Surprise Surprise!

Posted on Fri Mar 12th, 2021 @ 4:19pm by Lieutenant Bissiv th'Zaanaq

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Mission: Burning in the Skies
Location: NX Kumari

Biss sat at the helm of his ship, the Kumari, with a smile in his face. His latest contract had turned out to be very lucrative and his pockets were overflowing with credits. Something that hadn't happened for a long time. He might have enough now for the transporter upgrade he'd been looking at.

"So boss, are you planning on getting another one of us to help you run this ship?" Asked the busty red haired Bajoran woman sitting at the Ops position next to him. There were obvious reasons why he enjoyed her company the most as her assets were, well, fabulous.

"I'm not sure, my sweet. Expanding the Holo matrix to run another Holo will be very pricey and I really don't need any more help, even though I do really enjoy looking and working with you all." Biss replied trying hard to keep eye contact.

"That's a shame boss." The skantly clad Caitian said from the Engineering console. "I'm sure you said you have your eye on the Betazed version of us."

"Well...I do still really want that program but the transporter upgrade will really help me too. The ability to transport through sheilds is something I will need in the future." The Andorian said as he turned his chair round to face the Engineering Holo dabo girl. Although he'd never met a real Caitian, knowing they had extra assets made them even more alluring. He really hoped he'd have the chance to meet one some day.

"The Boss only needs the three of us." Said the female Klingon tactical holo. She was dressed in very tight leather.

"That's true but I could do with a medical hologram incase something goes wrong. I know you're all able to administer first aid but I'm in trouble if something serious happens." Biss replied. "But the transporter will give me better profits to be able to do that...and maybe get that Human dabo girl that could be a pilot." He said thinking out loud. "This is all nonsense anyway, it's my money and I'll spend it how I like. You're all only holo's!"

"Sophisticated holo's at that, boss." The Bajoran sitting next to him chimed in with.

"That's true." Biss replied.

"Boss, I've got something on sensors. It's big and directly in our flight path." The Klingon Holo reported.

Biss sighed, "There goes my transporter upgrade! Now gotta fix a broken Holo!"

"Seriously boss, take a look for yourself."

The Andorian sighed as he spun his chair back round to the helm. "I've been using this route for years. There's nothing out here! What the fuck is that!" He said startled at what he saw on his console. "Full sensors! Now!"

"Scanning." Both the Bajoran and Caitian holo's said in unison.

"It's a vessel. Badly damaged by the looks of it." The engineer Caitian holo reported. "Heavily damaged. I'm detecting sparodic life signs."

"The ship design is unknown. Switching to the historical database." The Bajoran Holo said from Ops. "It's an Allegiance class, used by Starfleet over 700 years ago."

"What?! Generational ship?" Biss asked as he looked at the small view screen as the slowly closed on the adrift ship.

"I don't think so. Carbon dating shows it was made over 700 years ago but she only shows a small amount of age deterioration." The Bajoran commented.

"Boss! I'm reading Dilithium on that ship! A sizeable amount too!" The Caitian holo stated.

Biss's eyes lit up. "Is there any other ships in the area?"

"Nothing within 15 light years." The Klingon Holo reported.

"I'm going aboard, this could the find of the century and with dilithium on board. This could get me a much better ship filled with lots of beautiful holo's like you three. Stand by to transport me into their engineering section." Biss said as he stood up and grabbed his weapon. "Let's get this done quickly. Cloak the ship and prepare to transport me aboard."



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