Lieutenant Lily Barker

Name Lily Barker

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species human


Personal History Lily Barker was born in San Francisco, on the planet Earth. She was the eldest of three daughters of John Barker and Elisa Barker. Her parents where both Starfleet Officers, infact her father was Captain of the USS Eclipse and her mother was the Chief Science Officer onboard. Lily and her two other sisters, Katie and Laura lived with their parents on the Eclipse.

Unfortunately, her father died when the ship was destroyed during a Borg attack. Her mother, however escaped with Lily and her sisters in an escape pod. The family were grief-stricken due to the unkindly death of the father… After a few months things settled down and Lily’s mother asked for a transfer to work on designs for a prototype weapon on Earth. She was granted her transfer to Earth along with Lily and her sisters.

They lived once more in San Francisco and although she was often reminded of the memories she shared with her father, she got on with her life so she could make something of it for her father to be proud of. Lily was always interested in Starfleet, mainly due to her parents influence so she applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. Her mother was very proud and pleased that she would be doing the job that many generations of Barkers’ have done. While in the Academy, she picked up on the Conn field, she liked it the best. It was funny because her father was a Conn Officer before he was promoted to Captain.

On completion of the Academy Lily was offered a position on the USS Ranger which she accepted. She enjoyed her stay on the Ranger and she made many friends, but she just wasn’t settled. There was something that was stopping her from settling on the Ranger. After eleven months or so, Lily heard that there was a Conn Officer and the USS Eclipse-B She was so excited that she asked for a transfer to the Eclipse, which was accepted.

Her new life on the Eclipse was fine and she was surrounded with a friendly crew. She enjoyed the life she had on the ship but again there was something stopping her from making a home there. After a while she became unfriendly and aggressive and would snap at the littlest thing which got her into trouble with the Captain. Having long discussions with the Captain they both felt that it would be best for her to be transferred again to another ship, this time the lucky vessel was the USS Leviathan-B. Lily was relieved to leave the Eclipse although feeling guilty for what she had done here. She knew that there was something deep down inside her that was bringing out this hatred, a few knew of her past and what happened to her father so they suspected it was the death that she was still harboring and that was bringing out this aggressiveness. in late 2385 starfleet reassigned lily to starbase 900 as the new Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer in 2389 starfleet reassigned lily to the uss Magellan as the new chief flight control officer in 2429 starfleet reassigned lily to the federation one as the new chief flight control officer
Service Record 2373 - 2377 cadet flight training starfleet academy

2377 - 2379 junior Conn Officer. USS Ranger

2379 - 2383 Conn Officer USS Miranda

2383 - 2385 Senior Conn Officer USS Eclipse-B

2385 - 2386 Chief Conn Officer USS Leviathan-B

2386 - 2389 assistant chief flight control officer Starbase 900

2389 - 2429 chief flight control Officer USS Magellan

2429-present Chief flight control officer federation one