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Captain Poko Dimlac

Name Poko Dimlac

Position U.S.S. Explorer Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 51


Personal History Poko was born to Zat and Jora Dimlac in 3138. The Dimlac family lived with Jarnok IV, a small farming colony within Federation territory. 

Zat and Jora ran a small transport freighter, running supplies and passengers around the Jarnok system. They would occasionally journey to the neighbouring system but that was between a 7 and 8 month round trip.

Once Poko was old enough to attend school he remained on the planet with a child minder while his parents went off world to work. However, when he was 8 his parents never came home. Their ship was destroyed by an Emerald Chain ship after it refused to hand over its cargo to the Chain.

With no other family, Poko entered the orphanage system on Jarnok IV. However, since losing contact with many federation world's, the system wasn't what it used to be, leaving many children to fend for themselves, this included Poko.

Dimlac spent 3 years on the streets, trying to scrounge for food, getting in trouble with local law enforcement for stealing food and clothes.

However, Poko caught the eye of a Starfleet officer, whose ship was having a brief stop over at Jarnok IV. The officer was a Human by the name of Adrian Fredricks. He was a young Lieutenant Commander and Chief Engineer of the USS Hood. Adrian offered Poko a chance at a decent life which he jumped at. He was adopted by Fredricks and went to live with him on the Hood. 

Poko was exposed to so many wonders on the Starfleet vessel. He was able to begin schooling again and started to work hard on catching up what he had missed. 

With Adrian's help and guidance, Poko decided he wanted to make his life count and make a difference. He chose to join Starfleet when he was 18 and was accepted.

After 4 years at the academy, Poko graduated top of his class in engineering. He wanted to follow in his adopted father's footsteps and become an engineer.

He was assigned to the USS Annan as an Engineer. However, during his first year aboard the Annan he received word that the Hood, now Captained by his adoptive father, had been destroyed by the Emerald Chain. Rage now boiled beneath his skin, the Chain had killed both his parents and adoptive father. Revenge was on his mind, however, he knew he wouldn't be able to accomplish anything in his current position. So he knuckled down and worked hard.

After his tour on the Annan came to an end, Poko was transferred to the Intrepid Class, USS Repulse. During his tour on the Repulse, his hard work was rewarded by a promotion to Lieutenant JG.

His next assignment saw Dimlac transferred to the USS Explorer, again as an Engineer. He pushed himself hard and after a couple of years he was promoted to Full Lieutenant and made Assistant Chief Engineer.

When the position of Chief Engineer became available on the Nog, Poko put in a request to transfer. He felt ready to run his own engine room and had worked very hard in his career to get to this point. His request was granted and he transferred to the Nog in 3175.

In 3179, the Nog was recalled to Spacedock for a full refit which would take at least six months to complete. Dimlac didn't want his career put on hold for that long so requested a transfer to the USS Kumari as First Officer. 

Poko served on the Kumari for seven years earning himself recognition in his efforts for Starfleet and the federation as a whole, against the Emerald Chain. Admiral Vance took a liking to him and decided he wanted him to take over the next vacant command which happened to be the USS Explorer.

Dimlac was promoted to Captain in 3186 and placed in command on the USS Explorer. The same ship he served as a simple engineer some 16 years earlier.

As Captain of the Explorer, he was placed in on the front line against the Emerald Chain by Admiral Vance.
Service Record 3156-3159 - Starfleet Academy - Cadet

3159-3163 - USS Annan - Engineer - Ensign

3163-3169 - USS Repulse - Engineer - Ensign/Lieutenant JG

3169-3175 - USS Explorer - Engineer/Assistant Chief Engineer - Lieutenant JG/Full Lieutenant

3175-3179 - USS Nog - Chief Engineer - Lieutenant

3179-3186 - USS Kumari - First Officer - Lieutenant Commander/Commander

3186-Present - USS Explorer - Commanding Officer - Captain