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The pod and I are losing power

Posted on Sat Mar 6th, 2021 @ 5:59am by Commander Jasmine Haynes

Chief of Staff Jasmine Haynes, personal log.

Where are we? That is the question I can not answer. According to the data logs coming from console in the escape pod. I noticed that the pod appears to be stuck to some sort of object.

It could be the Enterprise, it could be something else. Sadly, the pod's only window is pointing to space. And according to the data I was getting from the console, it can not determine in its current state, what we are attached too.

The pod appears to be leaking power. And if we do not patch the pod, we will lose power. However, that is not my primary concern. This pod has decided that I needed to be immobilized as well. There is a small of debris, on the left hamstring, and it appears to be bleeding.

A slow trickle of blood. Ryan is trying to put a bandage on it, to slow down the bleeding. I will admit, that I am concerned. The bandage, will not be that affective, because of the debris. I am afraid if we pull it out, that I could bleed out.

I wish we had an engineer or an operations officer with us. But sadly we are stuck with a the knowledge we learned at the academy. I wish I had paid more attention to basic starships operations. But in my defense, that was a few years back.

It's ironic that the pod and my leg are both leaking out power, or energy as it where. I hope we get rescued soon. I am not sure, how much longer I can stay awake. I can feel shock, entering my body. I am trying to stay calm and remember my training.

I wanted to make a record, for posterity sake. Ryan tells me to relax, and that we will be rescued in a short amount of time. He is making the assumption, that we are still attached to the Enterprise. I hope he is right.

I do know one thing, if we survive this. I am finding the last maintenance tech and giving them an ear full.

Computer end log.

Jasmine Haynes
High Commissioner
Chief of Staff, UFP


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