She had left the woman in the main lab, doing data entry into the computer to see if they could speed up calculations. She walked in, and greeted Jardok. "Hello, Lt. Jardok. Sheesh, this place is a mess. I'll assign Ens. Back and Petty Officer Janes to clean and catalogue everything." She shook her head. How were they supposed to work like this? "What do you have so far?" The chief scientist asked. "It might be faster to upload all of this to the computers and see if we can plot it out in a chart or something. I have atmospheric reports from the probe; the current local atmosphere isn't exceptionally high in radiation, not enough for me to be concerned, anyway." She sighed. "But I, admittedly, didn't do a long-range probe but I will do so shortly."

Aqua had been working like a crazy person since she'd entered the Main Lab. She almost didn't hear Lieutenant P'rar call in her concentration!

"YIPES! Oh...right away Ma'am!" Aqua eeped as she gathered her findings and scurried for the...Aqua froze.

"Um...WHERE did you say, Ma'am?" Aqua didn't even know the Enterprise HAD a Stellar Cartography room!

Paisley closed her eyes for a moment, but smiled a little and repeated. "Inside the Astrometrics lab. Take a right when you enter the main doors." She said. "We're just down the hallway." She relayed the information to the Ensign, and then started to organize some files before opening one. "What is your reading on this situation, Lt. Jardok?" She asked.

"Sorry, Ma'am! On my way Ma'am!" Aqua squeaked as she scurried down the corridor.

"Here I am, Ma'am!" Aqua huffed as she skidded into the room.

"Whoa...this place is both AWESOME and a MESS!" Aqua looked around in both fascination and disgusted.

The Vulcan Lieutenant looked at the data on the screen, barely acknowledging the comments of the others as he had been so transfixed by the information that he was seeing. He typed on the crescent shaped console attached to the railing, the numbers of the display scrolling rapidly. He glanced up at the hologrid to see the representation of the Hekaras Corridor surrounding them, several small pocket-like regions inside the Corridor became highlighted. He looked back, "I'm sorry, Lieutenant, I was collating the data and missed your question. What can I do for you?" He had been transfixed by the data, the extensiveness and the cohesiveness of everything that the Hekaran Scientists had provided to them was simply overwhelming.

She sighed, but kept her cool. If she had to repeat herself any more times today, things were going to South, fast! "I asked what you've been able to gleam so far. Anything of particular note?"

"Lots Ma'am! I'm kinda unable to wrap my head around most of it. So, where should I plug this in Ma'am?" Aqua asked as she walked over, smiling excitedly.

Paisley shrugged. "Um, I guess...on the table? It will then illuminate the wall and we can all see it. Lt. Jardok, let's see what Ens. Powers has, shall we?" She said.

Jardok returned his attention to the massive holographic display behind him. Bringing up the data, the Scientist typed on the keyboard as he overlaid the information gathered from the Hekaran team. The Hekaras Corridor was displayed throughout the screens, indicating diverse fields of energies demanding the attention of the whole group. "The information that the Hekarans have found is extensive and hard to believe that they've uncovered it so quickly. This could take decades to properly study, but my cursory review suggests it's similar to the work of Serova and Rabal in our time. Both teams have found that there are regions of potential subspace instability within the Corridor that they believe may rupture, leading subspace to enter normal space to create a rift, should they continue to be exposed to warp field energies." The pockets of red illuminated on the hologrid.

"Starfleet developed variable geometry warp drives to compensate for these dangers; however, the impact of the Burn has somewhat overridden the successes we had in the interim. I think that we need to recommend Starfleet dispatch a dedicated Science vessel, if they still have them at least, to investigate."

Aqua stood open mouthed as Jardok spoke.

"Well, that's all well and good...but how can we help them NOW?" Aqua finally sputter when she could form a sentence.

The Vulcan Scientist considered the situation for a moment before he turned toward Lieutenant P'rar, "I am at a loss for a solution. Do you have any recommendations?"

Paisley considered for a moment. "What if we tried a planetary shield, BUT...instead of making it impermeable from the OUTSIDE, we reverse it? It is a temporary measure BUT it will allow us to beam down and do some on-planet research, if we're permitted to do so. It's my best idea besides what I shared downstairs-the best course of action, of course, is to stop all air traffic in the area, but that's entirely unreasonable, until more data is collected. I agree with the Herakan's assertions that SOME radiation is causing damage to their ecosystem and biomes, BUT...I can't find anything to support the numbers that we were shown," she said, looking at Jardok for his reaction. "Before the Burn, I was working with some scientists in my off-time from DS9-sort of an interdisciplinary think tank type of thing-and we were actually looking for solutions similar to this, but for ships that had taken radiation hits-of course, Starbases are much more immune to that kind of thing, but ships aren't-a hit to a Nacelle in the right place, and we're a sitting duck." She stopped to take a breath. "I think it's worth it to present as an idea, and then, if you'd accompany me, Ens. Powers, and whomever else we can scrounge-perhaps Lt. Povis, the botanist-to go Planetside. Actually seeing the damage will tell us more." She stopped speaking finally, to let the other two officers give their input. "Excuse me a minute, but talk while I am getting coffee. I am interested in what you have to say, Jardok." She said, standing up and heading for the replicator, ordering herself a cup of black coffee. "You want anything?"

The time displaced Vulcan listened carefully to the recommendations made by the new Chief Scientist aboard the Starship Enterprise, reviewing the proposal as shared. Completing an away mission to the Hekaran world would assist with understanding what impacts have already impacted the planet, but would time allow them to carry out such a mission at this point? The Captain had by all indications seemed opposed to the theories of the Hekarans, although he did give permission for an investigation into their concerns. It would be hard to surmise how he would proceed.

Nonetheless, they did have one potential confirmation of how things would go: the events of Risa and Svian II. In the instance that the Emerald Chain was threatening Svian II, the Enterprise was ordered away by Galatea to allow the Svians to their fate. With Risa the Captain ordered that the Enterprise intervene and Galatea did not confront that decision. The only difference between the two was one had remained a Federation member while the other had not. Hekaras was by all indications still a member of the United Federation of Planets. If that were so then it was entirely possible that the Captain would order them to intervene. It was partially dependent upon whether or not the prefix codes were recovered as well. They could prove to be the deciding factor in the entire enterprise.

"I am fine, Lieutenant," Jardok answered in reference to the coffee. He moved to the Hekarans next, "I am uncertain if the Captain will support this endeavor at this time. In our current state the Enterprise lacks significant scientific personnel to launch an investigative mission of this magnitude, thus my recommendation that the Federation Science Council be called to support the investigation in our absence. We must also consider the potential of our primary objective. If the prefix codes of Battle Group Omega have been recovered from the renegade shuttle the Enterprise must prioritize safeguarding that data and our vessels. If we fail to follow through on these responsibilities then it is likely that a more catastrophic situation will emerge as an entire force of Starfleet vessels can be taken by an enemy."

Paisley listened to the man's words. "You make a good point. However, I will meet you halfway-WE oversee the Federation's investigations from here, on the ship.I feel like it's only fair that we have our fingers in the pie, so to speak, since the Hekarans are, you know, HERE," she said. "Thank you for your input, I appreciate it. Ens. Powers," she turned to the woman. "Anything you'd like to add?" She said.

Jardok nodded politely and listened to the comments of Ensign Powers.

"About the coffee, I'd actually like some hot chocolate and I don't react to each other very well. As to the crazy situation we've found ourselves in, I say we do what we can, within orders unless lives are at stake, then do what needs to be done to save the day. Er, I mean," Aqua realized she'd said too much and shut her mouth, blushing and hunching her shoulders, embarrassed at her actions.

[Sheesh! I'm still acting like a Cadet!] Aqua thought, frustrated.

"I believe it to be settled then," the Vulcan answered. "If you would like me to remain here I will continue monitoring the region and you can return to the Bridge."

Paisley nodded. "Thank you, Lt. Jardok. Keep me posted of any changes, as well as the Bridge. Powers, come with me to present this to the Captain," she let out a deep sigh. Hopefully, this would work.


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