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Lieutenant Paisley P'rar

Name Paisley Ico P'rar

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Carjoran
Age 28


Personal History Paisley is a mixed race humanoid of Cardassian and Bajoran descent. Her father is Cardassian, and mother was Bajoran (mother now deceased). She was raised on Cardassia Prime by her father. Her Cardassian features are more prominent-the ridges above her nose, but she does not have the ridges in her neck, owing to her Bajoran genes. Her father was a Cardassian warrior,  and her mother was a Bajoran prisoner.Like most Cardassians, she has grey-ish skin and dark hair, though she has blue eyes and no ridges or scales on her neck. She has the hallmark ridges above her nose, in a slight blue color, and straight black hair. She owns, but does not wear the Bajoran traditional/religious earring, except for special occasions. Hers was her mothers.

Out of uniform, Paisley is usually found in traditional garb or sometimes loose, casual clothing, like lounge outfits. She likes to wear her hair in a long braid, as it is very thick. Like both of her parental races, she is very smart, with a head for science and mathematics. She attended only Cardassian schools, starting at three years of age, where she learned many traits of leadership but does *NOT* have a photographic memory, because of the Bajoran genes she has. Unlike her Cardassian forbearers she isn't a warring type, even going so far as to physically remove herself from confrontation (some people call this being a pushover). She is very caring, warm, and personable-her father said she was a "broken" Cardassian, because when he tried to get her to fight in the military, she would not. She does not even raise her voice.

In depth:
Born on Bajora but raised on Cardassian Prime, Paisley moved around the Cardassian Empire because her father is a government official. He was a Major in the Cardassian Army during the Occupation of Bajora, but now serves as an Advisor to the Ruler. She was often left alone as her father toured the Universe in his duties, or was forced to accompany him when he felt she was unsafe (IE, if there were wars and such in their Quadrant). She mostly raised herself-the only other female influences she had were her father's various mistresses, each younger than the last, and each less of a good mother figure than her precedessor. Her paternal grandparents are deceased and her father is an only child. As the daughter of a decorated warrior and official, she was raised to and was expected to hold a decorated military career of her own. However, because of her own idealistic morals, perhaps owing to her Bajoran mother, or to an inherent character flaw, she could not pick up arms against other species. Once her father realized that she'd never be a decorated solider like himself, instead, he arranged for her to be married to another senior politician's son. That son, Ban'gore Ruk, was a General by age 29. Wanting more for her life than just being a wife or a trained, mindless killer, she left the planet in the dark of night, leaving a letter for her father that she was going to Bajora to find her mother's family, that she loved him, and would see him again someday.
After "procuring" a spaceship through a friend who had a crush on her, she, instead, headed for open-air space. Being sighted by the Breen that kept a continual watch on Cardassian airspace, though, she was soon engaged in a battle of wits (and actual weapons). Using a wormhole, she was able to escape, but not until she sustained much damage to her ship. Lost in the Galaxy, she floated helplessly, unless she was spotted by the USS Revere Scout ship in the deepest throws of space, and was rescued. After the CO of the Revere determined her tale to be truthful, or at least as truthful as he believed a Cardassian could be, she was allowed to stay aboard, and was dropped off at a deep space station during a refueling. From there, she hooked up with a contingency of Bajoran Starfleet officers, who took her under their wing, and she was able to learn their ways. She soon met an American Starfleet commander, a man called Jamie Taylor, who helped her to secure an engineering job on his vessel as a civilian. He helped her to apply to the Starfleet Academy, using her Bajoran genealogy to justify why she isn't as war-like as her compatriots. She was accepted, and graduated last year, at the rank of Ensign. Soon, she was on the roster for several assignments, choosing this as her first "Starfleet home."

She has attended college, on Cardassia Prime, studying physics and mathematics. As such, she only spent two years at the Academy, as a way to learn how it operates and what is expected of her as an officer. She currently has no contact with her father nor ex-whatever he was.
Service Record 3179-81: Starfleet Academy, Sciences.

3181-85:Jr Science Officer, USS Issedon.

3185-89: Sr Science Officer, DS 12.

3189: CSO-Fed1

(assuming I did my math right)