Acting Captain's Log, Supplemental

Posted on Sat Mar 6th, 2021 @ 4:37am by Captain Luzol Targaryen

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Acting Captain’s Personal Log, Supplemental Entry:

This whole mission has been a disaster from the start. After Admiral Coulson launched his rogue mission to rescue an old friend, President Gruzy agreed that we needed to stop him before he plunged the entire Quadrant into a war. We set out for this mission hopeful for the possibility that we could stop him, but now I don’t think that is in the cards.

After an unexplained engine imbalance we are adrift in the middle of nowhere due to an unstable wormhole we stumbled upon. Main power is out; we’re on our emergency batteries and life-support. We have less than a skeleton crew aboard as we called for an evacuation when the wormhole overtook us, but we have yet to find any of the pods nearby to recover. That doesn’t mean they aren’t there because sensors are out too. Our distress call keeps bouncing back at us. Pretty much everything on the ship is broken at the moment, but that isn’t the weird thing…

People are missing. Only minutes ago I saw many people with my very eyes that are no longer on the ship. They didn’t evacuate, they had been at their stations mere moments earlier, now they just are nowhere to be found. We can’t explain it. It’s just another challenge for us to solve as we try to prevent a war - unless we’re already too late.

Admiral Luzol
Acting Commanding Officer
Federation One



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